Instagram Verified Badge? Where’s Mine?

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Instagram Verified Badge

Instagram Verified Badge is still a hot ticket these days! Wolf Millionaire gets asked why I don’t have one yet? You’ll be shocked why I don’t care if I ever get one!

Instagram Verified Badge… Wolf… Where’s Yours? I get asked about this from time to time. No I don’t yet have fancy blue “Instagram Verified Badge” next to my @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram username, nor do I give a shit about not having one. Please be careful not to fall for these Instagram Badge Scams emails, so many people do because they want that blue Instagram verified badge so badly.

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So why can I claim to be the Wolf Of Instagram if I haven’t yet got a Instagram Verified Badge? Well because of how much money I have made for my clients, my students and most importantly MYSELF as one of the TOP Instagram money makers. Checkout Wolf Millionaire Domination to see what I accomplished in 2016 as my most successful year so far at the ripe age of 39 years old all thanks to INSTAGRAM! The cool part? I don’t even consider myself an “Instagram Influencer”… YET haha

I was recently consulted & interviewed by LA Weekly: Hackers Holding Pot Pages Ransom

What is more important to me than an Instagram Verified Badge? MOTIVATING YOU & Providing YOU with FREE Instagram Tutorials, Keeping your Instagram Account Safe (see my Top Instagram Hacking Questions Answered), NEW Marketing Strategies, and most importantly HOW TO MAKE MONEY with Instagram!

Wolf Millionaire Bro Science

Why? Surely you must be joking Mr. Wolf? Because I want to see YOU take control of your LIFE (like I did when I lost my job). I want to be that person that helps you take that leap of faith to follow YOUR PASSIONS and make money from INSTAGRAM instead of being a sucker using Instagram and having Instagram and others like ME make money off of YOU! WAKE UP! pssst, did I forget to tell you about my FREE YouTube Channel? You could say I like helping people! But I will never brag about it 🙂

I even go as far to teach you everything I KNOW in my 24+ hour STEP-BY-STEP InstaWealth Video Guides so you can easily follow along at your own speed from the ground floor of starting an Instagram account to me showing you how I used Instagram along the way to get to 18+ Million Followers across 30+ Accounts!

Another question I am usually asked… Sure those numbers are impressive Mr. Wolf, but other people have big followings (ok maybe not 18+ Million Followers) and claim to be able to teach me Instagram growth strategies. What makes you so different? Well first off, I am a human being, you can see me, you know my full name, and if you have been on Instagram you will have witnessed me start @Wolf_Millionaire from day one back in December 2016, and I continue to create my own content, grow my own account and show you IN REAL TIME STEP-BY-STEP all the new tips, tricks & strategies I use to MAKE MONEY.

Who else bring you all these tips, tricks, strategies & Instagram hacks, including useful, creative and easy STEP-BY-STEP learnings to leverage Instagram for your brand, business or product or simply to make money as an affiliate market or social media manager? NO ONE!

Wolf Millionaire McLaren

Furthermore, if you’re still on the fence…. You see my BRAND NEW McLaren I bought Summer16? How about my BRAND NEW Solid Gold Rolex? Or my growing $30,000 Designer Sneaker collection? How about living in Miami for 4 months this Winter 2017? Shipping my car all over the USA for 6 months? Travelling the world and getting red carpet treatment at all the biggest Car Events around the world? How about my First Major Influencer Deal? What about all the Successful Student Testimonials from students & clients? Did I mention this FREE blog & FREE YouTube Channel? hehe just checking 😉

HAHA FUCKKKKKKK, I could sit here all day and keep up this witty list of accomplishments, ALL OF WHICH came from me KILLING IT ON INSTAGRAM after I lost my job for the first time in my life just over 3 years ago.  Soooooooo, do you really think I lose sleep over a little Blue Instagram Verified Badge that doesn’t make a difference to the money flowing into my bank month after month thanks to my multiple Instagram income streams?

Lets keep all this in perspective. I am on Instagram for 1 reason only. To MAKE FUCKING MONEY! If I wasn’t making money, I wouldn’t be wasting my time showing the world what I eat, where I travel or what I own. All you people posting this shit without making money on Instagram, you all need to GET A FUCKING LIFE. You’re self perpetuating the pathetic digital constructs of Social Media that our civilization is plagued with.

Wolf Millionaire Money

Back to the Verified Badge…… Lets really call it what it is, it’s just a dick swinging badge.  It originally was created for ACTUAL celebrities back when Facebook & Twitter first came to popularity and people were getting impersonated based on their actual Celebrity status. The Instagram Verified badge wasn’t created for the now Insta-Famous celebrities who are rocking them but are essentially no one in the real world.

I want to remind you all that I don’t want to be famous. In fact, I actually hate that I have SHOW the world what I am doing just to MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE YOU. I’d rather just live my life playing with friends, driving my McLaren, watching time pass on my Rolex and travelling the world financially free!

I just want to be RICH. I do not consider myself important, nor do I think I deserve a Instagram Verified badge. I am a social media Marketer, and Instagram is the social media channel I am killing it on. You can either wise up and join me and take advantage of this Instagram Money Making Opportunity, or you can just sit back and watch. Either way, I GET PAID!

I’ve seen so many fucking clowns who have gotten these Instagram Verified Badges, and then use them to market themselves as “verified”. WOWWWWWWW good for you!

I’ve been offered one for thousands of dollars yet turned the opportunity down.  I have helped several clients get them for thousands of dollars through the back channels of Instagram because they wanted one. When you’re my client and I work for you, YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND 🙂

Whether I will get one awarded to me based on Instagram’s Verified Badge program is yet to be seen. The back channel process of buying one is sometimes sketchy isn’t really probably controlled but allows Instagram/Facebook employees to sell this Instagram Verified Badge (and pocket the money) for up to $10,000 I’ve seen to those who think it’s importance will help their business, brand or personal influence.

Sadly it doesn’t, and I have had the opportunity to witness clients Instagram derived revenues BEFORE & AFTER their Instagram Verified Badge. So this is why I don’t care. I am cheap. I am going to spend time & money when it has the ability to bring me more money, remember I WANT TO BE RICH, NOT FAMOUS! Keep your eye on the prize kids.

Instagram Verified Badge Viagra

That little blue Verified Badge is like a Viagra pill. It’s just a dick swinging aide. Guess what??  I don’t have any problems in that area thank to my Itlalian DNA 😉 one more BIG reason why I am a cocky asshole sometimes. Biggie famously and rightfully proclaimed, More Money More Problems… and Jay-Z said 99 Problems….., I actually do have 99 problems and satisfying women has never been one of them. Eat healthy, hit the fucking gym and you’ll never need a Viagra boys. This reality in itself is the REAL WORLD “verified badge”. Try it, you’ll thank me! Remember practice makes perfect haha


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