Instagram Stories Killing Snapchat

Stories Killing Snapchat

Stories killing Snapchat! Wolf Millionaire made this prediction last year when Instagram Stories just launched and we all started it using it to make money! Here is more data & proof that you need to get serious with Instagram to start growing your account NOW!

Instagram stories killing Snapchat has been all the rage in the headlines lately!

Instagram Stories is Killing Snapchat Officially!

Well here is the latest data to be released by Instagram stories that clearly proves that Instagram is Killing Snapchat. This is nothing to new to me or my students. Not only did I predict that Instagram would come out with a feature like Snapchat a year before they did, but I also predicted that within 12 months of them launching stories that it would surpass Snapchat’s use.

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Instagram Worldwide Daily Active Users

These are the dangers of creating a niche app like Snapchat even though it was technically a messaging app for millennials to send nude pictures to each other, communicate with, and share their daily useless lives with each other in an app that their parents or family didn’t use yet. Instagram stories killing Snapchat is the last thing Snapchat ever saw coming.

As soon as the Instagram Stories features was launched I was teaching How To Make Money With Instagram Stories which was a beautiful no brainer feature for Instagram to GIFT us Influencers making money simply by following your passions on Instagram. We have been turning our INSTAGRAM PLAY TIME into MONEY MAKING TIME for the LAST 3 YEARS, while most of you don’t even realize how much money we have been making or realize YOU could be making if you put in a little effort to learn the Instagram game! TIME IS MONEY! STOP WASTING IT!

Time Is Money

Snapchat’s growth has slowed down considerably ever since Instagram Stories killing snapchat kicked into over drive July 2016. The chart below explains everything you need to know about how well Instagram is stealing engagement and user retention while fuelling it’s own user base growth! My friend Josh at Techcrunch has some great posts showcasing more data here & here if you are a geek like me and want to see all the data behind Instagram Stories Killing Snapchat!

Snapchat Growth Slowed

What Does This Really Mean For You?

Well thankfully Instagram stories killing Snapchat is just the tip of the iceberg. Instagram stories, Live Instagram Streaming and Instagram Gallery are just a few features that they released in less than 12 months…. they have hinted at other exciting features and I have even more exciting predictions that I think will come true in the next 12 months that just continues to spell MORE MONEY for my students and I. So you can continue to sit on the side lines and WATCH me make STACKS ON STACKS ON STACKS while driving in a brand new McLaren and rocking a solid GOLD ROLEX, or you can get to work and join us! I’ve done all the hard work, all you have to do it put in the work and LEARN from me!

Thanks to my hard work consisting of thousands of hours of posting and testing over 10,000 Instagram posts in my first 2 years I developed and packaged everything (including How To Make Money on Instagram) I know about Instagram into 80+ episodes and over 22+ hours of STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO GUIDES! I HAVE DONE ALL THE HARD WORK, all YOU have to do is follow along and learn! I’m giving you the SECRETS to my Instagram success! DO YOU WANT TO BE FINANCIALLY FREE BAD ENOUGH? 

My in depth STEP-BY-STEP InstaWealth Growth System is the most complete Instagram Video Guide available which has been helping students all over the world grow Instagram accounts & make money from this FREE platform. So many other people out there claiming they can teach you “Instagram Secrets” but none of them have created an Instagram empire like I have with over 30 accounts and 18+ MILLION Instagram followers! I will be adding 5-7+ hours of NEW Video Guides explaining in depth how I have mastered and continue to make money with ALL the NEW Instagram features like Instagram LIVE Money and Instagram Galleries Money!

If thats not enough to really prove the point that I am the Wolf Of Instagram, then ask yourself this and go do your homework. Do other people who claim to be Instagram Guru’s show you their FACE? What about their REAL NAME? I’m Anthony Carbone and you can see my ugly face in many of the selfies that I post on @Wolf_Millionaire. I’m not hiding anything. You can find my profile on LinkedIn as real as ever, and even with a massive professional network. I might not not be pretty in my old age, but at least I have a big smile, a positive attitude, solid work ethics and my mom still thinks I’m handsome 🙂 LOVE YOU MOM!! XOXO

Wolf Millionaire Motivation

Do these other bozos & clowns provide you with actual DAILY MOTIVATION that they have put time and energy into? Go and READ this POST  Wolf Millionaire Instagram Domination which will motivate you and show you WHAT IS POSSIBLE if you follow your passions & my Instagram strategies! I’M STILL FUCKING KILLING IT! And I WANT YOU TO KILL IT WITH ME!

Or do they just post other peoples photos with some fancy QUOTES on them? LOL What a fucking JOKE! These assholes are a dime a dozen on Instagram. Many of them claim to be making SO MUCH money but they still wear $50 watches, have horrible style and dress like they’re homeless. Most of them have rented the planes, trains and automobiles in their wicked ass videos they produce to lure you in. Most of these douche bags need a good shave, they ooze pure douchebag.

Wolf Millionaire YouTube

What about all these FREE Blog Posts that I provide? Do these others Instagram Guru’s provide you with FREE learnings every week? How about all the FREE YouTube VIDEOS I continue to produce to KEEP YOU SAFE & educated??? And MAKING MONEY as Instagram keeps rolling out new features??

NOOOOO all these other so called Instagram Bozo’s are just out to scam your hard earned money. Many have the balls to ask you to send them money on PayPal as Family & Friends. Remember to read The Safest Way To Send Money On Instagram. Don’t worry they will all be exposed in due time. Most will self destruct on their own or get bored and find a new niche and network to work their digital scams. The world has a beautiful way of sorting out degenerates.

Wolf Millionaire Facebook

Do these monkeys get invited to visit Facebook & Google headquarters? They probably aren’t even aware that Instagram stories killing snapchat! LOL probably not, and they are also not showing up like a bad ass in a BRAND NEW McLaren like I did! Causing a scene on campus of Facebook, Google & Apple last summer was one of the funnest memories. I always wanted to work for these big tech companies, but they don’t pay as good as the money I am earning from Instagram let alone have a corporate culture that would look forward to seeing it’s employees show up in a BRAND NEW McLaren with a BRAND NEW SOLID GOLD ROLEX! Thats why working for myself is my OWN FUCK YOU TO THE WORLD. I get to do whatever I WANT, WHENEVER I WANT. LIFE IS GOOD BABY!

Wolf Millionaire Google

Well thats enough, I think I got my point across!

I even have students that have simply followed my FREE 20 Page Instagram Guide to grow to their first 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 follower milestones in their first 6 months playing the Instagram money making game! It really is simple once you learn all my TIPS, TRICKS & STRATEGIES that I explain STEP-BY-STEP.

The beautiful part…. All my TIPS, TRICKS & STRATEGIES that I explain in my easy to follow along InstaWealth Growth System which I pioneered a couple years ago are STILL THE SAME STRATEGIES my students and I are using TODAY to grow our accounts. Sure Instagram has been changing and while everyones engagement has been affected, following my CONTENT IS KING strategies of how I teach you WHERE to get the hottest VIRAL content and HOW TO CREATE IT is the cornerstone strategies that are STILL DELIVERING RESULTS…… STUDENT AFTER SUCCESSFUL STUDENT!

Instagrams 7 Year Growth Summary

Holy shit Instagram is growing FASTER & FASTER every 4-6 months! The rate it takes them to gain 100 Million NEW followers went from EVERY 9 months since 2014, to 6 and now 4 months in LESS THAN A YEAR! No wonder Instagram Stories Killing Snapchat! DAMN!

October 6, 2010 – Instagram Launch
February 26, 2013 – 100 million users; 28 months 100 million NEW users
March 25, 2014 – 200 million users; 13 months 100 million NEW users
December 10, 2014 – 300 million users; 9 months 100 million NEW users
September 22, 2015 – 400 million users; 9 months 100 million NEW users
June 21, 2016 – 500 million users; 9 months 100 million NEW users
December 15, 2016 – 600 million users; 6 months 100 million NEW users
April 26, 2017 – 700 million users; 4 months 100 million NEW users

Instagram Growth

What are YOU waiting for? Instagram is the NEW BLOGGING platform AND GROWING FASTER AND FASTER EVERY 4-6 months! Pick a NICHE you are passionate and knowledgeable about and GET TO WORK with my strategies building a following! Before you know it YOU could be the owner of a very valuable Instagram account and making 5-6 figures every year while getting invited to the HOTTEST events in your NICHE or INDUSTRY!

I’ve made so much money using Instagram which has allowed me to live a life of freedom (no alarm clocks) while buying some amazing toys like a BRAND NEW McLaren, a BRAND Solid Gold Rolex and more designers sneakers than I have time to wear! It’s also been pretty sweet attending all the hottest automotive events around the world and connecting with FANS & INFLUENCERS.

I never knew life would be this sweet only a couple years after I lost my job for the first time in my life. Remember I’m 39 years old. Thats OLD in the digital world, and yet I continue to put today’s younger generation of tech savy and social media savy kids to shame with how hard I am continuing to kill it on Instagram.


Instagram Stories killing Snapchat is nothing new, but with this NEW data that was just released hopefully it will convince more of you to get off your LAZY ASSES and get to work growing your own money making Instagram income streams like my successful students and I continue to do every single day! Just remember for every LAZY ASSHOLE who doesn’t want to take advantage of this easy opportunity, just means more money for the rest of us, and there IS SO MUCH ADVERTISING MONEY out there for Instagram I don’t have enough hours in the day to take it all!


Stay Hungry Wolf Pack!

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