Instagram Stories Mentions Makes Money

By November 15, 2016 November 4th, 2018 Instagram News
Instagram Stories Mentions

Just like that, out of nowhere Instagram introduced Instagram Stories Mentions which is a serious game changer for making even more money with Instagram. Checkout how I have already started to use this new Instagram feature to make more money.

Instagram Stories Mentions Feature = NEW MONEY Making Opportunities

Instagram Stories Mentions is a major new feature that was not even beta tested by Instagram totally sets it apart from SnapChats snap functionality in a really innovative way! Before we did not have any ability to have users take any actions on our new Instagram Stories functionality that was only released 3 months ago!

Remember I predicted Instagram stories in my Instagram VS SnapChat article (my 2nd major prediction this year) would come out as a feature in order to compete directly with SnapChat and their storied approach to “snaps”.

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Everyone has an interesting story to tell, people want to share moments of their lives that essentially make up their own personal story, so here’s the latest most up to date article on 6 IMPORTANT MONEY MAKING FEATURES Instagram has recently rolled out to us to take advantage of!

Instagram knows that it’s users love to click on @ username mentions in the captions of our posts (that was one of the first ways I started making money on Instagram, by helping new small accounts grow with shout outs). Instagram saw that it could totally differentiate itself  from SnapChat simply by adding the ability for us to have Instagram Stories Mentions now! This is one of the biggest drawbacks of SnapChat. SnapChat doesn’t have any linking features on the Snaps you create unlike the NEW Instagram Stories Mentions features!

Instagram Stories Mention Money


Instagram is NOW clearly KILLING SnapChat

It’s still very hard to grow a SnapChat following if you only are using SnapChat as the social network to market your snapchat account. This is why Instagram is the hottest and fastest growing social network not to mention opportunity to make a high 6 figure income! Unlike Instagram, with SnapChat there are no hashtags, snap mentions or ability to market your SnapChat code account outside of word of mouth or having your followers share your code to their followers.

Can you smell the money making opportunity that further exists with Instagram all thanks to the new Instagram stories mentions functionality? I CAN!! Instagram even added the quick built in function to use their boomerang app which allows us to create mini looping videos further adding how creative we can get with our content! Special thanks and shout out to Instagram for thinking of us content creators with these new features!

Instagram stories mentions is an entire NEW inventory of photo or video posts that we can now creatively sell to advertising partners in order to make money! We used to only be able to make money with the posts we were able to post on our Instagram account, which is limited to 8-10 posts a day without going completely overboard and turning away followers. Even with the 8-10 posts we can post spread out over the course of each day, we can’t post 8-10 pure ad photos or videos on our feed. No one would ever follow us!

Instagram Stories Mention XIXdesign

TIP: Notice the above screenshots of some Instagram Stories Mentions I did for my good friend @XIXdesign. I circled in red what shows up when you click ONCE on the @xixdesign mentions on the Instagram story. I highly suggest you change your profile options “name” in “EDIT YOUR PROFILE” to something more descriptive, more than just your name if you want to really inform people further about your account and entice them to click to checkout your profile. You will notice the image at the very top of this with the money stacks,  wolf millionaire hat, and my NEW solid gold Rolex Submariner; my “name” shows as “Wolf Millionaire Strategies” which I have deliberately set for branding.

Now, with Instagram stories mentions, we can now post as many stories as we want and weave our advertising into these stories just like television has been doing for decades, but with the ability to have our audience click on a @ username in our stories to discover another account who is paying you for this exposure. I really tested this out while in Vegas for the SEMA SHOW, and WOW the results were outstanding!!!

I posted 30-40 Instagram stories every single day, and people were just eating up and watching that live content like crazy! This is the most amazing news since I figured out Instagram was going to be such a huge money maker for me 2 years ago shortly after I lost my job for the first time ever!

The weekend after this new feature rolled out to all of us users, I spent testing it for myself as well as for some of my advertising partners.

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Theres a reason I am at the top of the Instagram money making food chain, and not only do I have 18+ Million Instagram followers to back it up, I also have a BRAND NEW McLaren & BRAN NEW Solid GOLD ROLEX which I have purchased this year with the money I actually make on Instagram! I’d much prefer keeping all the money I make in my corporate bank account, the minute I take it out even if it’s just to take photos to PROVE I am making a 6 figure annual salary from Instagram,  I have to pay taxes on it. We all hate taxes, but just like death if you are playing by the rules you can’t escape either.

Ever notice, that all these other jokers and clowns who claim to make “$10,000 a week” with their MLM scam programs they are promoting, can’t prove they are making this money?

Ever notice they are claiming this with their little 50,000 follower account. If it was that easy I’d be making over a 1 Million a month with the amount of Instagram followers I have. It’s because they aren’t actually making this money and they are just trying to scam you into signing up for their bullshit systems designed to reward them for finding another sucker to sign up. DON’T BE A SUCKER.

If you are actually making significant money using Instagram then you better be driving an exotic car with a Rolex on your wrist, otherwise you are just making yourself look like a complete joke. No one is actually buying your bullshit, especially not all the people I have educated to sniff out scammers like you and your crew.

Zinvo Watches Instagram Stories Mentions

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Happy Instagramming

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