The Instagram Verified Scam

By September 6, 2016 February 27th, 2018 Instagram News

There are lots of scams on Instagram like the verified badge scam. I continue to expose the most common Instagram scams so that you can be aware of them and not lose money!

Want to make sure you don’t fall for any scams including the latest verified scam? Then make sure you read these extremely popular posts of mine: Top 5 Instagram Scams and Why You Should Never Buy Fake Followers. Make sure you check all my FREE BLOG posts & YouTube Videos because not only will I teach you how you can do your own quick checks to see if an offer or Instagram account is a SCAM but I will also teach you how to create a better looking and performing Instagram account.

This article will highlight, expose and provide you with all the knowledge you need in order to not get scammed if you are trying to get your page verified or if you are contacted proactively by one of these scams.  The more your Instagram account(s) grow whether a personal page, a fan page, or a high level niche/interest page (which I explain in depth in my InstaWealth Growth System), the more you become a target for hackers & scam artists. These people will REACH OUT TO YOU with ENTICING OFFERS. I want to educate you for FREE with respect to getting scammed in order to ensure you never get scammed on Instagram, or anywhere online! All it takes is a little discipline which I do my best to highlight, expose and teach you how to spot these clowns.

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Back in July, I was contacted by Stephen Jerrod Luster aka @officialjmusic aka @thelovelyvoice via Instagram direct message asking me if I wanted to get verified for $999 USD. This inbound inquiry sounded way too easy and certainly way to cheap, so I cat fished along to get more information (secretly hoping that for $999 I could get a couple of my accounts verified, but remaining extremely sceptical about this individual). I pushed further communications to email, because all business of this magnitude should be done on email and not via direct message, I also wanted to test how serious this person was and if they were willing to deal with me via email.


PRO TIP: It’s always a good idea to have an email thread for business dealings. Mainly because it connects you to someone via their email address and not just a Instagram account name. It makes the transaction more personal and professional. Instagram messenger might be a great way to connect with other Instagram accounts, but for buying or selling ads or shout outs, you should always push towards email communications. If someone is not willing to move the conversation to email then I would think twice about doing business with them. I never organize shout outs for clients (or back in the day when I was paying bigger accounts to grow various accounts of mine) via any type of messenger. All business is done via email.  A professional will always be open to communicating via email where messages back and forth are permanent and cannot be deleted like they can on Instagram Direct Messenger.


Make sure you also read this very important article: The Safest Way To Send Money on Instagram, which I wrote, to educate and keep you from getting scammed while buying or selling anything on Instagram or online! This is all FREE education that I am providing just like my Wolf Millionaire YouTube Channel, unlike anyone else out there who claims to be able to teach you Instagram Strategies to grow your followers & make money. These other so called “self made Instagram gurus” who are trying to sell you their strategies don’t have 18+ Million Instagram Followers like I do, nor do they have the multitude of student testimonials from various types of niches like I do. Check them out for yourself and DM these students if you think that this is all fake: Exotic Cars, Food Lover, Airline Pilot, World Traveler InfluencerComics & BatmanPrivate Jet Enthousiast, MensWear Outfits, Stormtroopers, Steph Curry Basketball….

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How To Bust A Scam? Call Them Out & Play By These Professional Business Rules

Take a look at the email thread below, you will notice I asked for some very specific items, for a very good reason, to flush out if this person could legitimately get my account verified not only for the price advertised but in the timeline that made sense (given his supposed connections) as well as to protect myself via the PayPal money transaction.



Not even a reply back………… Wonder why…. hmmmmmm some people talk a big game online but when you pressure them to do proper business with legal documents and use PayPal buyer/seller protection like I teach you, the truth about how real these scammers will surface.  If this person was truly able to get any account up and running with a “verified badge” for that very attractive $999-$1999 he most certainly would have replied to my last email on July 31st and rattled off all the people he has helped get verified not to mention would be open to all my best practice conditions for doing business in a professional manor.


Make sure you checkout these Top 5 Instagram Scams, the most recent flavour of SCAM I have seen is the Pokemon Coins, DON’T FALL FOR THESE, you will regret it when you download whatever app they urge you to download (these apps steal your passwords and private information).


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Happy Instagramming, STAY SAFE!

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