Insta-Nightmare Coming True — Instagram Screenshot Notifications

By January 23, 2019 January 25th, 2019 Instagram News

Instagram screenshot notifications are being tested! BEWARE!

Taking screenshots on Instagram is changing forever, as of now…

The most recent Instagram update lets people know when you screenshot their pictures or videos in a direct message, kicking off another shit storm just after Instagram accidentally leaked horizontal tapping.

The new screenshot notification feature is likely to send shivers down the spine of those of us who like a little creep, peep & save now and then. We all do, lets be honest. So this new feature they are testing could be a shameful Instagram-nightmare coming true!

But why is Instagram now starting to rat on you?

In the past year, I have observed & tested many Instagram experiments around screenshot notifications features.

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Long gone are the days of screenshotting pictures of your “friends”, “lovers” or “other” and then sharing and ranting about them in your secret group of friends.

What is being tested now is that whenever you screenshot a photo or video from a friend that was sent as a “ONE VIEW” or “ALLOY REPLAY” TYPE of direct message, THEY will get a notification saying “Screenshot” under the photo or video you sent in the DM or as the last “notification” from the user when looking at your DM list (below).

Instagram Screenshot Notifications

Before you’re having an Instagram-induced panic attack, let me clarify that there are 3 types of “Photo or Video” DMs on Instagram that you can send.

  1. ONE VIEW Direct Message Type: this is the message that self destructs (can only be viewed once). This is mainly used for raunchy, illegal or anything you only want to tease or thirst trap someone with. Screenshot Notifications sent to original sender.
  2. ALLOW REPLAY Direct Message Type: this is a message that can be replayed as many times as they want but the minute they stop viewing that photo or video (and leave the DM) in replay mode, they won’t be able to see it again. Screenshot Notifications sent to original sender.
  3. KEEP IN CHAT Direct Message Type: this is a message (photo or video) that can be viewed as many times as possible and has a thumbnail in the DM chat where it was sent. NO Screenshot Notifications sent to original sender.

You only get notified when the photo or video is SCREENSHOT from a ONE VIEW or ALLOY REPLAY type of Direct Message.

It’s only when your recipient screenshots your disappearing message, a circular sun * will appear next to the direct message that was screenshot. So far this is entertaining but given that you can’t even see what photo was screenshot you’ll never know which exact saucy or raunchy photo was screenshot and now being shared with others behind your back 😉

You will be able to click and hold to “UNSEND” message, which is only useful if done BEFORE that person is viewed or screenshot your photo or video.

Select “Details”, and you also get to see when the screenshot was taken and if it’s a group conversation, the name(s) of the person(s) who took the screenshot will appear!

Luckily, Stories are safe — for now.

Based on the way things are to be developing with this testing, I am seeing that screenshot notifications of Stories and maybe even posts could be next.

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As Instagram is constantly running new screenshot notification tests, I am predicting notifications of permanent DM screenshots and Stories COMING SOON!

How are you feeling about temporary DM screenshot notifications?

Would Stories and permanent DM notifications change your screenshotting habits?

Screenshot on & Happy Instagramming

Anthony Carbone aka The Wolf Millionaire

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