My Top Instagram Hacking Answers

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Instagram Hacking Answers

Instagram hacking has more than DOUBLED since last year! Large Instagram accounts are worth LOTS of money right now as Instagram continues to dominate as the hottest & fastest growing social network!

You won’t find this personal observed statistic anywhere on the web, but is a clear insight into just how valuable Instagram accounts are once they grow a large following in every niche!  I’ve seen hacking happen to 10,000 follower accounts all the way up to 10+ million follower accounts! Let me teach YOU how to stay safe.

Checkout how I was FEATURED in LA WEEKLY: Hackers Are Holding Instagram Pages of Pot Businesses Hostage and High Times: Instagram Hackers Target Weed Business Accounts keeping Marijuana accounts safe.

I will teach you how to NEVER GET HACKED in this article, BUT you will have to follow my STEP-BY-STEP instructions!

Since then I have written the most complete and up-to-date Ultimate Instagram Cannabis Guide to keep your accounts safe from getting disabled by Instagram for violating their terms of use & community guidelines.

Since reaching the 1 BILLION monthly users in 2018 and continuing to grow as the fastest most important Social Network out there,  Instagram continues it’s domination & growth across the globe as the hottest and fastest growing social network out there! Thanks to it’s massive growth and the amount of time we all spend on it, everyone is wanting to advertise on it!

My students (featured below) and I continue to take full advantage of Instagram, while growing our own accounts and making money!

It’s a lot easier than you think and that is why hacking is on the increase!

Instagram Hacking Growth Curve

Instagram hacking has more than DOUBLED year over year which shows you just how valuable Instagram accounts are right now!

Instagram is the hottest social network and that is why my students and I continue to grow our accounts and make 6 figure incomes using my easy to follow STEP-BY-STEP InstaWealth Growth Strategies video guides that I pioneered a couple years ago for businesses, brands, Influencers, marketers and affiliate money makers!

You won’t hear too many accounts actually admitting to getting hacked because it’s embarrassing.  While working with thousands of Instagram account owners over the last 2+ years, my phone rings more and more every month with clients in all niches of Instagram asking me what to do once they’ve been hacked. Save this article & share it with your friends so that more people know what to do if they get hacked!

Below, I answer The Top Hacking Questions I get!

All I want to do is teach you all how to keep your Instagram accounts safe, even your personal ones with hundreds or thousands of followers.

Getting hacked is stressful, and you won’t believe what hackers are doing with your account once they have access to it!

Due to increased Instagram hacking happening to more and more users whether, Personal, Influencer or Business,  I provided the Instagram community with “What To Do If Your Instagram Account Gets Hacked“.

Make sure you read that very important hacking article as it is the foundation of ensuring that you keep your Instagram accounts safe from hacking. It’s also one of my most popular posts because Instagram hacking is happening more and more AND believe it or not it happens to EVERYONE who has an attractive account, or large following. Yes…. Even I have been hacked and lived to tell about it!

I have been Hacked, What do I do?

Due to popular demand, I will walk you through this again. First off in order to reduce your chances to zero of getting hacked make sure your following ALL my updated security strategies in my InstaWealth Growth System. It’s a small price to pay and will save you all these headaches of getting hacked in the first place.

If you’ve been hacked just remain calm. The first thing you need to do is check the inbox of the email address that your hacked account was using.

There should be an email from Instagram confirming that you’ve changed your email.

Find that email and look at the very bottom in the fine print. You will see “If you didn’t change your Instagram email address LET US KNOW” it will revert your account back to the original email address and kick the hacker out of your account.

If you don’t have this email try doing a password reset immediately to see if you can reset the password to your original email account.

If you don’t get this email and you can’t reset your password then you now have to report your account as being hacked to Instagram.

READ THIS ARTICLE NOW – INSTAGRAM MADE A BIG CHANGE: What To Do If Your Instagram Account Gets Hacked

You can also avoid all this heart ache by going to and enter your email address and we’ll send you an email with a link to my FREE 35 page Instagram Guide which will walk you through some the basic security measure you need to implement NOW to make your Instagram account HACKER PROOF!

Instagram Hacking – WHY?

As I mentioned above, Instagram now has over 500 Million Daily Active users! That is a crazy number of USERS simply looking at photos & videos that we all post on Instagram. With this massive number of users all using Instagram, also comes BIG MONEY from large Instagram accounts (10,000 followers to millions) in every niche who make BIG MONEY selling advertising posts on their accounts to promote products, services and others who want to grow their accounts.

There is a BILLION dollar money making industry on Instagram, where people with lots of followers sell advertising to big & small companies who want to reach their follower audiences.  Recently Instagram launched & introduced their own Advertising Platform (which is connected to Facebook) for advertisers to use to “Promote Their Posts” (so Instagram can make this money instead of us).

The NEW Instagram Advertising platform is actually 5x-10x more expensive for people to use instead of paying a large account in their niche of interest to deliver an advertisement on their behalf.

Not only is it more expensive, but people who use Instagram Advertising Platform, their ads are delivered as “sponsored posts” in people feeds, which all of us Instagram users can’t stand.  Unlike when an ad is delivered as a post on a major account, it’s more targeted and reaches people from that account and not a “sponsored post” in your feed.

So as you can imagine there is more money out there waiting to be spent than actual Instagram accounts with followers in all these niches available to promote these companies!  This is why I teach people how to grow accounts and make money using Instagram, just like I have been doing ever since I lost my job 3 years ago.

With all this being said you can now see why hacking Instagram accounts is on the rise. Hackers want to take over your account, and either charge new advertisers money to deliver ads, or even SELL YOUR ACCOUNT, which is usually the case from what I keep seeing.

How Does Instagram Hacking Happen?

Here are the most common ways people lose their Instagram accounts to hacking:

  1. Weak Password, please make sure the password you have setup for Instagram is unique and strong and do not ever share this password with anyone for any reason. If you do, I guarantee you, you will get hacked at some point. Hackers use brute force scripts to hammer away guessing your Instagram password and if you don’t have a strong and unique password it’s only a matter of weeks or months until they guess it with their programs.  Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long, uses UPPERCASE, lowercase and special characters like @#$%^&. Write this password down on paper and don’t store it anywhere in your email or on your computer.
  2. Phishing Scams. This is a scam where a hacker will email you from an email that looks very closely like it’s coming from Instagram where they urge you to CLICK on a LINK in the email to secure your account before Instagram disables your account. Everything about the email looks like it’s coming from Instagram. In my InstaWealth Growth System, I show you what these emails look like, and how you can check to make sure if it’s actually coming from Instagram or a hacker!
  3. Signing Up For Fake Instagram Programs. Don’t ever give your Instagram account username & password to another website on the web. I know there are several very legitimate applications that will show you statistics about your account, but to be honest, now that Instagram has released ‘Instagram Insights’ on our accounts, there really isn’t a major need to signup for another 3rd party analytics program. There hundreds of Instagram websites out there (here is one to show you what an ONLINE INSTAGRAM SCAM SITE LOOKS LIKE: – yes I have several people who fell victim) claiming to show you more “in depth analytics” about your account, tempting you with the ability to see “who’s looking at your account” or what “celebrities have looked at your account”.  See the image below. All these websites make it look like you are logging in to Instagram (it literally looks like you are logging into Instagram) but when you do give them your username and password, you are giving hackers your information who will then log in and change your password and steal your informaiton.
  4. Telecom/Mobile Phone Hacking. Hackers will get a little information about you (very easy with Facebook, Google and sloppy digital behaviors on your part), call your telecom/mobile provide, and then pass all the easy security questions that are asked, then switch your SIM to their phone and then do a SMS reset on your Instagram account. Sneaky isn’t it? The only way to prevent this from happening is to call your mobile provider and have them setup 5-10 security questions that ONLY YOU KNOW IN YOUR HEAD, which they will need to ask you every time you want to make a change in your account. This is the only WAY TO STOP THIS back door that hackers are using more and more!

Instagram Scam Hacking

How To Prevent Instagram Hacking

Want to learn everything I know about Instagram and making sure that your safe from hacking? But you’re simply too cheap to spend $497 on my full InstaWealth Growth System course? If you are too cheap to invest in learning the skills to easily and quickly kick start your Instagram money growth & making machine AND KEEP IT SAFE FROM HACKING, then I seriously question your real interest in taking advantage of the Instagram opportunity that will be raging for the next 5-7 years easily. More money for my students and I.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Instagram recently (OCT 2018) provided us with Two-Factor (NON-SMS) Instagram Security!

If you follow my STEP-BY-STEP guide to properly use this NEW Two-Factor Instagram feature you will NEVER GET HACKED!

Just remember to follow all my STEP-BY-STEP instructions!


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Half ass interested students need not apply!

Happy Instagramming ✌️

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