Instagram vs Facebook Engagement

By February 5, 2018Instagram News
instagram vs facebook

Instagram vs Facebook is the latest battle. Wolf Millionaire explains how Instagram is delivering better engagement for brands and marketers.

Instagram vs Facebook engagement continue to heat up! Even though Instagram only has 800 Million Active monthly users, it continues to destroy Facebook (it’s parent company) in organic reach and user engagement. Remember even though Facebook has 1.9 Billion Active monthly users it’s user feed is filled with bullshit news, ads and garbage your family and friends post on a daily basis.

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Instagram is a much simpler Image and Video focused social network that manages to captivate a much higher engagement from it’s users even after all the algorithm feed changes that moved away from the original chronological feed.

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Lots of people forget how powerful Instagram Stories continues to be with their latest Archive & Highlight Instagram feature, believe it or not it’s also a new feature I’ve been able to use to make more advertising money on Instagram.

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Below is a growth graph of the meteoric and explosive growth of Instagram, the worlds hottest and fastest growing Social Network. From 150 Million Active Monthly users to 800 Million Active Monthly users in 4 YEARS!

No other social network has ever come close to that type of user growth! And it’s not stopping here. Instagram is on track to hit 1 Billion Monthly Active Users which is still HALF of the size of Facebook.

Instagram still has to many years of HOT user growth to go through and YOU should be learning how to use it now in order to take advantage of how much money is out there to be made on the free app!


Instagram vs Facebook

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To prove this point and reiterate why Instagram is still the hottest and most important Social Network YOU NEED to be taking advantage of, I’ve found the same post made on Instagram vs Facebook by Mercedes Benz. Take a look below.

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Instagram Vs Facebook – Mercedes Benz Case Study

Mercedes Benz Instagram Account only has 12 Million followers, yet this post (below) got 169,000 LIKES & 568 Comments

Instagram vs Facebook Engagement


Mercedes Benz Facebook Page has 20 Million Followers, yet the same post (below) only got 12,000 LIKES & 504 Comments.

As you can see even though the Facebook page has 8 Million MORE fans, it generated 12x LESS LIKES than the SAME Instagram post above. This just goes to show you how powerful and engaged Instagram users are!!


Mercedes Benz Facebook Post


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Happy Instagramming


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