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Instagram Success

Instagram success stories are something to be celebrated! Wolf Millionaire highlights some of his top students who’ve turned themselves into Influencers following his STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides! Learn how YOU could become his next successful student!

Instagram success stories don’t happen overnight, despite what most people think. Nothing successful ever comes in life without putting in the work and following a formula for success. Doesn’t matter what it is you want to learn in life, someone has most likely done it before and done it to death and succeeded. You need to learn from these people like me who’s mastered Instagram.

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Instagram Success

If you want to be successful in life you will also need to master patience & consistency.  Putting in a couple weeks “trying out Instagram…. or anything” isn’t going to yield results. You have already failed if you have the mentality set out to “put in a couple weeks” to try it out. If you are one of these people don’t bother signing up for my Instagram Video Guides, because I don’t want lazy shitty students with poor short term thinking. YOU HAVE TO THINK BIG!

People always see the END RESULTS of hard work, dedication, and focus, but rarely is the long hard path (full of failure and learnings) that one took to get there ever studied and fully embraced. This is why I am the Wolf of Instagram.

I never was the smartest kid in school! In fact I’ll admit that it sometimes took me twice as long to grasp even the simplest of concepts in basic math, chemistry, biology and even english and french studies. But I graduated High School & University because I had NO CHOICE. I WANT NICE THINGS. I WANT AN EASY LIFE. So I put in the work because FAILURE WASN’T AN OPTION, especially after I lost my amazing loving father at 19 years old right before going off to University 500 miles away from home.

Wolf Millionaire Money Success

You would be amazed at how many people around the world of all ages are taking advantage of my newly launched FREE  Wolf Millionaire Instagram Webinar learning all the amazing ways to make money with Instagram without the need for a business, product or service! I didn’t have any of those 3 when I first started playing on Instagram.

Remember, I had ONE account with 700 Followers.  I put in the work. AND LOTS OF IT. 18 hour days for a year testing and testing and testing Instagram to see what works and what doesn’t. I put in the hard work and then rolled everything I learnt into my Instagram Video Guides! All you have to do is put in the work and watch my 80+ episodes containing more than 24 hours of STEP-BY-STEP easy to follow along walk throughs.

There isn’t anyone in the world that has logged more time than I have on Instagram. My top 5 Instagram accounts in my MadWhips Instagram Network have over 7 Million followers and have posted over 66,000 photos to Instagram. HAHA YEA THATS NUTS!  I guess you can say I’ve put in the work!

I, Anthony Carbone, have been making noise on Instagram and in the News (see this LA Weekly Interview) ever since I grew my accounts to over 5 million followers on a dozen accounts and started hiring students while getting accepted into Canada’s largest business Incubator (DMZ). The students I hired to manage my accounts helped me scale my Instagram Empire to over 18 million followers across 30 accounts in a few short years!

I’ve hired over 21 University & College Students since losing my job over 3 years ago. Let me tell you how amazing it feels to create DIGITAL JOBS for students that didn’t exist a year ago.. Forget the McLaren, Gold Rolex and everything else materialistic I buy to reward all my hard work. Hiring and managing 21 students in the last 3 years has been the feeling in the WORLD!

Instagram Success Wolf Millionaire

These following students of mine and their Instagram success stories continue to put in the work, growing, engaging & networking with their followers. They are also making money from their accounts, managing businesses & brands Instagram strategies and even becoming Instagram Influencers along the way! All because they put in the WORK and learned every single one of my STEP-BY-STEP strategies in my Instagram Video Guides!

The only person that can take action on this massive Instagram opportunity is YOU.

So stop the bullshit.

Stop the lazy half ass effort, and get to work if you want to my next student success story.

I put in endless hours of effort in order to figure out exactly how Instagram works (and what doesn’t work) in order to provide you with my STEP-BY-STEP easy to follow along online video guides! If doesn’t matter if you’ve never used Instagram before, or have been using it for years and think you know what you’re doing.

If you actually knew what you were doing you’d have millions upon millions of followers and be making a high 6 figure annual salary like I have. Oh you think I’m bullshitting?  Does the brand new McLaren I bought last summer and currently daily drive (Toronto, Miami, California) with over 20,000 km and my very first brand new solid gold Rolex on my wrist not convince you? These other so called “Instagram Experts” who make $77,000 a month have NO NAME, NO FACE, NO PRESENCE and not a single dollar to backup their bullshit scam you are probably going to fall for.

Wolf Millionaire Instagram Success

What bout all these FREE blog posts after FREE blog posts I provide to keep your account safe and show you where the money is and how we’re making it with each new Instagram feature that comes out?!?!?  You still bitch and complain and find excuses NOT to jump on board and become my next Instagram success story.

I don’t see the other so called “Instagram Experts” providing all the FREE learnings I do so you can see that I know what I’m talking about, but I do see several other bullshit scams trying to teach you “growth strategies”. If all MY FREE tips, tricks and strategies still don’t convince you, then nothing will, you will never ever become successful because you will miss out on all these amazing digital opportunities that actual real life, tried tested and true mentors like me are nice enough to provide to the world so YOU can follow your passions while banking digital money.

Despite what my mother used to tell me, YES MONEY ACTUALLY DOES GROW ON DIGITAL TREES. You just have to know where to look and learn how to get it.

Kick your bullshit lazy habits TODAY and start learning how to make money on Instagram by taking advantage of my FREE Wolf Millionaire Instagram Webinar and you will learn 9 ways that Instagram can generate money. YOU don’t even need a business, product or service to start!

Just for watching my entire webinar I will also send you my recently updated FREE 35 Page Instagram Guide, that you can use TODAY to take advantage of my TIPS, TRICKS & STRATEGIES to grow faster and get better engagement all while following your passions and networking with others around the world. This is the global landscape of today’s digital entrepreneur. LETS GET IT!

Instagram Success Stories

Now, I am going to share with you some insights from 3 of my Wolf Millionaire Instagram students who have demonstrated dedication, focus and perseverance to achieve the milestones and success that they’re currently enjoying simply by following their passions and my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides!  All these students didn’t just WAKE UP ONE DAY with all these followers and awesome looking Instagram accounts, they WORKED their ass off on them and now they are enjoying the rewards!

Lets take a quick look at a couple of my students and how they’re finding Instagram Success!

Instagram Success: @KNXposures

Instagram Success Story

Captain Karim Nafatni is an Airbus Captain and decided to take his positive mindset (and job with sky high views) to the next level using Instagram in order to motivate and showcase his Captain status to other aspiring pilots in his niche. Not only has Captain Karim grown his Instagram following to over 75,000 followers but he’s about to announce an incredible PARTNERSHIP that he’s been working on for months now.

I can’t wait to highlight and celebrate via proper case study once he makes the announcement that he’s been working on for the last 6 months to finalize. I will admit this is one of the most amazing Influencer deals I have had a chance to help guide and mentor to fruition. Captain Karim, you continue to SHINE in your life and I want to thank you for bringing your big smile and daily motivation to ME and all your followers! JUST KEEP PUSHING FORWARD!! Below is Captain Karim’s testimonial from December 2016!



Instagram Success: @VoTrends

Instagram Success VoTrends

This Instagram success story was another one of my early students who hit his first 50,000 followers within 3-4 months back in 2016 and as you can see thanks to his tenacious attention to detail is killing it in the Outfit Ideas space for Grid Format menswear showcasing! VoTrends last Instagram Success Testimonial was sent in back in September 2016 when he had just hit 100,000 followers a major milestone! Today VoTrends is close to hitting the 200,000 follower milestone as they continue to be one of the top menswear grid format Instagram accounts out there! KEEP KICKING ASS dude! I AM SO PROUD TO SEE YOUR SUCCESS

Instagram Success Testimonial VoTrends

Instagram Success: @HunterVought

Instagram Success Story Hunter Vought

Not wanting to settle with just one Instagram page Hunter Vought leveraged his fast growing Menswear Grid Format Instagram Account @VOtrends (as highlighted above) to become an Influencer himself! Now this is the formula I wish everyone could be following but putting yourself out there for others to see and judge isn’t for everyone.

I can totally relate as I honestly grew up a very shy and quiet child, and even today am not the biggest fan of putting myself out there on social media. But little by little, just like I did, Hunter has been doing the exact same thing, testing the waters and slowly growing an Instagram profile for himself and his name. Remember, in today’s digital society, YOUR NAME and YOUR FACE is YOUR BRAND!

What are you waiting for? It’s actually not as scary as it seems, and besides what do you have to lose if you don’t like it? Imagine what you have to GAIN if you do like it and people do start to notice and brands want to collaborate with you just like Hunter Vought is currently experiencing after taking his first Influencer trip to Miami to showcase and highlight several brands that he just started working with!

Hunters last testimonial was provided on March 23, 2016 and as of today is close to cracking the 50,000 follower milestone on his personal Influencer account!

Love YOUR HUSLTE HUNTER, so happy to see you stick with this opportunity as you know every week and every month gives you more and more exposure to keep leveraging your personal brand and your main account @VoTrends! Keep up the amazing work dude!

Instagram Success Testimonial Hunter Vought

My Wolf Millionaire tips, tricks & strategies I introduced to the world before anyone over a year ago has allowed me to successfully teach my students STEP-BY-STEP exactly how I continue to earn a very healthy 6 Figure Annual Salary, bought a brand new McLaren and Solid Gold Rolex simply by using Instagram.

Other Student Success Stories:

If you want to learn more specific strategies that have worked by my successful students in other niches finding massive success with my STEP-BY-STEP strategies, then make sure you take the time to read up on these other testimonial reviews where I examine and highlight how these students are killing it on Instagram:

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Batman & Comic Book Superhero GROWTH

I’m not an Internet Marketing ‘guru’ who has gotten rich by teaching people how to get rich!  Truth be known, I make WAY more money from my multiple businesses I’ve launched on Instagram than I do teaching people how to turn their Instagram accounts into money-making machines.

Happy Instagramming!

Wolf Millionaire Selfie

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