How To Choose Instagram Influencers (To Drive Sales)

By November 4, 2018 Instagram News

Wolf Millionaire explains STEP-BY-STEP how to find the most targeted Instagram Influencers to help generate sales for your product or service.


Did you know that in 2019 Instagram Influencer advertising spending will be more than a $2 Billion Dollar Industry??

This industry has doubled since 2017 and it’s NOT slowing down!

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Now getting back to the topic at hand, 1 of the TOP 3 questions my clients always ask is “how do we find targeted Instagram Influencers to generate sales for our products or services”.

It’s absolutely vital you make an educated decision on who your influencers should be if you want your Instagram Influencer marketing efforts to pay off and drive sales!

I am going to walk you through this STEP-BY-STEP below just like I have in all my blog posts like my red hot Cannabis Instagram Guide For Marketers & Influencers (thanks you Canada for your recent Legalization of Marijuana) or my VIRAL MUST READ Two-Factor Instagram SECURITY – HOW TO SETUP Authenticator to ensure you NEVER GET HACKED!

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Why Use An Instagram Influencer?

Still not convince that you should be using an Instagram Influencer as part of your social media marketing strategy? Well heres some aspects to consider……

A recent study by Marketshare demonstrated that a 10% increase in word-of-mouth referrals translated to an increase in sales of up to 1.5%.

82% of consumers feel highly influenced by the recommendation of a Instagram mico-Influencer, it’s no wonder why Micro-Influencers Are So Valuable To Brands!

I told you all from the start, YOU DON’T NEED hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of Instagram followers to start marking money as an Influencer!

Niche Instagram influencers have up to 22 more conversations about products or services consumed compared to the average consumer.

Moreover, a study by Google highlighted how 70% of customers value a brand that engages with consumer passions and interests during advertising.

More than 70% of the worlds TOP brands are already using Instagram Influencer Marketing, so what are you waiting for?


The Journal of Consumer Research states we as consumers strongly value the opinions and actions of those we know… including people we follow for inspiration, fashion trends or education.

As savvy digital consumers, we now have hundreds of products and services to choose from.  Assurance from a trusted source is frequently a key factor to consider during our shopping.

Instagram Influencer campaigns have the ability to give your brand a voice that your target audience will be more likely to trust and show an affinity too.

Influencers give you access to a larger, and sometimes more niche audience.

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How To Find Targeted Instagram Influencers

If you want to increase your brand, product or service visibility with a highly targeted 18-35 year old audience you’re not going to want to miss using Instagram Influencers.

Instagram Influencers give brands a natural more organic way to engage and connect with their target audience, taking them on a journey to checkout with products via your e-commerce store.

The right influencers won’t just bring in business, but they will also transform how your audience engages and perceives your brand. BRANDING IS EVERYTHING in today’s consumer driven marketplace dominated by 18-35 year old demographics!

STEP 1: Know Your Product or Service

You must have an in depth & solid understanding of who actually buys your product or service. There can not be any grey about who buys your product. You should know the age, gender and geographic makeup of your sales if you want to truly succeed at Instagram Influencer marketing. Hopefully whether in store retail or online e-commerce (customer sales data analytics) you have an intricate knowledge of your customers.

There is absolutely NO USE for you to try and sell your product to a targeted audience who is NOT buying your product or service.

See my point about this in STEP below.

STEP 2: Know Your Targeted Instagram Influencer’s Audience.

Remember all those hot Instagram Famous Girls you know who claim to be “Fitness Models” who were all pushing that Skinny Tea bullshit?? They were pushing and marketing that product to the WRONG audience. Hundreds of thousands of wasted marketing dollars because the brand didn’t truly understand who were following these girls on Instagram.

I’ve worked with so many of these Female Influencers helping them make money with their accounts and they all have 80% MALE AUDIENCES, yet they are trying to push products (that should be targeted towards female audiences) while wondering why they aren’t converting sales for their advertising partners…

STEP 3: What Type of Influencer To Select?

With so many wanna-be Instagram Influencers out there and so many of them cheating with FAKE followers, and FAKE likes, FAKE COMMENTS it really takes an investment to look into each ones. Thankfully I have provided you with all these blog posts to help you weed out the FAKE Instagram Influencers.

You will have to decide if you want a single Instagram Influencer with a large following or a mix of smaller micro-influencers who collectively have a large following. Make sure you check out my article on why Micro Influencers Are Proving Most Valuable to Brands!


They both have their pro’s and cons including how much work to monitor and work with one versus several need to be taken into consideration.

I always suggest my clients dip their toes into Instagram Influencer marketing, starting with 2-3 small micro-influencers and working up to 6-10 to get enough data before deciding to go all in with a MEGA or Celebrity following Influencer.

STEP 4: Identify & Determine Influencers Of Interest

This part requires you to do some leg work, and the more time you spend watching, engaging and observing a potential Instagram Influencer will pay off. Search for Influencers who are posting, wearing or using products similar to whatever it is you are selling.

Take some time to look through who they are following, who they are engaging with as most true Influencers will work together commenting and liking and following each others daily posts. This is an easy way to see who is who by the way of association, it’s like going to a party/event/bar and observing all the different groups/cliques of people engaging with other.  Like minded people always tend to congregate while out socializing and even more so digitally on Instagram!


You want to make sure the Influencers you select to work with have their values & language aligned with your brands and more importantly have the geographic and demographic audience that you desire. Make sure you ask yourself: are they suitable for the brand? Are they within the budget? Will there be any conflicts of interest if brought on board?

There is no use working with an Instagram Influencer (no matter how big or small) that has a predominant Asian or European or Australian following if you are ONLY trying to target USA customers only. Make sure you always ask for screenshots of their Instagram Analytics Insights of follower geographies at a country level and user demographics before you even start discussing anything. This will save you lots of time!

While there are lots of online Influencer portals that group and report details/stats on Influencers, you are way better off finding them organically because this is how people organically discover Influencers they chose to follow! It will ensure you are getting the freshest most desirable Influencers to potentially work with.


Take your time and use these 4 Crucial Steps To Find Targeted Instagram Influencers To Grow Your Sales!


Happy Instagramming, Remember Instagramming with purpose does PAY WELL, I am living proof ever since I lost my job in 2013 and have been living life an Instagram Influencer & Educator!



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