Instagram Features I Predicted Came True

By May 30, 2017 July 4th, 2017 Instagram News
Wolf Millionaire Predicts Instagram Features

Features keep rolling out by Instagram that I predicted in my video guides & blog posts months before they all come true. I guess you can say I know what I’m talking about when it comes to EVERYTHING Instagram!

Instagram features like Hashtag & Location Story Search have been rolling out FASTER and FASTER every couple months lately!

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Given my massive experience and time spent researching and using Instagram I made a bunch of incredibly accurate predictions. I’ve made these features predictions early on when I started my Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth Growth System and filmed it at the end of 2015 and almost ALL of them came true!

Gold Rush Rally Wolf Millionaire

It’s hard to believe that we are almost half way through 2017. Yup it’s insane, we’ve already blown through 5 months of this year.

I just completed my goldRush Rally Dream and despite my McLaren breaking down on Day 1 (coolant hose), I remained extremely positive and assumed that some big opportunity was waiting for me the next day! Low and behold it was! I got to ride in the President of MB&F Watches McLaren 12C Spider (thanks Phil!) to talk watches, cars, and business on the 2nd day.

From Day 3 to 8 (and the drive from Las Vegas to LA after the rally) I got to ride with Angie of Gi Automotive and pilot her McLaren 675LT Spider for over 2000 Miles on the rally!! Yes I put over 2000 HARD miles on a McLaren 657LT on a rally! BOOO YAAAAH!! SO AMAZING!! THANK YOU ANGIE XOXOX

Anthony Carbone Does goldRush in 675LT spider

How crazy is that of an opportunity, all because I stayed positive after I experienced a big downfall on Day 1 of 8.  You have NO idea how crushing it was to have my McLaren breakdown on DAY 1 of the rally. This rally was not only special because I have always dreamed of doing it (now in it’s 9th year) but because MadWhips was one of the sponsors of the rally and I was representing my company in my MadWhips McLaren!!

I even had my McLaren serviced for it’s 1 year service to ensure I had done everything I can to prepare myself and my car for the rally! I have put over 10,000 miles on my car and not a single show stopping issue!

This is unfortunately how REAL life works. You can plan all you want, but the universe is going to throw you curve ball after curve ball along the way. So, YOU have to start by changing your perspective in life, then you have to get your ASS IN GEAR to get shit done!

What do you have show for 2017 so far? Have you finally started following your passions? Are you accomplishing your goals you set for yourself? Have I helped you get one step closer to financial freedom by motivating you every day by showing you how it’s done right in front of your eyes?

I hope the answer is YES. If it’s not then you need to have a very serious chat with yourself and get your actions in line to follow your passions so you too can chase & achieve your wildest dreams!

It’s very important to learn these Top Instagram Hacking Answers! Please make sure you have your Instagram account secure!

Remember NO ONE is going to provide you with the financial freedom you WANT, whatever that may look like, it’s up to YOU to make it happen! All I want to do is HELP YOU accomplish this using Instagram just like I have helped so many successful students over the last year!

In case you missed my Wolf Millionaire Domination story, 2016 was the absolute most successful year of my life and I owe it all to losing my job for the first time in my life just over 3 years ago! The kicker, I am now 39 years old. Yup I am an old dog in the digital world. It’s still mind blowing for me to witness first hand what WE ARE ALL humanly capable of when we are put into a corner with massive debt and nothing to lose. Failure is not an option for ME!

Wolf Millionaire Money

Features Predictions That Came True

1. I predicted Instagram revoking API access from 3rd party apps like CrowdFire/LikestaGram that automated FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW & LIKES/COMMENTS which had been the cornerstone strategy for OTHERS pretending to teach Instagram strategies (LOL). Just recently Instagress also was forced to shut down. Another Wolf Millionaire prediction from over 1 year ago!

2. I predicted Instagram Stories features while evaluating Snapchat vs Instagram and teaching my students that they should be leveraging their Instagram account to grow their SnapChat accounts in my InstaWealth Growth System. Looks like like single feature Instagram introduced has just blown up in the last couple months!

3. I predicted the Instagram Save Drafts features after seeing it being beta tested on one of my accounts (and also provided a valuable save drafts hack/shortcut before it was even released).

4. I predicted FAKE FOLLOWERS & FAKE LIKES on many large Instagram accounts months before Instagram Deletes FRAUD Accounts on September 3rd, 2016. Make sure you check that post out which will show you the proof, some accounts lost 400,000+ followers overnight! I love exposing fake accounts on Instagram as they ALL deserve to be called out for ripping off students and clients with their scams.

5. I predicted this major shift in Instagram growth we are experiencing during Instagram features changes and feed algorithm changes.  You won’t want to miss how my students and I getting around this major Instagram change. It’s so easy if you follow all my step-by-step instructions!

6. I predicted that Instagram would implement a “BOOST / PROMOTE” feature to promote your posts by paying Instagram Directly in my InstaWealth Growth System videos which I launched December 2015! This is a very expensive feature and not the same as boosting a Facebook post. It’s still way cheaper to pay Instagram accounts to get your post or advertisement seen by millions of followers!

NOT BAD right!?!? I guess you can say I know WTF I am talking about when it comes to EVERYTHING INSTAGRAM! Do you see other so called Instagram Guru’s making features predictions? The answer is NO.

Instagram Feature Predictions I made That Didn’t Come True

I predicted and hoped that Instagram would implement an advertising partner program feature, just like YouTube where we’d have the opportunity to turn on advertising within our account to share the advertising revenue with Instagram.  This feature unfortunately hasn’t been rolled yet, and I am now very sceptical that it ever will because it was never a feature in Facebook, the parent company of Instagram.
I came up with the concept of WINNING on INSTAGRAM while all you WATCHED and PLAYED on your phones for the last couple years. Are you FINALLY ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the work to make your DREAMS a reality like I have?

Remember, it is in YOU to create your own future.

Wolf Millionaire Anthony Carbone

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