Instagram iOS Caption & Follow BUG

By December 27, 2015 July 31st, 2016 Instagram News

Instagram has been really SLOW at fixing an iOS BUG that affects users with iPhone/iPads/iPods when they click a username in your captions that has an UPPERCASE character.

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See the graphic above, if you are on an iOS device and you were to come across my post to “Follow @Wolf_Millionaire” where I have “W” and “M” in CAPITALS in my caption, and you clicked it, the actual @wolf_millionaire page wouldn’t allow you to follow me (assuming you weren’t already following me) you would see this “LOADING” button where the “Follow/Following” button normally is.

Make sure you are using all “lowercase” letters in your captions going forward. Doesn’t look like Instagram is too concerned with fixing this as it’s been an ongoing issue for a couple weeks now. I assumed they would have fixed a major bug like this with in a day or two.

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