My Take on Instagram Feed Changes

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Instagram announced last Tuesday that it’s upgrading it’s reverse-chronological ordered feed and shifting to a more personalized and prioritized algorithmic feed based on each users interest.

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Ever since their announcement, everyone and their mother has been blowing up my phone; texting, emailing, calling, KiK’ing, and WhatsApp’ing me! They’re all asking me what I think of the upcoming feed changes, and how those changes are going to change the Instagram game. Everyone wants to know: what are my strategies to dominate this new change?


My Take on Instagram Feed Changes

I’ve mastered the Instagram game (currently with over 16 Million REAL Followers), and continue to stay ahead of the curve no matter what changes they make.

Instagram has slowly been optimizing our feed quite drastically for months now and most of you didn’t even realize it! In the last couple years, Instagram has made so many major changes (that it didn’t announce, but I observed and took advantage of) and yet my strategies still work. Strategies that focus on following your passions while creating killer content are still king and will continue to bring me and my students success in growing our accounts and monetizing them. With my Advanced Trainnig Course will continue to adapt and use these updates & changes as opportunity to be ahead of everyone to get our content noticed and prioritized!

Even Gary Vaynerchuk latest article agrees with me!

Listen and take what I’m saying seriously: this is the exact moment to go “all in” on Instagram, while current conversation is all about Snapchat. Instead of complaining about the situation, adjust the to the reality of the updates and use it as an opportunity to be a first-mover and get ahead of the game.


Recently, Instagram changed some design elements in our feed. They’ve now been adjusted to maximize the digital real estate that our photos and video’s use on our mobile devices: smaller avatars and account headers, a cleaner look, and more action icons “heart, comment, and share.” Not to mention the repositioned “post time stamp” which now resides under the last comment in a tiny font making it less viewable so we are less aware and focused on when posts were published.

My Take on Instagram Feed Changes

Notice how the picture is the main focus while the other details have become smaller.

Instagram, like any other social network before it, continues to evolve with it’s users and advertisers in mind, and will continue to reward and promote the best content to us.

My Take on Instagram Feed Changes

John Mayer uses his Instagram to express how he feels about the new IG feed changes.

For this reason, I am not at all worried about this change. It will promote account owners that create and curate high-quality, unique content that our followers are eager to engage with. Perhaps this change to the algorithm will motivate users to spend more time creating content worthy of likes and views. I expect this upcoming change will dramatically affect accounts using 3rd party automation tools for commenting, liking and following others to grow their account (Crowdfire, Instagress, etc).

My Take on Instagram Feed Changes

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Instagram announced significant API changes in November 2015. They warned that Instagram will no longer support these 3rd party automation tools. That’s clear signal that Instagram wants to do everything that it can to ensure their network doesn’t become another automated spam portal for us marketers.


In my 3rd major Video Lesson update to my Advanced Instagram Training (posted on Sunday March 20th), I explain in detail, this major Instagram feed change. I also discuss the steps we can take to ensure our content will be delivered in priority sequence when this algorithm is rolled out. Be sure to watch and learn so your content gets viewed and you can continue to grow and make money alongside me on Instagram!

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