Instagram Launches Two Factor Authentication

By February 7, 2016 March 29th, 2016 Instagram News


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Download this printable cheat sheetto learn how to setup two factor authentication on iOS or android (same process).

Despite successfully testing this new feature last night when I first published this post, I literally just found a bug that has now resulted in me being locked out of my account using the Instagram App (ios & Android tested) and the Two Factor code being generated (on the account I enabled it on) is telling me Invalid Parameter (see below).  I can however log into my account via web browser and see it’s fine, but there is no option to disable the Instagram Two Factor Authentication from the web yet. So I was locked out of my account for an hour.  Luckily another one of my accounts had it’s password reset by Instagram (randomly happens) where I had the same telephone number setup and when I had to verify myself via sms (this is part of Instagram’s base feature now that you can’t turn off because it wants to verify if your a human). Once I successfully verified the account who’s password just was reset it then turned off the Two Factor Authentication on the account I was locked out of and sent me an email telling me Two Factor Authentication was disabled.  I was then able to login to the account I was locked out of. I’d hold off on using this new feature until Instagram has ironed this out.


Instagram is finally (not yet officially announced or working properly) rolling out Two Factor Authentication to the masses during the last couple days. Enabling this new Two Factor Authentication feature simply means that every time you log into Instagram, Instagram will send your mobile phone an SMS message with a new confirmation code to verify that it’s you logging in.

If you have not yet updated your Instagram app to Version 7.15.0 then I highly suggest you WAIT on setting Two Factor Authentication up until it’s been fully tested by Instagram. I have tested this functionality on both Android & iOS Instagram accounts.

Instagram has had some bizarre bugs, remember the Instagram iOS Caption “Follow Error” bug? Which was just only resolved a couple weeks ago!

It’s about time Instagram took it’s user accounts security seriously and rolled this feature out as a lifeline to secure our valuable accounts but we’re going to have to be a little patient until it’s completely bug proof so we don’t get locked out of our own accounts!

This is now the 5th layer of security we have available to keep our valuable Instagram accounts locked down! For the first 4 crucial security layers that you can easily setup go to and download my FREE 20 Page Instagram Guide that will walk you through all the essentials security setup steps and highlight apps and analytic programs to help you create a solid and attractive Instagram account that users will want to follow!

Instagram has been pressured by it’s users during the last year, due to the growing number of accounts being hacked coupled with Instagram’s slow response time at responding to it’s users hacked account submissions. I have seen some major accounts get hacked and it takes Instagram sometimes up to 3 weeks to respond and get the original owner back their account.

If you read my FREE 20 Page Instagram guide and setup your Instagram account using all of my methods, I can guarantee you that you will never get hacked and have to rely on Instagram’s slow response time to sort out your account being hacked.

NOTE:  (February 7, 2016 7pm ET) Depending on where you live in the world and where Instagram is rolling this update out region by region or if you have just created a brand new account, there is a chance that you will not see this Two Factor Authentication option even when using the most up to date 7.15.0 app version. I had created a new account yesterday and just tested it and I do not see the Two Factor Authentication anywhere in the options. Even after I connect my phone number in the edit profile screen. I also tried with an account I setup 3-4 weeks ago, and it also has it.


How To Setup Two Factor Authentication on iOS or Android (same process):



Learn To Grow Followers & Make Money: See our NEW Instagram Video Guides


Learn To Grow Followers & Make Money: See our NEW Instagram Video Guides



Don’t get caught with your pants down with hackers lurking everywhere on Instagram. Check back for when I have done more testing to ensure this works 100% of the time. Implementing these security strategies at your own risk. Once it’s fully operational I will let you know when it’s safe to use it to ensure your valuable Instagram account only ever gets accessed by you or your trusted team.




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