Instagram is Killing Snapchat

By December 21, 2016 January 12th, 2017 Instagram News
Instagram Killing Snapchat

Instagram is Killing Snapchat, I’ve said it several times before, and I’m going to say it again! Read below and you’ll see why you need to seriously learn to take Instagram seriously!

Instagram is Killing Snapchat! There is no question about it! Instagram has been constantly improving their “stories” feature ever since they introduced the Snapchat killing feature months ago which allowed users to post “stories” to their Instagram account just like you can in Snapchat.

This week Instagram announced to the wold that they just reached 600 MILLION MONTHLY ACTIVE USRES (MAU) this month. That is 100 MILLION more monthly Instagram users in just 6 MONTHS!!Instagram users outnumber Snapchat users five to one….. Yup Instagram is clearly KILLING SNAPCHAT.

Instagram Killing Snapchat Features

Instagram also announced more features TODAY proving that they are taking on and killing Snapchat with FULL FORCE!

Today they announced Stickers! Drawing Tools, ability to save your entire story to your camera roll & MOST IMPORTANT “HANDS FREE” Mode for creating Instagram Stories! See the image above! You can now put it in “HANDS FREE” Mode so you can record a story without having to keep your finger on the record button! I had a hack of using a Bluetooth remote to make this happen, but as usual Instagram is all over it! Do you like my new festive holiday sweater below?

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Instagram snapchat killer features

Now do you believe me that Instagram is the hottest Social Network out there? If the fact that Facebook bought Instagram didn’t convince you enough, then you really need to rethink and read up on what you know about Mark Zuckerberg’s success.

I recently taught you how Instagram Stories Mentions Makes More Money and explained how important of a money making feature this was. Overnight when this feature was launched, I could immediately see how I  was going to monetize my Instagram stories. Now all of a sudden I could easily reach my 18+ Million Instagram Followers and sell ads in my stories, as we now can link to Instagram accounts in our Stories!

This is another reason why Instagram is killing Snapchat because they still don’t have this feature! I have almost forgot about my Snapchat accounts because they are seeing less and less attention and growth from my follower base. The future is INSTAGRAM!

Instagram Stickers Feature

Weeks after that powerful Instagram feature was rolled out, Instagram hinted and showed us their new Instagram Shopping Feature that they are testing with select retailers! Snapchat doesn’t have a chance at the rate Instagram is rolling out features.

Just last week Instagram added MORE Snapchat killing features, the ability to LIKE a comment with a heart (just like in Facebook), reply quickly with a “reply” button in peoples comments, the ability to turn OFF comments for selective posts.

I told you all exactly 1 year ago that Instagram was just getting started. I also urged you if you were serious about turning your Instagram play time into money making time that you should take advantage of my FREE 20 Page Instagram guide to learn the basic tips, tricks & strategies that have helped tens of thousands of people. Thats right, my FREE guide alone will help you grow faster and get better engagement!

Even with Instagram’s latest changes you can see all the successful students that continue to grow their Instagram accounts, see the list below for some of my students killing it with their accounts in multiple niches and from all over the world! You are not seeing this kind of easy growth and money making success with any other Social Network out there, especially not Snapchat!

Make sure you read Part 1 of 3: Instagram Growth Story of this 3 part blog series which answers more questions about what has been going on with Instagram this year.

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Our ability to adjust and make money from Instagram as it continues to evolve and kill Snapchat is incredible because Instagram keeps rolling out amazing new features that we can make money using. Stay tuned for my Part 3 of 3 as my Christmas gift to you next week!

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Instagram Killing Snapchat Giveaway

Here is Instagram’s Growth Numbers below since they launched in 2010 so you can remember that SUCCESS doesn’t happen overnight. It took Instagram almost 6 years to really hit their stride as the HOTTEST SOCIAL NETWORK! Join my Wolf Pack and don’t get left behind on this incredible opportunity!

Oct. 6, 2010: Instagram founded
Dec. 21, 2010: 1 million users
Sept. 26, 2011: 10 million users
April 9, 2012: 30 million users
Nov. 6, 2012: 80 million users
Feb. 26, 2013: 100 million users
March 25, 2014: 200 million users
Dec. 10, 2014: 300 million users
Sept. 22, 2015: 400 million users
June 21, 2016: 500 million users
Dec. 15, 2016: 600 million users

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