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Wolf Millionaire Student Testimonial

Time to review Wolf Millionaire Instagram student testimonials to analyze their progress.

Hi, welcome to Wolf Millionaire. Today I’m going to go over three of my oldest student testimonials and review where those students are at today with their Instagram account growth.

Check out these three Instagram success stories from my students!

I’ll show you that the students who started following my strategies and regularly implement them are continuing to grow their Instagram accounts. So I’m going to scroll down on my Instagram- all the way down- to the very first testimonial that I featured back in December. And here we go! If you want to join my advanced students and learn everything I know about Instagram like they are to stay ahead of the curve to grow their accounts & make money then signup to my InstaWealth Growth System and I will include our Millionaire Case Study for free.


The next of the testimonials is by Amazing Autos 24/7 that says, “read the step-by-step guide by Wolf Millionaire and learned how I got to 10,000 followers in less than a month of hard work that totally paid off. He will teach you how to manage your Instagram accounts the right way. Thank you Wolf Millionaire. You are the man and I can’t wait to learn so much more on December 1st.” That’s the day that we released our full training guide, or the advanced training guide. If you click the link in our description below this video, you’ll be able to purchase it. You can see this was last posted on December 6th. That’s when I posted all the testimonials for these specific Instagram students on Wolf Millionaire’s Instagram.

So let’s take a look at Amazing Autos and see what he’s done in less than 3 months. He’s now at 22,000 followers. And again, he’s got a great logo, a very descriptive bio, “The world’s hottest autos.” Part of the boss network. He has included @AmazingAutos24/7 or #AmazingAutos24/7  for you to use to tag them in your own posts. He’s listed his Kik in case you want to get a hold of him directly on the Kik messenger. He’s also provided his email and credit goes to all photographers, and for his link, he has decided to link to another one of his Instagram accounts.

So let’s take a quick look at some of his posts. The quality of his photos look to be excellent. His captions are short and to the point. He does give credit to the photographer- as you can see here. Incredible. Then he begins to get into his message, “Want to be featured? Use Amazing Autos 24/7 or tag us.” And then again, “Use Amazing Autos 24/7 to get 15% off your next order with Jax Wax Car Care products.” So as you can see, this user only has 22,000 followers, yet is already monetizing his account, selling Jax Wax Car Care products.

Keep in mind that he’s not even selling those Wax Car Care products, though. He’s simply referring people who might be interested in ordering the products and if you use Amazing Autos 24/7 to get the 15% off discount, when a sale does happen with Jax Wax, they pay Amazing Autos a percentage of that sale. Below that, you can see that it says, “Follow, like, support, tag your friends.” Networking with other related companies is great marketing, so the caption’s great.

While the caption for the post is a little long, it does play to everything that needs to be in a caption. It describes the picture, gives credit to the photographer, and gives a call to action for their followers telling them how to get their own posts featured on Amazing Auto’s IG.  This helps him monetize his posts. And again, they use the same caption structure for each post which is great for consistency. It’s clean, and it’s definitely organized and unique, and the best part is the content because his photos are high quality.

It looks like his photos are getting a high amount of engagement. This post has 2,000 likes. Nice. 1,500 likes on this one. So Amazing Autos 24/7 is doing an excellent job following through with my strategies and continues to grow. As you can see they’re monetizing their account already.


Let’s take a look at 24 Inspired Life’s testimonial that said, “Thanks for the acknowledgement Wolf Millionaire. A few big takeaways were account security, the profile, number of posts, size of account, and times of data posts. That guide is worth rereading once every week and executing on new nuggets.

So he doesn’t have too big of a following yet, but glancing at his profile, we see that he has a short, clean bio. It very accurately describes what Joseph does or what service he provides: entrepreneur, Healthy Lifestyle Blogger, Herbalife enthusiast, coach, and lifetime member. He provides his phone number and email and has a short and simple bitly link that goes to his landing page.

As you can see by his posts, they vary. It looks like he is doing a good job with his captions and using all the proper hashtags that connect to his business or his posts. He posted this three days ago, and this 5 days ago, so his posting is continuous and looks good.



Next up, we have Expense Club’s testimonial which reads, I want to thank you for your tips. When I asked you for help I was at 20 followers. After the tips you gave me, I’m now at 207 followers and hundreds of likes on multiple pictures in just a couple of hours. You are the man.

Now let’s take a look at Expense Club’s Instagram. They have just shy of 1,800 followers and 47 posts. That’s good growth in the just 3 months. If we look at their posts, the photos are very high-quality. Looks like they’re utilizing some good hashtags too. Their last post was on December 27th, so it seems like this person has given up on Instagram. Their second to last photo was posted on December 21st, so this is a perfect example of how many people get interested in growing their Instagram, then don’t commit; either they get busy with life or something happens.

That’s why there’s so much opportunity on Instagram right now! For every 10 accounts that get created, maybe 2 or 3 stick around for the long-term. All you have to do is be consistent and you will outperform and outlast everyone else who thinks that they’re going to start an account and run competition against you.

Stay Tuned…

That concludes my first review of three of the first testimonials that were given to me by students who used my free 20 page Instagram guide and/or signed up for my Wolf Millionaire course. Stay tuned. I’m going to review many more user accounts and testimonials to highlight what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong.

Until then, if you’d like to learn all of my strategies, please sign up for my advanced training course. I’ve already got three major updates – including a one hour video post that I did, talking about the new Instagram feed change, which is very important. I look forward to teaching you as an advanced training student and help guide you to a successful Instagram account.

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