Instagram Hack: How to Post 10 Minute Instagram Videos

By June 22, 2017 July 4th, 2017 Instagram News
Instagram Hack

This Instagram Hack is just another special super power of Wolf Millionaire. This Instagram Hack is cool because it allows you to post 10 minute videos on Instagram!

Instagram Hack…..Number what now 2… 3…?  I have so many of them….. Some I haven’t even released yet…. I knew about this one for over a month now when I first tested it to verify my initial theory if it could be done. I spend so much time on Instagram so it’s only natural that I find these little easter egg work arounds to suit my needs before anyone else on the planet. Gone are the days where you can only post 60 second videos

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Instagram Hack

Make sure you check out my popular Instagram Galleries Save Drafts Hack which I had to creatively figure out so I could be more efficient and have my gallery posts ready to post at specific times before hand so I wasn’t wasting time scrambling to setup a gallery post for my clients. Instagram still doesn’t support or offer a SAVE DRAFTS option for their Gallery feature. They will eventually, mark my words, just another Instagram Features I Predicted Come True!


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Instagram Hack: How to Post 10 Minute Instagram Videos

So here is the simple reality and thought process that led me to this hack. It’s so simple, you might think “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?”. This is the reason why I am the real tried, tested and true Wolf Of Instagram. The Guru of all Instagram Guru’s who has been providing YOU with FREE BLOG tips, tricks & strategies to keep you SAFE and in the KNOW when it comes to everything Instagram. You can see the first TEST GALLERY I did with 10 videos at 60 seconds a piece here: MadWhips 10 Minute Instagram Gallery Videos be patient and make sure you have a good WiFi or LTE mobile signal when uploading.

Start to take advantage of this new Instagram Hack and DM me a link to your own 10 Minute Instagram gallery hack and I will feature some of the most creative students posts in this blog and an upcoming featured blog post to help show the world who’s been studying all my TIPS, TRICKS & STRATEGIES to grow their followers, engagement and most importantly having fun making money with their Instagram accounts!

Remember LIFE, like social media isn’t a RACE, slow and steady without cheating is the way to become successful!

Wolf Millionaire Instagram Success

Happy Instagramming!

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