Instagram Growth Story Explained – Part 1

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How To Make Money On Instagram

What is the story with Instagram during the last 6 months. For the first time ever, I am going to explain it all. This information has never been revealed by anyone on the Internet. This is a FREE gift from me to you, and is all thanks to over 10,000+ hours I have spent posting, testing & analyzing Instagram over the last 2+ years.

If you’ve been following my Instagram success story (18+ million Instagram followers + earning 6 figures/year), and have been teaching via  www.WolfMillionaire.comInstagram, YouTubeTwitter, Facebook you will know that I LOVE competition + TRANSPARENCY! It not only drives those competing to bring their A game, but it also weeds out the weak, the liars and the fakers! PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I AM ABOUT TO TELL YOU! Yes the graph above is the graph of my Instagram success going from 1 account with 700 followers to over 30+ accounts and 18+ REAL Instagram Followers!

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In order to fully appreciate the solid understanding I have with respect to Instagram that I bring to my CLIENTS & TEACH TO MY STUDENTS, I must disclose that I have a Systems & Computing Engineering Honours Degree from one of the top Universities in Canada.  I’m a 39 year old bona-fide self taught computer geek with over 12 years of rockstar performance in corporate sales & marketing roles for Microsoft & DuPont. You can find my professional track record and full resume on LinkedIn.

Unfortunately we can’t say the same about 99% of the other people claiming they are some “guru” or “self made” or have the ability to make you rich with little to no work. Sorry but the world doesn’t work like this, it never has. This is the delusion that most marketing experts use to fool you into thinking they have the answer to your money woes in life. The absolute truth of the matter is: Following your passions coupled with a your honest effort and consistent hard work is what is behind anyone who is truly a self made entrepreneur in their field of excellence.  Let me walk you through my life and how I have become so successful and financially free using Instagram. There is no smoke and mirrors, you can verify everything I have ever said. The Internet is a wonderful place to find the TRUTH about everyone and anyone if you want to put in a little time and effort using Google 🙂

What is MY STORY?

In a nutshell, I had very strict parents who instilled old school family values and work ethics which enabled me to succeed at pretty much everything along my path in life. I did have to work hard, nothing came easy to me like some of my gifted friends. All my parents wanted was for me to get a good education and be more successful than they were. Here is my About Anthony Carbone page, something that usually doesn’t exist with other people trying to sell you a smoke filled pie in the sky easy money making dream.

In high school, I wasn’t allowed out of the house until the end of grade 10 when my father started to get ill.  I spent the first 2 years in high school trying to fit in with the cool kids, excelling at VolleyBall & BasketBall and most importantly being a major geek (which at the time wasn’t something I bragged about). I grew up with dial up modems (from 2400-56.6k) and was lucky enough to have my own phone line which I used to host my own BBS, spending hours on IRC and killing weekend hours playing Doom, Falcon 3.0 and of course Warcraft. I was one of the first users of Hotmail & ICQ and napster. Yes I have major old school computer geek roots.  I must say, I do love dressing in designer clothes sitting in my brand new McLaren wearing a Solid Gold Rolex. HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF! I guess computer geeks (like Bill Gates) really do get the last laughs in this digital world we live in!

Wolf Millionaire McLaren Story

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9 Months before heading to University I lost the most amazing man in the world; my father.  I spent the following 5 years getting my a$$ handed to me semester after semester learning Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Programming, Data Analysis & Robotics. I am a DATA NINJA. I wasn’t joking when I said I always wanted to be a Rocket Scientist, however due to my lust for life I fell a couple courses short & somehow ended up with an Engineering Degree with Honours instead 🙂  I also have a 12 year corporate rockstar track record,  I’ve excelled in business intelligence roles (completing several successful Green Belt projects for fun), out performed senior sales reps (from Paint to Plastics), and developed global e-marketing strategies at the B2B and B2C level for multiple business units.

After loosing my job (3 years ago) for the first time in my life, I grew my Instagram Empire to 5.2 Million Followers from my couch in my first year as a solo entrepreneur. I leveraged my massive Instagram following to relaunch (iOS & Android) helping thousands of amateur & professional photographers around the world grow their own Instagram following by featuring their photos on my Instagram network that they uploaded to  My MadWhips Instagram empire posts more than 225 photos PER DAY on Instagram! All photos are sourced directly from

I applied and was accepted into the DMZ Business Incubator which is recognized as #1 University Business Incubator in North America at Ryerson University in the heart of downtown Toronto and have since hired over 18 University & College Co-Op Students for a role that didn’t exist 2 years ago! I employ 7 Co-Op Students every semester who run and manage as Social Media & Community Managers as well as my 30+ Instagram accounts with more than 18+ Million REAL followers!  There is no better feeling than being able to hire students semester after semester!


Stay tuned to this blog, because in the upcoming 2 articles, for the first time ever, I am going to outline & teach you in detail everything that has been going on with Instagram’s Growth Story during the last 2+ years, because after all I am The Wolf Of Instagram and this is my domain of expertise!

Not only have I logged over 10,000 hours practicing on Instagram while posting more than 10,000 photos & videos testing, testing and testing. But I continually push myself to learn everyday at a faster pace than I did yesterday. It’s exhausting, but look what I have achieved because of it.  I am a prime example that hard work while following your passions ultimately lead to success.  For me, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION nor has it ever been in my life. There is nothing stopping YOU from achieving this level of success on Instagram if you REALLY WANT IT.  The weak willed need not apply.

Since launching the Wolf Millionaire brand less than 1 year ago, I’ve been featured in the following publications off the top of my head:,,,,,

The name Wolf Millionaire stems from the fact that one of my top students was being dubbed “The Wolf Of Instagram” by several major news outlets, little did they know Tim was simply following my strategies and continues to dominate the Instagram marketing channel because of them.

I told everyone from the beginning that if they were serious, I would teach them EVERYTHING I KNOW, STEP-BY-STEP. Those who signed up back in December 2015 when I launched Wolf Millionaire, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE KILLING IT all thanks to following your GUT with this Instagram opportunity and MOST IMPORTANTLY TRUSTING MY STRATEGIES!!

There is no better feeling than to successfully TEACH Wolf Millionaire students month after month and see them succeed following their passions, growing their accounts and making money just like I am!

Some of my most successful students who started from scratch continue to KILL IT: votrends, royalwhips, luxuryspotlight, clubjetset, foodistsocial,, definingluxury, amazingmotors247, tourtheplanetamazeperformance, pupsandpjs, yachts_only, astormtrooperaday, mensluxuryx and hundreds more!

My strategies have even helped established pages that have been around longer than me make MORE MONEY: carlifestyle, theglobewanderer, hairstylesmenn to name a few!

Sillicon Valley Story


(that have all come true in the last 10 months….)

1. I predicted Instagram revoking API access from 3rd party apps like CrowdFire/LikestaGram that automated FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW & LIKES/COMMENTS which had been the cornerstone strategy for OTHERS pretending to teach Instagram strategies (LOL)

2. I predicted Instagram Stories functionality while evaluating Snapchat vs Instagram and teaching my students that they should be leveraging their Instagram account to grow their SnapChat accounts in my InstaWealth Growth System.

3. I predicted the Instagram Save Drafts functionality (and provided a valuable hack before it was released).

4. I predicted FAKE FOLLOWERS & FAKE LIKES on many large Instagram accounts months before Instagram Deletes FRAUD Accounts on September 3rd, 2016. Make sure you check that post out which will show you the proof, some accounts lost 400,000+ followers overnight! I love exposing fake accounts on Instagram as they ALL deserve to be called out for ripping off students and clients with their shady operations.

5. I predicted this major shift in Instagram growth we are experiencing this year.  You won’t want to miss how my students and I getting around this major Instagram change. It’s so easy if you follow all my step-by-step instructions!

6. I predicted that Instagram would implement a “BOOST / PROMOTE” function to promote your posts by paying Instagram Directly in my InstaWealth Growth System videos which I launched December 2015!.

NOT BAD right!?!? I guess you can say I know WTF I am talking about when it comes to EVERYTHING INSTAGRAM 🙂

Anyone who’s ever said anything remotely educated about the state of Instagram this year, has learned it directly from my teaching which haven’t changed since I launched all my InstaWealth Growth System in December 2015.

Content is STILL KING and playing by Instagram Best Practice Rules is essential!  I have used my technical/engineering education to analyze and reverse engineer everything that is Instagram, I essentially have earned myself a self taught PHD in Instagramming.

Wolf Millionaire McLaren Sunset Story

My next article: What is going on with Instagram – Part 2 of 3

I will release the 3 Most Frequent Asked Questions for the first time ever to the public.

Question 1: What is going on with Instagram lately?

Question 2: Why am I growing less than I was 6 months ago?

Question 3: Why do I get less likes than I used to get?

I will be going in depth with my most revealing analysis of Instagram and over 50 Instagram accounts in order to teach you everything! You won’t want to miss what I am going to reveal for the first time ever!

If you’re new to Wolf Millionaire, make sure you go to and signup for my FREE 20 Page Instagram guide, filled with tips, tricks & strategies you can implement right now to sharpen the look of your Instagram account, grow faster and get better engagement immediately!  There is NO catch, NO SCAM, no PONZI scheme, I don’t ask for a credit card to try out my strategies for a $1 dollar like some bullshit amateur trying to take advantage of you. It’s simply a FREE 20 page guide for you to read that will explain more about me and teach you some new Instagram strategies you can use right away to see immediate improvement so you can get better at using Instagram on your own 🙂 Make sure you go check out my Wolf Millionaire YouTube Channel for more free video guides!

Want to see WHO my strategies have helped? Make sure you check out more of my successful InstaWealth Growth System students for yourself and DM these students if you think that this is all fake, they are all simply following their passions in a multitude of niches: Exotic Cars, Food Lover, Airline Pilot, World Traveler InfluencerComics & BatmanPrivate Jet Enthousiast, MensWear Outfits, Stormtroopers, Steph Curry Basketball…. the list goes on and on every week I highlight more students growth and success.

Do you have the strength and will power to join me along the path of financial freedom? All it takes is a little daily effort from you if you want to be living the same kind of life I have created for myself simply by using a free app called Instagram on my mobile phone! Lets turn your play time into money making time!

Want to learn more but are simply too cheap to spend $497 on my full InstaWealth Growth System course? If you are too cheap to invest in learning the skills to easily and quickly start your Instagram growth money making machine, then I seriously question your real interest in taking advantage of the hottest social media opportunity that will be printing money for my students and I for the next 5-7 years. Keep telling yourself that it’s not possible and this is all a scam…. I continue to make more and more money every month despite Instagram changing their feed algorithm that everyone was so fearful of. What are you waiting for? The sooner you start the sooner you will be able to grow an account and make money on it in order to travel and buy things you’ve always wanted too for you and your loved ones!

One more very important thing, because I hate hearing stories of people loosing their money. Lots of people are trying to sucker you into joining their “How I make $10k a month” from Instagram programs.  If you are making that much money I expect you to prove it. If you can’t prove it, you are talking trash. Unlike others I’ve done exactly that by showcasing the money I have been saving up; from my first pictures this year with only $30,000-$40,000 dollars in cash, to buying a Brand New McLaren, a Brand new Solid Gold Rolex and a $20,000 designer sneaker collection ALL with the money I am making from Instagram. Checkout my latest cash pictures, I almost have $100,000 USD cash which I love to play with…. To all the other fakers and bullshitters out there….. Wheres all the cool stuff your buying with your $10,000 a month profits from your 100,000 follower Instagram account, why can’t I find anything about the programs or the people behind them that claim to have gotten them so rich….. It doesn’t exist because their get rich quick schemes are simply an MLM scam. Be careful out there! Question everything and Google the founders and people behind all these bullshit get rich quick schemes!

Looking forward to seeing you succeed like all my other #WolfPack students!

Happy Instagramming!

Anthony Carbone Wolf Millionaire & His McLaren

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