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Instagram Myths

Instagram myths are a dime a dozen with so many account owners who think they know how Instagram works because of what they heard from someone else. Wolf Millionaire busts a handful of Instagram myths so that you can be aware of what is myth or fact!

Instagram myths pop up every single week. Students, clients and Instagram veterans continue to message me on a weekly basis with “what they heard” from others. Like everything in life, Instagram myths spread like wildfire especially when someone sees & hears other accounts doing something new that “generates”.

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Instagram Myths – Busting The Top 5 Myths

Here are the top 5 Instagram myths that I continually respond to when people DM me asking for insight or help.

  • MYTH #1 AGE – Instagram’s very first Basic Terms of Use states “You must be at least 13 years old to use the Service.” So as long as you are 13 years old you are able to use Instagram providing you adhere to all their rules in order to grow a following and make money using one of 9 ways I outline in my FREE Instagram Webinar. You don’t even need a credit card to make money!
  • MYTH #2 LOCATION – Many students think that because they live in some remote part of the world that Instagram won’t work for them. This is the one of the biggest misconceptions I hear regularly. Keep in mind I live in CANADA, I started and grew my ENTIRE 18+ Million Follower Instagram Network of over 30 accounts from CANADA.
  • MYTH #3 NEED MONEY, PRODUCT or SERVICE  – Just like I outline in my FREE Instagram Webinar and mentioned above, the most amazing thing about the web, social media and specifically Instagram, is that YOU DON’T NEED A PRODUCT, SERVICE OR BUSINESS in order to start making money on Instagram.  Instagram is a FREE APP with over 700 Million monthly active users. Using my strategies, I teach you STEP-BY-STEP how to reach these people all over the world to connect & network with, grow a following, and make money in the process! All you have to do is let me teach you EVERYTHING then put in a little daily effort! Another excuse I hear lots is “I don’t have money for shout outs or features to grow my account”. YOU DON’T NEED MONEY TO GROW YOUR ACCOUNT if you use all my tips, tricks & Instagram BEST PRACTICES! So many students get discouraged early because they are not growing by thousands of followers overnight, and they forget that making money on Instagram ISN’T A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME! You are learning how to create an Instagram account that leverages your passions, interests, hobbies to turn your Instagram play time into money making time.

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  • MYTH #4 NEED FOLLOWERS TO MAKE MONEY – The next biggest question I am asked is how many followers do I need to start making money. If you haven’t watched my FREE Wolf Millionaire Instagram Webinar then you need to stop reading this blog post and join in to learn. There are a handful of ways you can make money with Instagram and you don’t even need to have a single follower or even a Instagram account! Yes you heard me right. Watch my FREE Webinar and you will better understand how you don’t have to have as many followers as you think you do to start making money NOW! Make sure you also check out my latest blog post about Instagram Marketing Secrets that EVERYONE gets wrong. Everyone thinks they need to have thousands of followers to make money on Instagram. YOU DON’T!
  • MYTH #5 TAKES TOO MUCH TIME – Another lazy excuse I get from students who FAIL at making money on Instagram. It doesn’t take more than 1-2 hours a day consistently for you to set yourself up to start making money in a couple weeks or months (depending on your money making approach) if you follow all my STEP-BY-STEP strategies.  I even explain to you for free my Instagram Auto Posting Secrets (the only company I trust for auto posting) that free s up so much of my students and clients time! You need to get over the fact that you know nothing about Instagram even if you’ve been using Instagram for the last couple years.  If you actually knew what you were doing, you’d have more followers and be making sick money like I have. Ignorance is the #1 reason people fail in life. Educate yourself and put your EGO aside, learn from those who have succeeded and are humble enough to share their secrets to HELP YOU. Either listen, watch and read all the advice I provide or don’t. Either way I will keep making Instagram money while travelling the world, enjoying my brand new McLaren and Solid Gold Watch while providing for my Mother & Brother!

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I hope I have answered many of your Top Instagram Myths in this article. If you have a question drop me a DM on Instagram @Wolf_Millionaire and be patient as I get hundreds of messages every week, I do my best and I WILL ANSWER every DM!

Last chance if you still haven’t taken me up on my NEW FREE Instagram Webinar to learn all the amazing ways you could be making money with Instagram starting today instead of playing video games, watching TV or complaining about your life because at the end of the day, no one gives a shit about your excuses or if you make money in life. The world will always need people to take out the trash, clean toilets and serve rich people like me expensive drinks and fancy food.

YOU have to take the action in life if YOU want to see change. Im willing to teach you everything (while motivating you) if you let me!

Happy Instagramming!

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