Instagram Killing Facebook

Instagram is KILLING FACEBOOK! Wolf Millionaire highlights the latest data that shows TEENS are actually ditching Facebook and using Instagram WAY MORE!

Instagram is KILLING FACEBOOK! I’ve been saying this for the last 3+ years, and this recent study and movement among teens shows just how HOT Instagram continues to dominate as the WORLD’s HOTTEST Social Network!

If my Instagram vs Facebook Engagement article didn’t prove to you that Facebook is slowly dying, the hard data below will.

Yes it’s finally true, the data below doesn’t like, Instagram is killing Facebook!

The Instagram app is pretty clean without much clutter, it’s easy and quick to navigate, unlike Facebook which has a lot of things going on, all at the same time.

Instagram is used by everyone, more than 800+ Million Active monthly (MAU) users across the globe. In fact that number is probably closer to 1+ BILLION as Instagram has continued to GROW faster than any other network in the last 3+ years since last reporting that 800+ Million MAU.

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Instagram Killing Facebook: THE DATA

Theres no hiding our obsession with Instagram…. I don’t care what you say.

I’m addicted to using it to make money, YOU are probably addicted to it to waste time and day dream.

Who do you think is having more FUN WITH LIFE using Instagram?

Those using it to MAKE MONEY (like my students and I) OR everyone else who ISN’T making money but using the app so Instagram can make money off of YOU?

WE ALL check the app multiple times a day to get our quick fix and escape from our day to day reality while socializing and sharing our lives through pictures, videos and stories…. whens the last time you posted something to Facebook? I personally post to my personal page maybe once a month… Instagram I post everyday because I’m making money with Instagram!

As the charts below show, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat have all overtaken Facebook as “THE MOST POPULAR ONLINE PLATFORM”.

Instagram is Killing Facebook

All three are used by more teens, and all three are more likely to be identified by teens as the social media platform they use most often.

Does this mean YouTube is the new Facebook?

Not exactly. The study actually didn’t include YouTube in its earlier surveys because unlike Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter which are all fundamentally “social”, YouTube is mostly about passive consumption of content by it’s users.

TIP: STOP WASTING YOUR TIME WATCHING garbage content on YouTube and get to work building your own brand on Instagram, or even better launch yourself as an Instagram Influencer (like I have) or you’ll be a slave your entire life. I honestly can’t believe the shit content that exists on YouTube, but I’m even more blown away by how many of you WASTE hours watching this garbage from these degenerate YouTubers who create garbage clickbait content.. Social media has made SO MANY STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS….

TODAY, ONLY 51% of TEENS say they use Facebook. That’s a MASSIVE drop of use from 2015, when 71% said the same.

The even BIGGER DROP has been those who identify Facebook as their most-used social platform: from 41% in 2015 to just 10% TODAY.

The proof is in these NUMBERS! What more PROOF do you want?
In less than 2 YEARS, Facebook went from being 41% RELEVANT to 10% RELEVANT amongst TEENS using the platform.

THIS IS A MASSIVE SHIFT towards Instagram!



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