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Don’t waste your time with 3rd party scheduling apps or wait for Instagram to “maybe” introduce their save draft functionality. Simply follow this InstaWealth Growth System secret I am sharing to be more efficient like my students and I!

Happy Monday Wolf Pack! I don’t have any scheduling issues today! It’s rise & shine here in sunny San Francisco! I am off to the McLaren dealership in Palo Alto to pickup my 540c which was shipped out here from Toronto and currently waiting for me in their showroom! My brand new McLaren 540c is the first 540c ever to grace American soil. It’s SUPER exciting that this first exotic car of mine was purchased with the high 6 figure annual income I make from Instagram (30 accounts & 18+ Million Followers) is patiently waiting for me in the middle of Silicon Valley minutes away from Facebook, Instagram, Apple & YouTube (Google). Even crazier is the fact that I lost my job for the first time ever less than 3 years ago!

I used to dream of picking up a brand new exotic car from a dealership in Silicon Valley. I went through university obsessed with the dot com boom always wanting a piece of that pie, looking up to unique CEO’s like Steve Jobs & Henry Nicholas of Broadcom. These guys were my kind of eccentric visionary BALLERS!

While I haven’t yet created a billion dollar empire, what I have accomplished thanks to the money making opportunities that I have mastered using Instagram is nothing short of fucking amazing! I’ll let you in on a little secret, the high 6 figure income I am making with Instagram isn’t rocket science, nor is that money train going to stop anytime soon. If YOU truly want to put forth a little effort, follow in my footsteps to follow YOUR passions and turn YOUR Instagram play time into money making time, YOU totally can! Let me teach YOU everything I know! YOU will be able to follow along with my step-by-step InstaWealth Growth System whether you’re new to Instagram or have been using it for years.

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So you might have heard (or seen like some of us have) Instagram testing their “Save Draft” feature over the last couple weeks.  This functionality would no doubt be a huge productivity time saver for anyone using Instagram whether for business or personal pleasure. But why hasn’t Instagram introduced this feature yet? It’s because they don’t want to make it super easy for people to automate spam posts on Instagram, so they tease us and call it “testing”. It will be rolled out NO DOUBT, but might take a little as they have to ensure functionality works bug free across iOS & Android devices).

For well over a year we’ve been able to use scheduling apps like Hootsuite or Later which allow you to schedule Instagram posts (at a predetermined day & time) which sends a notification to your mobile device requiring you to simply manually hit share to push it live.  Several of my InstaWealth Growth System Students from around the world (including Canada) played with this option. Instagram supposedly explained to TechCrunch that they were experimenting with this feature to see users reactions and usage, it’s a no brainer that 100% of the Instagram community would welcome this feature with love and praise.

So here is a fun little hack that my InstaWealth Growth System Students and I have been using for some time now that I want to share with you in order to help you with your Instagram game. As usual, you can thank me later!

We actually have the ability to save Instagram posts as drafts (kinda) on multiple accounts provided they are logged in on the same mobile device.  You will even be able to turn your phone on and off and your save draft hack will still be ready for whenever you want to to post them. This also doubles as a scheduling hack that you can do right within the Instagram app itself!


Here is How To Setup Some Saved Drafts on Instagram.

  1. Load Your Photo/Video
  2. Add Your Caption (Go Easy but use Targeted Hashtags)
  3. Add Location (optional)
  4. Tag peopled (recommended to tag 2-3 relevant people in the photo)
  6. SHARE/POST your Instagram Photo/Video
  7. Post will fail and you will see “Not Posted Yet. Try Again.” with the clockwise arrow.
  8. Switch over to your next account logged in and repeat process.
  9. TURN PHONE OFF AIRPLANE MODE and resume surfing instagram, commenting etc.


NOTE: At anytime after your post has failed and you see “Not Posted Yet. Try Again.” your post is now just waiting for you to manually click to retry posting it. The only downside is you can’t go back and edit the caption details. No biggie if you have your shit together when queuing them up!

With this process I up posts on my Top 5 Instagram accounts on my main phone. I sometimes even queue up 2-3 of these “failed save draft” posts on each of my 5 accounts so I have a nice queue throughout the day when I need to post. Sometimes I will load up all the “product” ads this way so I have them and don’t have to scramble to cut and paste the caption and get them ready at various times of the day when they need to be posted.

When I wake up for a glass of water around 7am-8am in the morning (barely coherent and able to open my eyes), I quickly open Instagram, post all 5 posts simply by cycling through all the logged in accounts and hitting SHARE/POST. BAM! Back to sleep for a couple hours while my team of interns start managing my Instagram network.

This one simple hack of mine saves me and my team valuable time in the day which means I can spend more time chasing down advertising dollars to continue making more money than anyone else doing what I do on Instagram.  Instagram is all a money making game to me, and if you want to make as much money as I do, you have to LEARN everything I know.  Sure you can you take the half assed approach to grow using some other cracker ass strategy (at the end of the day has just regurgitated bits and piece of my entire strategy) but it will only get you so far. In fact you might even follow the wrong person’s advice claiming they know all the Instagram secrets, and one day you will wake up and find the account you’ve been slaving over to grow DISABLED. I see this all the time. AMATEUR HOUR.

There are so many clowns out there claiming they can teach you how to be successful on Instagram with ZERO proof, ZERO credibility, ZERO MONEY they claim to make, ZERO TESTIMONIALS, just a lot of shit talking because everyone thinks they are an Instagram guru when they have a couple thousand or even a couple million followers.  Most of these monkeys have zero social paper trail, no linkedin history (see mine here) If you truly were an Instagram wizard, you’d have 17+ Million Followers, be making a high 6 figure annual salary, probably buy an exotic car worth $250,000, have a $80,000 luxury watch collection, $20,000 in designer shoes, travelling around the world chasing your passions and student testimonials (go read all of them on my Instagram account) coming out the ass. OH WAIT.. did I just describe myself. I am so humble I sometimes surprise myself.

There is a reason I am the Wolf of Instagram, and work with people like Timothy Sykes, Sara Underwood, and Neil Patel get with the program! All I want to do is TEACH YOU how to do the same. It’s easier than you think, all you have to do is take the first step and signup for my InstaWealth Growth System just like all the other successful students I keep posting updates about. The longer you wait to start, the more money is out there for my current students. ITS EASY MONEY, if you put forth a solid effort with my strategies just like all my successful students!


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