Instagram Launches Video View Count

By February 23, 2016 March 29th, 2016 Instagram News


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Who wouldn’t want to know how many people are watching their videos? No one, that’s who. And the folks over at Instragram realized this when just over a week ago Instagram announced that it would be rolling out View Count on Instagram Videos.

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However, not everyone may be so lucky – yet. While in Miami last night, I saw this view count feature on both my iPhone and my Android. Now that I am back in Canada, I do not see this view count, so I’m assuming as usual it’s being rolled out in the larger countries first. Sorry, little guys – but at least someone else can be the guinea pig for the new features first.

Several months ago when I was filming my Advanced Training Guides ,I addressed and identified the huge opportunity that currently exists on Instagram with respect to posting videos.

Instagram has been consistently showcasing more and videos on their explore/discovery page during the last six months. I have seen many accounts that post videos skyrocket in user growth simply because of their focus on promoting Instagram videos, and that trend is not going to go anywhere soon.

Instagram has also introduced Hyperlapse & Boomerang, which further support its users creative abilities to create video or animated content.

If you’re all about living the fast life, then Hyperlapse is the feature for you – it features built-in stabilization technology for recording videos. Then, it lets you choose a playback speed from anywhere between 1x-12x, right in the Instagram app. The possibilities are endless – post a speedy video of your morning routine, walking your dog, a fast car – whatever you choose, it’s sure to add some energy to your day.

Boomerang is another surefire way to mesmerize your followers. Also available directly from the Instagram app, it’s the lovechild of a Gif and and a photograph. Take a photo burst, and Boomerang lets you play the photos forwards and backwards. The sky’s the limit on picture-taking opportunities, and the growth you can create from snapping some quality photos.

Hyperlapse, Boomerang, and the new video view count feature are all a huge peek into the immense power and opportunity that lies within posting videos on Instagram.  We already know how powerful short video clips are thanks to the short video giants that are Snapchat and Vine. Because of their success, Instagram wants to attract users from these other video focused social networks and post their videos on Instagram as well. Smart move, Instagram.

I took a bunch of screenshots below to show you the amount of views some of the videos I posted on my accounts get. I am not surprised to see the results. While these video posts usually get 50%-75% of my average number of likes my photos get on the same account, their view count is two to three times more than the average likes my photos get. This is great news, as it shows a slight hand that even if your photos get 20,000 likes, they are probably being viewed by at least two to three times that many people – so you’re three times more popular than you think. Which is never a bad thing.


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As you can see, views outweigh likes every time. It’s always valuable insight to be able to determine how many people are watching your videos – even if they might not hit that like button. Instagram (like Facebook) counts a single video view as three seconds of video watched by a user.  This data will no doubt help marketers and content producers better understand what video content drives more views. With this information, the quality of content being delivered on Instagram should increase as well.

It’s an exciting time in the world of Instagram. With new tools and tricks, your feed is going to be as interactive as ever. So get out there and start creating new, engaging content to impress your friends and attract new followers!

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