Instagram Playhouses are Hottest Trend For 2019

By January 10, 2019 Instagram News

Instagram Playhouses are now popping up worldwide, offering a countless array of exclusively designed backdrops and experiential installations for staging insta-worthy photos… Have you visited one yet?

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For most businesses (especially those targeting Insta hungry millennials) this advertising opportunity is a MUST have for 2019. When executed properly they will generate huge SOCIAL MEDIA ROI’s.

Most of the interactive rooms offer very fun looking hands-on elements, others focus on sound and smell, exploring materials, lighting and moods while pairing fun with thought-provoking experiences. LET’S GO!!

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The most successful Instagram Playhouses I’ve seen have impeccable lighting which helps create beautiful Social Media photos, no matter the angle of the photo (or how ugly you are). This equates to viral boosted levels of organic reach when shared on platforms… cha ching…

TIP: if you plan to create one of these experiences in 2019 please just make sure your lighting is on point; meaning optimized to ensure for amazing photos from mobile phones.

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Some of these Instagram-optimized playhouses collaborate with various local and international artists. Some work with businesses, brands & charities Instagram viral-worthy content in mind 😉

OPPORTUNITY: for your next charity event or gala allocate a budget for creating an experience like these and you’ll reap huge viral advertising coverage out of it.

In summer 2018, the Museum of Selfies in Los Angeles opened their doors, followed by the the Egg House in Shanghai and the Color Factory in NYC, and — not to mention millennial loving food pop-ups themed around candy, pizza, and rosé wine.

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These Instagram Playhouses are essentially “Selfie Factories” and are starting to explode and share a common strategy which I’ll explain below

For some inspiration, take Maryellis Bunn. She opened one of the first VERY successful Instagram Playhouses Museum of Ice Cream in NYC (now in San Fran & Miami). She sold 30,000 tickets & SOLD OUT in the first 5 days. Over $1 MILLION earned in her first week and had a wait list of 200,000 names – INCLUDING CELEBRITIES 🙂

Experiential event design in vibrant colors, photogenic backdrop installations, fun props and filter-perfect lighting just for Instagram.

Most of the elaborately designed spaces appear like Disneyland primed for the hashtag obsessed. They’re basically anything but a bunch of Insta backdrops, they are ACTUALLY really fun (stoned or sober). Who doesn’t like fun?

Content from 29Rooms, another arty funhouse, generated over 300 million impressions — reaching about 1 in every 2 Instagram users… that is the crazy statistic right there. “1 in every 2 Instagram users”… your brand/sponsor becomes overnight heroes to the digital masses.

The success of these Insta-centric playgrounds is demonstrating that the trend is evolving towards stand-out photo composition and bold, bright colors, made for our declining gold fish sized attention spans.

As Instagram’s meteoric rise continues — the platform reached 1 BILLION active users per month in summer 2018 — anything that photographs well performs well.

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Once again, the success of these pop-up Instagram Playhouses is proof that outstanding, attention-drawing content is being rewarded with maximum Instagram engagement, so take advantage of this #TREND if you can!

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