Instagram Questions Answered by Wolf Millionaire

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Instagram Questions

Instagram Questions are a dime a dozen. Wolf Millionaire answers some top questions asked by one of his recent InstaWealth Growth System Student.

Instagram Questions bombard me on a daily basis, emails, DM’s, texts from friends and clients and new students. REMEMBER I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE! This is why I continue to provide YOU with all these FREE articles keeping you all up to date on what is going on with all the NEW money making features Instagram keeps rolling out like Follow Hashtags & Archive & Highlight to name the most recent ones! I WANT TO HELP YOU, but you have to be willing to learn and put in the work!

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I will never answer an email if you ask me Instagram Questions that I have already answered in depth.

When I say I’ve created the worlds FIRST & ONLY STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides and money making system to teach you EVERYTHING I KNOW, I seriously mean it.

YOU should be grateful that I decided to share all my secrets and knowledge that YOU and everyone have taken advantage of (knowingly or not) over the last couple years. YOU should be doing everything you can to learn from me. I provide so MUCH FREE Instagram strategies that I still hear people complain about them not having money and that I should give away everything for free.

First off the world doesn’t work like that. You get what you pay for. I am happy to provide you with all this free info, Guides, Webinars, Videos, Blogs but there is a place and time that my KNOWLEDGE and TIME must be monetized. I don’t work for FREE but I am willing to share FREE information to show you I know what I’m talking about and the TOP Instagram educator out there!

I put in more time & research than anyone on Instagram has (or will) figuring everything out and providing you with a STEP-BY-STEP BLUEPRINT that you can use to grow an account, engage with others, start a business or sell products and become an Instagram Influencer like I have. YOU JUST HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK.

Second off, my Instagram Video Guides are priced so CHEAP that if you are not willing to commit and pay for my teachings; which took me 2 months to film, edit and produce all by myself, not to mention all the updates I provide, then YOU have a fundamental issues that need to be worked on. YOU ARE LAZY and DON’T understand how the world works yet.

While I do appreciate FEEDBACK, and Instagram Questions from STUDENTS who’ve WATCHED & READ all my Instagram teachings, I will not tolerate people asking me questions because they haven’t put in the time.

This just shows me YOU ARE LAZY.

If YOU can’t take the time to sit back and follow along while I teach you STEP-BY-STEP then why should I waste my time answering questions I’ve already answered in DETAIL in my InstaGram Video Guides.

So please email me if you have questions, but BE WARNED, I might not answer you.  It’s not that I am not ignoring you, as it’s definitely NOT personal, but I’m not going to waste my valuable time answering Instagram Questions that I’ve already answered in my Wolf Millionaire Blog, Wolf Millionaire YouTube or my FREE Wolf Millionaire WEBINAR, or my updated FREE 35 Page Instagram Guide (which I will email you after you’ve watched my entire webinar).

You should also be VERY PATIENT if you’re going to email or DM me, I get over a 100 emails a day and while I do go through each and everyone, it sometimes takes me up to a week.

Now that we got the ground rules out of the way, lets get on the with these Instagram questions and answers!

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Specific Instagram Questions – I LOVE THEM!

This student comes at me with VERY VERY specific Instagram questions, which I AM HAPPY TO ANSWER here for you all to learn from!
Currently, I am working on my account and would like to ask for your advice on these 5 very specific Instagram Questions!

My husband does computer generated TV Commercials, so he can create content for my account in CG.

One of the accounts that I am developing is High Fashion in Aviation, so among others, I am aiming to post pictures of luxury products for women in business class, first class, private jets, business-first class lounges, etc… aiming to get luxury brands as clients in the future.

FIRST OFF: this is amazing and I love how you are leveraging the skillset of you and your husband along with your passions for travel and luxury! This is the winning long term Instagram Success formula.

Instagram QUESTION 1

We have doubts according to the legality of creating products entirely in CG, for example Tiffany & Co rings, like in the attachment, and if it would be legal for us to post stills entirely made by us of luxury or beauty items like these ones? We are not sure if we are infringing copyright issues because of using the brand name.

WOLF ANSWER 1: this is a very tricky one and it really all depends on the context. I understand completely what you are saying. I’ll have to actually ask one of my trademark lawyers about this in order to fully provide the exact answer to your Instagram Question. HOWEVER, it all depends what you will be doing with the posts.  Are you simply creating cool content to attract followers? If so you are going to be flying under the radar for a while as your account grows and I would say GO FOR IT.

Heres an Example. Ferrari is one of the most strict brands in the world that protects their trademarks.  They did not like my big Ferrari account when it used the name “Ferrari” in the username nor did they like the use of their logo in my Instagram profile.  So I switched everything up as you can see if you search “MadWhips” on Instagram.

On the flip side similar to your question, I had a friend who owned a FERRARI, he took a photo of the FERRARI logo on his CAR and used it as his Instagram accounts AVATAR/PROFILE PIC and after he grew and became well known on Instagram, Ferrari reached out and told him he couldn’t do that…. EVEN though he owned the CAR and it was a picture of his car’s Ferrari Shield.  So it really all depends on how hardcore the brands you are doing CGI with are about protecting their brand.

Now if you were to use these images to promote or sell other products or services, I could see the brands having an issue with it, but usually only when you hit a substantial Instagram following.  I would like to see the images you are going to generate to get more context and to see exactly what you had in mind and how you are going to use them.  Please follow up with me and send me some of these images so I can advise you further.

Influencers constantly post pictures of their Tiffany&Co. rings or Louis Vuitton, Hermes, … handbags in business, first class of a plane and that is allowed, but we don’t know if it would be legal for us to re-create the product even with a mention of being a CG object and giving credit to the brand. I want to test and develop CG items and animations for instagram as we could offer this as an extra -service for our clients once we get the followers. My husband specializes in Toy campaigns and cars for TVC or print so this type of job is very quick for him.

I suggest you look around in your niche and see what other BIG Influencers or Fan Pages are doing and see how long they’ve been doing it for. If it’s been a while you should be OK to get going with your ideas. If you don’t find anyone using these bags/logos/brands/rings etc like you are going to use them for, tread carefully but test your audience and your account. Worst case, MOST brands will reach out and politely engage with you asking you to stop if you are infringing on their brand or trademarks. Make sure you’ve read up on my Credit & Copyright Strategy which can help you get noticed and grow your account faster!

Bottom line, I’d like to see the images you are going to create to give you further direct and specific feedback! In theory this all sounds very unique and AMAZING, I am excited to see your CGI content!

Instagram QUESTION 2

Sometimes we travel in business class, we can take our own pictures and add luxury items in CG, so we can create a look and feel for the sponsors to advertise later on with us. Do you know if this would be legal?

WOLF ANSWER 2: Again, further to my comments in the answer above, I will need to see exactly what you are suggesting. It really all depends on the context of the image and caption.  Please send me some pics so we can discuss further. This is a really unique Instagram Question.

Instagram QUESTION 3

We also would like to create fictitious products with luxury labels in CG. Would that be legal if we are using the label? For example, a tennis ball wrap in Chanel (that already exists but as an example for you to understand).The main goal is to see the consumer’s reaction, their interest in certain items, and it would work for us as a pitch for the different luxury brands.

WOLF ANSWER 2: This idea is definitely trending on the infringement side.  We may not use any brands logos as we see fit regardless if we are selling items or testing consumers reactions.  HOWEVER, I have seen several artists create grenades, piggy banks and some canvas work that uses brand logos (mutilated of course) to get their name and art seen and shared in a viral sense.

This is a VIRAL strategy (I’ve used myself with cars and clients products) to get your account going, gain peoples interest but I generally wouldn’t advise it to be the main strategy you use, but early on I think it’s a great idea.  Another amazing strategy you could do, as you start to grow, hold contests where you ask people to screenshot and re-post your images (with 1 or 2 hashtags of yours – maybe the brands themselves you are using) in order to qualify or enter your contest..

Doing this you can get your photos out there, grow your brand, and then see if those photos make their way up the Instagram food chain to bigger accounts who might see your posts as VIRAL CONTENT… THEN as you grow and create new content you would delete the old photos that infringed on the brand to keep your account safe from Copyright Infringement claims, while still being able to get your VIRAL content out there.  You can do the same with less worry if you post these images to STORIES and let them disappear after 24 hours, urging your followers to screenshot, share or post your contest in order to WIN a contest.

Instagram QUESTION 4

I am also curating content for my account, a big part of it is fashion editorials, would you recommend me to credit the photographer, model, stylist, and magazine and tag them? I know you only credit the photographer but in this case I am not sure if I should credit the team involved or it could generate me more problems.

WOLF ANSWER 4: YES YES AND YES.  If you re-use a photo from someone else you DON’T have written and explicit consent from, then yes whoever they tagged or credited for photo credits should be exactly done by you. It’s not only a professional courtesy, but it’s part of my Credit & Copyright Rules strategy which can really help your account grow early on!

Instagram QUESTION 5

I came across some pictures from Celebrities in private planes, not editorial content just arriving at the airport, and I can’t find the photographer, I checked on Getty Images and the picture is not theirs, so I wonder if it can be someone from the Celebrity team. The celebrity is posting the picture without tagging the photographer, in this case is it correct to post the picture just crediting the celebrity or I shouldn’t post it due to not having the photographer name? Please, see attached the example of the picture of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley that I would like to post and the reference I found in her instagram account in this link below. It’s from the same place and time.

WOLF ANSWER 5: Most of these celebrities either employ photographers/interns to take these photos for them and thus they own them (as they have a contract) but most also use photos taken of them without actual consent from the big celebrity spotting or news outlets so you never really know. There are so many FAN PAGES out there that use these photos with millions of followers and yet I don’t seem to see any of them getting taken down.  For your question above I would suggest just tagging the celebrity in question. As long as you are not spamming, or doing this all the time you should be generally safe. You are treading on copyright infringement but  because there is so much photo volume on Instagram, brands, celebrities and content creators are finding it impossible to keep up with photo theft. They tend to turn a blind eye and ignore it if you’re not using it to promote yourself, creating fake Influencer/Fan Page accounts or selling products with these types of photos.

BOTTOM LINLE: I SAY LET IT RIP and I will I will monitor your account and posts and provide you with feedback as you go. FOR NOW, JUST GET GOING WITH ALL YOUR IDEAS ABOVE!

So there you have it, this is what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, HELPING STUDENTS who have put in the work, watched all my Instagram Video Guides and read all my BLOGS then come at me with very very SPECIFIC QUESTIONS! This is what I get paid to do, ANWERS these kinds of questions from BRANDS and COMPANIES all around the world. I am the #1 Instagram Consultant for a reason, it’s because of my TRIED, TESTED and PROVEN knowledge gained from spending more time testing and analyzing Instagram than anyone in the world!

Looking forward to ANSWERING your most detailed question (after you’ve put in the work)

Happy Instagramming!

Wolf Millionaire Toronto

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