Instagram Phishing Scams – WARNING!

By November 27, 2018 Instagram News
Instagram Phishing Scam

Instagram Phishing scams are growing. Wolf Millionaire exposes another fake website trying to steal your password and account.

Instagram phishing scams are a common hacking technique that lures you to a website that looks like a trusted website and then tricks you into entering your login and password. So many Influencers Fall For This Scam (I almost did!) so I just want to keep educating & exposing all these different SCAM flavours so YOU NEVER FALL FOR THEM.

The minute you fall for one of theses Instagram Scams you will have lost your Instagram account, and the chances of getting it back are getting VERY LOW as I have explained in my updated Instagram Hacking Answers. Instagram made some BIG changes to their security and account recover process.

Please for the SAFETY of your valuable account use my  Two-Factor (Non SMS) Instagram Security Bible to secure your account NOW.

Instagram Influencer Scam

Instagram Phishing Scam BEWARE

The latest Instagram phishing scam goes a little something like this.

  1. You will be emailed or DM’d (or both) by someone (usually a social media hacker using a hacked Instagram account) and they will be impersonating an Influencer, business, major brand, celebrity all of who are VERY EXCITED” or  “INTERESTED” to work with you. As a proper aside….. tuck the ego away and lets be honest with each other here….  😉
  2. They will offer you an attractive amount of money to partner and advertise their company, or one of their “clients” products or services.
  3. In order to get paid up front, they will require you to sign into a 3rd party analytics or social media campaign tracking website and will give you a URL. I fully walk you through STEP-BY-STEP my 3rd Party Analytics Video Guide in chapter.
  4. If you make the mistake of clicking on the URL without verifying that it’s a LEGIT 3rd Party Instagram analytics or social media tracking tool, and you give them your Instagram username and password, you will immediately be kicked out of your account and your password will be immediately changed (this happens within seconds).

The latest example of this is the Instagram Phishing Scam outlined above is by “”, now you might be thinking to yourself that sounds a lot like “” which was the VERY first Instagram 3rd party analytics application (reviewed in depth in my Instagram Video Training).

WARNING! DON’T BE FOOLED….. Please make sure you read this Instagram Scam blog post I did as I further illustrate STEP-BY-STEP the details of these scams so that you can learn how to SPOT them!

You see this is tricky, because the REAL “iconosquare” company also owns “”, however the SCAM site is using the letter “L” in lowercase which displays like “l” and makes it look they they CAPITALIZED the “i” to make “”.. but it’s NOT, the fake phishing domain is actually “”.

The moral of this from all my other Instagram scams that I have exposed is to ALWAYS scrutinize each and every website you visit in life beyond just Instagram as these types of scams are EVERYWHERE from banking to mobile phone to anything you do online.

Remember NEVER EVER use a 3rd PARTY Instagram program and NEVER EVER enter your Instagram Password anywhere other than into the Instagram app itself. Instagram will NOW DELETE Fake Followers and is starting to shut down all 3rd Party Automation programs.


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