Instagram Scams – How To Spot Them

By April 26, 2017 June 19th, 2017 Instagram News
Instagram Scams

Instagram scams via email are still very common due to the popularity and massive growth of Instagram. Wolf Millionaire continues to expose Instagram scams & frauds so that you can learn how to stay safe on Instagram.

Instagram scams have been around since the first year Instagram launched. They prey on those less fortunate in life looking to make a quick dollar, enticing users with free iPhones or Hover boards.  Make sure you read my original post on this topic HERE to familiarize yourself with many of the scams which can be found on email and other social media networks.

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While we are on the topic of Instagram scams, I would like you all to read this very important post so you don’t get ripped off sending money online for ANYTHING. Check out my popular article on the Safest Way To Send Money on Instagram so that you will never GET RIPPED OFF by sending money to anyone for anything you buy anywhere online!

Special thanks to all my Wolf Pack students who continue to send me these Instagram scams so I can look into them and expose them to stop others from loosing their Instagram account by getting tricked by them. This isn’t the first time I have educated you all about the Instagram Badge Scam, but it’s time to expose more flavours of this often simple and effective scam.

Instagram Scam Emails

Here are two more versions of the Instagram Verified Badge Scam email to hit peoples inboxes lately!

Instagram Scam Emails
The link this SCAM in the first paragraph (see image above) asks you to “simply click here” to ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT, IS A SCAM designed to steal your Instagram password.

The link is just a link which is so that you cannot quickly hover over it with your mouse and see where the link is linking. I test it in an incognito chrome browser mode to ensure no cookie or data is passed to it in order to test it out and expose the scam to YOU so you can be safe and learn from this!

Instagram Scam Login Page

That link redirects you to this URL:  (see image above) which LOOKS like a real Instagram Login Page, but ITS NOT. Why is it NOT?  Well because it links to WHICH IS NOT A REAL INSTAGRAM URL.  The email details also show that the email comes from [email protected]INSTAGRAM.DE but “INSTAGRAM.DE” is NOT A REAL INSTAGRAM URL. You might think it is because it has the “.DE” which is a Germain domain

IF you enter a login and password it will steal the login and password you enter and then redirect you to the REAL Instagram login page immediately with a blank username and password field. You won’t even know what happened if you aren’t looking for it 🙂 and you will think your browser had an error while processing your request. Meanwhile you’ve just given your login and password to some fake site that is going to steal your Instagram account.

Further testing the FAKE LOGIN page and clicking on FORGOT? password brings you to a dead link (see image below)

Instagram Fake Login URL

Sloppy FAKE Instagram Email Scam

Here is just another SLOPPY version of the same Instagram scam above. LOL, I get a good laugh out of these unfortunately some people are just not educated enough to know that this is A SCAM. I am just trying to keep you ALL SAFE so you don’t get hacked.

Instagram Verify Badge Scam

The above email that landed in one of my students inboxes is another sloppy and FAKE Instagram Email Scam! It comes from a GMAIL account (LOL) which is the first DEAD giveaway that it’s not REAL or is it coming from Instagram. There are spelling mistakes. They claim that Instagram will take away your verified status if you post spam or other content that doesn’t follow the Community Guidelines… It then asks you to “reply with verifying your password” so they know that no one else is on your account. It’s then signed Susana Cortez – CEO of Instagram LOLOLOLOL – ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

If you actually fall for this shitty Instagram scams to begin with you deserve a kick upside the head and you shouldn’t be allowed to even use the Internet let alone email.  To whoever wrote up this email scam, you ARE A COMPLETE FUCKING IDIOT.  You need to stay in school, learn how to spell (or use spell checker) and get your act together. YOU ARE GOING NOWHERE IN LIFE with this kind of sloppy work. SLOPPY SLOPPY JOOOOEEESSSS is all you will be serving in your lifetime buddy.

So there you have it Wolf Pack, two more Instagram scams via email to watch out for when it comes to people trying to trick you into getting that dick swinging blue verified badge. If you actually think you are somebody worthy of getting a verified badge, then you most likely have a massive online presence (and people actually know you beyond Instagram) and you most likely have a PR agent or talent manager. Don’t kid yourself in thinking you are important in life or that a BLUE verified check mark is going to make or break YOUR money making abilities with Instagram, because it wont.

Stay tuned as I am going to expose another MASSIVE INSTAGRAM SCAMS in the very near future! Most of you won’t be surprised but this should put the final nail in this fuckers online coffin. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, I will not tolerate the LIARS, CHEATERS, FAKERS and SCAMMERS on INSTAGRAM.  Everything comes out in the WASH and I will be airing your dirty secrets to the world soon enough. BE WARNED.

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