Instagram Growth Questions – Part 2

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Instagram Growth Questions

Wolf Millionaire answers these TOP 3 important questions his STUDENTS & CLIENTS have been asking during the last last 6 months. This is the first time I am publicly releasing these top answers as a gift to my followers!

Wolf Millionaire McLaren Questions

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Question 1: Whats the story with Instagram?

Here is the first of several questions I continue to get everyday: What is going on with Instagram lately? In short the answers to these top questions all remains the same “Instagram is growing rapidly and adjusting the playing field” because Instagram wants companies to pay them and NOT big accounts like me to advertise on Instagram. Instagram has been growing so rapidly and the increase of content they have have being delivered daily is growing at a faster and faster rate! Instagram is delivering more content to it’s users which is ultimately resulting in less GROWTH & LIKES on our posts.  These changes however doesn’t actually affect me or any other accounts who are looking to make money by promoting (yours or other peoples) products, services or affiliate programs on their accounts.  Instagram has levelled the playing and we are almost all being affected the same way.

Make sure you read Part 1 of 3: Instagram Growth Story of this 3 part blog series which answers more questions about what has been going on with Instagram this year.

This doesn’t even affect YOU if YOU are following my step-by-step Instagram Money Making Strategies because Instagram constantly needs new accounts to be created daily in order to keep feeding hot content in under serviced niches to their fast growing 500+ Million Daily Active Users! This is why Instagram is still the hottest opportunity for you to GROW an account that you are passionate about and monetize it using my Instagram strategies! It is still very easy for NEW accounts to grow followers in any niche! Let me teach you how! I’ve explained how Instagram is equivalent to how blogs exploded over 10 years ago. You could simply create a blog on the web in any niche, and just post high quality consistent content and within 2 years you were making an easy 6 figures simply by blogging a couple times a week in an area you were passionate about!

Download a PDF version of this post.

I have also recently answered many  FACTS & MYTH questions in detail, regarding How To Make Money On Instagram, make sure you read it so you can learn all the ways YOU can make money from your passions. It’s really simple once you understand all the basics that I explain in very easy to understand examples using my successful students as examples. You can see exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it to make money with their accounts! It’s amazing, I am SO PROUD OF THEM!

Just like every other Social Network that has gone from ZERO to hundreds of millions users before it (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc), we have all seen wild ups and downs from ALL accounts on these platforms over the last 5-7 years. Instagram is NO different, however we have all been spoiled by the INSANE growth & engagements we have all experienced on Instagram during the last couple years due to the simple photo & video centric nature of Instagram. People spend hours a day on their phones simply looking at photos & video’s on Instagram and I am going to teach you how to make money off these people, just like my students and I have been doing for the last 2+ years.

Wolf Millionaire Money

Keep your money making Instagram safe by reading my Top Instagram Hacking Answers! You will be shocked to learn how people are getting hacked and how you can implement my strategies to keep your account hacker proof!

TESTING, TESTING, TESTING…123….. HERE’S THE RESULTS: I have done extensive testing with my accounts, many of my big brand clients with products in all niches.  Instagram has been delivering less growth & engagements per post since April 2016, we’ve all noticed this, which has resulted in a rollercoaster ride for all us large dominating accounts. This year all of us with large 1+ Million Instagram accounts that have been around for 2-3 years saw weeks where our growth & engagement were slammed down to 50%-75% of what we were used to during the last 3+ years. We saw weeks where the engagement and growth went back to normal, and as of right now and the last couple months, we are seeing about 25%-35% less LIKES/COMMENTS on our posts and  75%-90% decrease in the organic growth that MAJOR ACCOUNTS used to experience.

While the Instagram fireworks might seem to be over, the music is still playing and the Instagram party is just getting started!  This is where everyone who isn’t following my strategies and reading these articles to learn what is going on will give up and quit! Trust me, this is where you want to dig in and start growing an account if you missed the opportunity during the last 2-3 years!

If you put in 100% of an effort with 1-2 hours a day and implement all my InstaWealth Growth System you will become part of my successful Instagram Wolf Pack; the 1% of people turning their Instagram play time into money making time!


(that have all come true in the last 10 months….)

1. I predicted Instagram revoking API access from 3rd party apps like CrowdFire/LikestaGram that automated FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW & LIKES/COMMENTS which had been the cornerstone strategy for OTHERS pretending to teach Instagram strategies (LOL)

2. I predicted Instagram Stories functionality while evaluating Snapchat vs Instagram and teaching my students that they should be leveraging their Instagram account to grow their SnapChat accounts in my InstaWealth Growth System.

3. I predicted the Instagram Save Drafts functionality (and provided a valuable hack before it was released).

4. I predicted FAKE FOLLOWERS & FAKE LIKES on many large Instagram accounts months before Instagram Deletes FRAUD Accounts on September 3rd, 2016. Make sure you check that post out which will show you the proof, some accounts lost 400,000+ followers overnight! I love exposing fake accounts on Instagram as they ALL deserve to be called out for ripping off students and clients with their shady operations.

5. I predicted this major shift in Instagram growth we are experiencing this year.  You won’t want to miss how my students and I getting around this major Instagram change. It’s so easy if you follow all my step-by-step instructions!

6. I predicted that Instagram would implement a “BOOST / PROMOTE” function to promote your posts by paying Instagram Directly in my InstaWealth Growth System videos which I launched December 2015!.

NOT BAD right!?!? I guess you can say I know WTF I am talking about when it comes to EVERYTHING INSTAGRAM!

Anyone who’s ever said anything remotely educated about the state of Instagram this year, has learned it directly from my teaching which haven’t changed since I launched all my InstaWealth Growth System in December 2015.  Content is STILL KING and playing by Instagram Best Practice Rules is essential!  I have used my technical/engineering education to analyze and reverse engineer everything that is Instagram, I essentially have earned myself a self taught PHD in Instagramming.

Question 2: Why is my Instagram growth flat?

Instagram Growth Is Flat

The next most common questions I get is around our account growth: Why am I growing WAY less than I was 6-8 months ago? Well as I briefly explained above, and will provide a full analysis in my 3rd and final post in this 3 part blog series next week,  Instagram continues to change how it delivers our content to our followers and more importantly the discover/explore page.

It’s really that simple and complicated at the same time.  I realize that this is an unacceptable answer coming from the Wolf of Instagram, but it’s a rather complex yet simple matter of why we are finding less explosive growth than we have all been used to. I will briefly explain today, but stay tuned for my final post next week where I will explore and answer all the technical questions by analyzing and showing you data from more than 50 accounts in several major niches.

We have to analyze at the data in order to explain & teach you that it’s NOT just you experiencing flat growth. It’s affecting everyone who’s been around for 2-3 years with a major following from 50,000 followers to 5 million followers.  Remember, this is actually GOOD news if you just started an account this year following my strategies, or interested to start my InstaWealth Growth System NOW to start taking this Instagram opportunity seriously!

First and foremost, we need to take a step back and answer some questions honestly about our own Instagram accounts that are experiencing a flat growth curve. Do you run a specific niche account? Do you run a niche business page? Do you cater to males or females? Does your account target a certain geography based on where you live and what time you post? Does your niche attract a certain age group?  Have you been killing it on Instagram and making a high 6 figures by posting ad after ad like I have been to completely monetize my top accounts?

Make Money on Instagram Questions

We have to really be honest with ourselves answering these very important and relevant questions about what we have been doing with our Instagram account before we can truly understand why we all aren’t growing as crazy as we have been used during the last 2-3 years!

While Instagram rapidly GREW in popularity from 100 Million active daily users to 500 Million active daily users during the last 3+ years, there was MORE PEOPLE using the app than content being posted to Instagram.  So if you had a CAR, TRAVEL, QUOTE, LUXURY, FASHION etc account and were posting consistently EVERY SINGLE DAY, Instagram would reward and deliver your posts to the discover and explore page post after post.  It really didn’t matter if you had an Instagram account for your business or personal account, nor did it matter what niche you were in, if you were posting half decent content consistently and daily you were growing because there wasn’t lots of competition on Instagram.

In my Part 1: Instagram Growth Story, I explained how my Instagram network of 30+ accounts with 18+ million Instagram followers went from growing at more than 1 Million Instagram followers a month down to 250,000+ followers a month during the last 6 months (see graph below) because of the sheer number of more people posting exotic car photos on Instagram not to mention how hard I have been raping Instagram making money hand over fist, which I am sure Instagram has penalized me for! But it doesn’t matter as I am still making a very healthy $250,000 annual salary thanks to my Instagram strategies! You can see in the graph below which is the SUM of all my 30+ instagram accounts grew rapidly in 2014, and even more so in 2015, then as of 2016 much much less overall growth, but still growing even today, just slower like everyone else.

Wolf Millionaire Instagram Network

The more people that joined Instagram and learned how to grow their Instagram account while making money selling advertising on it, the more content was getting posted and distributed by Instagram, which ultimately led us to have MORE COMPETITION.  More content from other people posting photos & videos on Instagram, means less time your posts are getting on the discover/explore page, which ultimately results in less growth and engagement because now all these users have more pages to chose from when considering WHO to FOLLOW! This is why it’s so important to lean how to create and curate the hottest VIRAL content to stand out from everyone else on Instagram. Let me teach you WHERE to find the hottest most VIRAL content for you to use in order to maximize your ability to grow on Instagram! 

Remember, COMPETITION is HEALTHY, it’s weeds out the WEAK, while helping NEW students following my Instagram strategies grow faster every month!  I’ve heard from thousands of people who are all giving up on Instagram because “it’s too hard to grow their accounts” during the last 6-8 months. Many people are still asking me questions “Do you think Instagram is still a good opportunity to make money”.  My answer continues to be “HELL YES!!” and my students are proving it month after month! All my students who put in an honest effort with 1-2 hours a day following all my Instagram strategies are still continuing to grow their accounts and make money! Some of my students are even growing faster than some of my largest accounts which I will explain in detail in my next post! I am SO PROUD OF ALL MY SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS. Make sure you read all my successful student testimonials I post on my Wolf Millionaire Instagram account!

Remember, you only need to spend 1-2 hours a day MAX to see the results all my TOP STUDENTS are seeing in multiple niches!  But like everything in life, you aren’t going to achieve Instagram fame over night! On average it takes my students 2-3 months to really hit their growth stride and start to see $200-$500 a month of revenue come in, those who stick with it 6 months usually have 100,000-500,000 followers and are making $5,000-$7500 a month from their accounts! INCREDIBLE!

Instagram has definitely placed a higher ranking on NEW INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS who’ve never posted ad after ad after ad like all of us major accounts in the 1-5 million follower accounts have been doing for the last 2-3 years because Instagram knows how much money we are making, and Instagram isn’t getting any of it!

Instagram wants smaller accounts to continue to prosper and grow (especially if they are following all the best practices which I teach step-by-step) because if they made it too hard for NEW accounts to grow, no one would be giving their time to create NEW accounts and post content on Instagram, and after all, Instagram wouldn’t exist without all of us accounts posting content daily because they wouldn’t have new content to deliver to the explore page to keep new users addicted and downloading and using their app.

It’s still very easy to grow an Instagram account from SCRATCH leveraging and using all my Instagram Strategies! My students in every niche are are living proof that my tips, tricks, strategies and best practices coupled with KEEPING CONTENT KING, still results in growing accounts in any niche VERY FAST (like 1k-5k followers per DAY!) if you are willing to put your full efforts in every day.

I continue to grow my Wolf Millionaire Instagram account every day by CREATING my own CONTENT simply using my iPhone and Android phone cameras, I am also only posting 1 photo a day and following ALL my Instagram strategies right in front of your eyes. I even answers many questions in the comments when I engage with students or interested followers! My account is almost at 300,000 followers in less than 1 year. Not bad for not using any of those 3rd party automated programs that I predicted Instagram would ban 😉

Wolf Millionaire Lifestyle

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Question 3: Dude, wheres all my LIKES?

The final most common questions I get from students & clients is: Why do I get less likes than I used to get? The answer to this question is partially explained above.  Because there is MORE and MORE photos & videos’ being posted on Instagram than there was a year or two ago, Instagram wants to promote more people so everyone gets a taste of growing their Instagram account.

Your photos & videos are going to be delivered to the discover/explore page less frequently and for less time, thus generating LESS LIKES and ultimately LESS GROWTH.  These were some of top questions I answered in detail when I updated my InstaWealth Growth System this year addressing the questions of how many posts should be posted a day and how frequently. It’s an art and a science as I explained in my step-by-step video guides.

Remember, more accounts on Instagram also mean that the average person is following more accounts in your niche, so they have more photos and videos in their feed to award their likes & comment and attention to, this is why it’s so important to remember that CONTENT IS KING.  Just remember, it’s not just YOUR account experiencing LESS LIKES and less growth, ITS EVERYONE across EVERY NICE, especially older larger accounts who have been making money hand over fist without Instagram getting a piece of the pie! So you really have to make every post count in order to keep growing your account and getting a great engagement of likes & comments!


I’ve grown my Wolf_Millionaire Instagram account in front of everyones eyes this year following all the strategies that are in my InstaWealth Growth System: 22+ hours and over 80 episodes all online walking you through everything  STEP-BY-STEP. My follower growth chart is above and you can monitor my daily growth on

I started the account on December 2015, and as you can see by the graph below I have been consistently growing it by posting 1 post a day (very very rarely have I done 2 posts a day) and yet I have gone from 0-288,000 followers in 11 months.  You can even see that I have been subject to less growth than I was experiencing up until May of this year.  Not bad for a very niche account that only posts 1 post a day, and where each and every post is created by me and my iPhone camera! There is nothing stopping YOU from following in my footsteps, LET ME TEACH YOU EVERYTHING I KNOW STEP BY STEP!

Don’t bother signing up to my InstaWealth Growth System if you are not going to give it your 100% effort and patience for 2-3 months!

I don’t want half assed lazy students!

p.s. remember if this old (I’m 38) computer geek that lost his father at 19, put himself through school and life can blow up on Instagram after losing his job for the first time in his life, SO CAN YOU! You just truly have to WANT IT AS BAD AS I DO! Nothing comes easy in life, especially not money, but with my strategies and 1-2 hours a day YOU can be well on your way to replicating my success!


Wolf Millionaire Questions Answered

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