Instagram Deletes Fraud Accounts

By October 11, 2016 November 2nd, 2016 Instagram News
Fraud Instagram Accounts

Once again, Wolf Millionaire’s prediction of FRAUD Instagram accounts with FAKE FOLLOWERS is proved TRUE by Instagram September 3, 2016 cleanup! Make sure you read this article and learn from my videos below so you can spot FRAUD accounts with FAKE FOLLOWERS so you don’t get scammed.

I am going to highlight and expose FRAUD Instagram accounts that I had predicted months ago on my YouTube Channel because I was able to spot their FAKE Instagram followers & likes back in June 2016. I busted them for fake followers and fake likes, and it looks like Instagram has done a little bit of a cleanup and deleted these fraud accounts on September 3, 2016 leaving many accounts with a significant drop in followers and once again proving another one of my predictions! I am on a roll! This is the 5th prediction I have made regarding Instagram’s changes and updates that has come true.  Yes I have a crystal ball, so pay attention to what I have to say if you truly want to learn everything I know about Instagram!

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For those of you who were skeptical, or continue to doubt and disbelieve in what I had explicitly shown you in terms of the fake likes and fake followers given my full analysis that I did on my YouTube channel back in June 2016, today I’m gonna show you the final hard evidence of these accounts faking it, which I called out and you will see many followers they’ve lost in a span of a couple days when Instagram did their fake followers cleanup.

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The FRAUD Instagram accounts

Nuxery Fraud Instagram Account


Nuxery is the first up for review, so let’s dive in and take a look at the first account (image above), the biggest Instagram Fake Follower account that I had called out. I don’t know if you remember or not, if you’re new, he did have over 1,000,000 followers back when I first busted his fake account, as of right now his account’s on private, and he only has 606,000 followers, that’s a massive, massive drop.

Now, we go see Nuxery on Social Blade, the teller of all truths. Then we go to the detailed (see screenshot below), and as we scroll down, back in August you can see that the growth continued. He had a day where he lost some, he had a day where he’s lost some, and then had a couple days where he lost big numbers. And then look at this BINGO….. on September 3rd, he lost 366,545 fake followers….. OUCH THATS GOTTA HURT!
Nuxery Fraud Instagram Followers Deleted


So if this isn’t enough definitive proof that a lot of these accounts out there are just trying to scam people for their ad money, scam them into thinking that they actually have a million followers, Social Blade will tell you the truth. When you have a drop of over a quarter of a million followers, even a drop of a couple thousand followers in one day, that right there just screams that the account is up to no good. And as if we scroll down here and take a look at the grasp, the total followers, we can see that early in 2016, late 2015, early 16, there was moderate growth, and then come April of this year there was some massive growth. Growth that went from 250,000 followers to 800,000 followers, and then up to the million just screams FAKE FOLLOWERS! BEWARE!

Now, here’s another valuable learning as I teach you guys all about Social Blade and really what the numbers all mean and how to decipher everything. As we can see here, the last reported date that we have is September 4th.  Now you might want to ask me, “Well, why have we not seen any stats past September 4th?” Well, when you put your account on private like nuxery has, Social Blade can no longer crawl your page and track your growth.

So that’s why you can see…that’s why you can’t see the last five days of his stats. And he did that for a good reason, as you see, the last reported date was September 4th, he had 670,000 followers, as of right now, he has 606,000. So he lost another 20,000 followers between the September 4th and today. So this is all the proof you need to see that nuxery’s account was fake, which I called out two months ago.


LuxAllDay Fraud Instagram Followers

The next FRAUD Instagram account is LuxAllDay, this was another one that I had busted back in July and they are back to 1.1 Million followers, as of today, their account is not on private. And when we dive into these guys’ Social Blades again we can see that they had some growth going on, they had a couple days where they lost 2,000, 5,000, and then bam, they got slammed on September 3rd and lost 217,000 fake followers. That is craziness!

That just goes to show you how many fake followers these guys are buying, and as you can see, it looks like the fake followers hasn’t stopped, they just keep buying, 15,000 a day, 6,000 a day, 14,000 a day. This is all gonna catch up to them at some point because Instagram doesn’t tolerate this kind of fake bot, or fake account, or the other methods that they’re using to get these fake numbers. And it’s just a matter of time before Instagram hands down major penalties and disables these accounts. BEWARE!

So, short term games of faking it to try to make money off of people, thinking that you have a million follower page is really just a waste of your time because, ONE; it’s going to come to my attention and I’m gonna call you out on it, and people will not be advertising with you any longer, and TWO; Instagram will lay down the law at some point, just like they have cleaning up all these fake followers along the way, and it just being glaringly evident that you are faking it.

And you can also see this graph above “Total Following – CIRCLED IN BLUE” just as another learning, this is them following and unfollowing people back before the Instagram June 2016 update that basically destroyed  ALL third party apps/services like Crowdfire that allowed you to rachet up your following by following and unfollowing people. Utter crap and totally pathetic!  This follow/unfollow strategy was what everybody else who claims to “teach you how to grow Instagram accounts” was promoting & teaching as their “secret weapon” to grow Instagram accounts…

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This no longer works as Instagram shut down these apps ability to automate following/unfollowing, one of my BIGGEST & Earliest predictions I made in Sept/Oct 2015, which was communicated in November by Instagram then confirmed in June 2016 when these services all stopped working.

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Carsociety Fake Instagram Followers Deleted


CarSociety is up next, this is another one that I had busted a month and a half ago on YouTube. They currently have 527,000 followers, and if we fire up their Social Blade, again, we see that they’ve been growing their account very aggressively, too aggressively because it just screams fake, especially when you have these days where you’re losing 1,300, or 5,000, or 6,000 followers, 30,000 followers. And then, oh, look what we have here, bam, completely slammed by Instagram. On September 3rd this FRAUD account LOST 380,693 FOLLOWERS. That is a hard, hard, hard hit. And as you can see he still had his fake follower machine fired up because the next day it reported another 6,500 followers. But then, since then, he’s just being slammed 10,000, minus 5,000, minus 15,000. So this account’s not looking too healthy.


Fake Followers Deleted CarSociety

Again, this is something that I called back in July (Watch Video HERE) and also walk you through so you can fully understand and watch for these fake accounts. Just looking at their graphs, same kind of thing, little to no growth in the early part of the first quarter of 2016, and then we saw a massive ramp up, May, June, July, all the way up to almost 1,000,000 followers, then BAM they got slammed by Instagram laying down the law.

Next up, we have mi.llions, 70,000 followers. This isn’t big enough for me to really bust, but again, just for the sake of the example and showing you how you can see the game that people are playing, we’ll fire up their account on Social Blade and we’ll just take a quick scroll through it. And we can see that there’s some moderate growth, there was some big growth here back in the middle of…up ’til the middle of August, and then just some normal growth which looks kind of real, a little bit of loss which looks real. And then again, bam, day of reckoning, on September 3rd this FRAUD account LOST 25,000 followers. That’s a pretty big loss for an account with only 100,000 followers. And again, moderate growth here, aggressive growth here, and then bam, the step change. That’s when you get screwed by Instagram for cheating the system. Cheating isn’t rewarding guys, remember, nothing worth having in life is achieved by cheating. So, it always catches up with people, especially in the digital world. So, just play it straight, and grow your account with normal, proper, best practices, like all the strategies that I’ve been teaching, because that is the long term way that you will actually be able to grow a sustainable organic account, with a great engagement, and actually make money from it.

I saved the most Fraudulent account for last: menswearpro, now down to 119,000 followers… FROM 500,000. Looking at their Social Blade, again, we see moderate to low growth, some days where they were losing 200 to 1,000, and then, oh boy, what do we have here? We have a scary number. Look at this: This FRAUD account LOST 362,327 followers on September 4th and it looks like that they’re missing some days here. This is because they put their account on private. This is usually the case when you see a jump in these numbers. We have it down here as well, the last reported day was September 10th. Before that it was September 6th, whether it was on private, probably because they’re freaking out knowing that they’ve got some explaining to do with ALL OF THEIR advertising partners who thought that they were advertising on a page with whatever they have here, half a million followers. And that’s not the case anymore. So, we’ve got a little glitch. So this was a half million follower account prior to the day of reckoning, and you can see that they had this very stagnant state of half a million followers, and they just started declining, and now they’re down to 119,000 followers.

So now I have taught you a very valuable lesson, how to determine if an Instagram account is FRAUD account with FAKE FOLLOWERS trying to scam others into expensive advertising deals without merit. Tst Tst Tst. Naughty Naughty!



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