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By November 29, 2016 December 6th, 2016 Instagram News
Killer Instagram Content

Combining killer content & my Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth Growth System, another one of my driven students has made their Instagram account shine. @themoderngentleman has utilized my strategies to hit 120,000 followers while making money with his account! Cheers to this student’s success!

Let’s examine their content:

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Sillicon Valley Content Meeting with Wolf Millionaire

I must admit my life is pretty sweet right now considering I lost my job 3 years ago and was 6 figures in debt… pay attention to the strategies in this post if you want to leverage some of my strategies that @TheModelGentleman is using to grow their account while collaborating and making money with other brands!

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InstaWealth Growth Student TheModelGentleman Content


Before we even look at their content, their account’s bio says a bit about them and doesn’t leave any room for question, as we see this is a “Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle” account. Great job branding your account and the content you publish right off the bat here, @TheModelGentleman!

They also give us the name of a few of their other accounts in their bio: @ModelAutomotive, @ModelWomen and @ModelCuisinse, along with their website which is another way to get in touch with them.  So far so good! From espresso machines to travel jackets to the perfect housing for a gentleman of this day in age, this account tells a man how to live and what brands to sport. Let’s dig a little deeper.

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Diverse Content

Like I have said countless times before, content is KING! @themodelgentleman does an amazing job of not just posting photos with diverse content, but they incorporate a variety of different shots as well. Take a look at the screenshot below- every photo is different and creative, this is the definition of killer content. They’re not all cars, apparel, people, watches, or ocean…they’re content is very well diversified and yet still maintains a specific look and feel. This is very important to establish your brand beyond just the name of your account. It gets viewers scrolling because the variety of content is addicting while still keeping with the same look and feel. Very well done!

the model gentleman stylish content

Grunge Sells

@TheModelGentleman does a great job of branding and keeping their theme consistent. Branding is super important because it gets the right kind of attention hovering around your account. I talk more about branding your account and finding out exactly who you are and what you what you stand for in my blog- check it out!!

If I had to come up with one phrase to sum up the theme and brand identity of this account it would be “Stylish grunge”, and it’s working for this account! Take a look at the post below- it got a hefty amount of attention with 2,136 likes! The content is grungy and real, and viewers loved this post because when we think of a man, a manly man, we don’t think pristine and perfect all the time. We think rough edges along with refined taste. When I saw this post I saw a dusty beauty that I’d like to clean up, work on.

the model gentleman stylish content

Hold Up! Give Credit Where Credit is Due

As much as I love the previous photo, and so did several other Instagram users, I see a huge red flag and that brings me to my one major and incredibly important tip. Always, always, always give credit to the original photographer of your photos!! This is so important and I won’t stop reminding my students because I care about you all so much!

Upon taking a closer look at this popular photo, we can see one potentially deadly comment left by @Jeremycliff, claiming the photo belongs to him. To avoid jumping to conclusions, I found it necessary to validate the said photographer’s claim, and discovered it to be true. See for yourself and view the photo (below) in its rightful place in the original photographer’s Instagram account:

the model gentleman stylish content

Above we see that @themodelgentleman does apologize for the use of @JeremyCliff’s photo as simply being an accident. However, any person can see that @themodelgentleman clearly and precisely cropped the section of the original photo containing to artist’s signature and if they didn’t yet took the photo off of Pinterest, it still doesn’t excuse the error or lack of due diligence in ensuring you know who to properly credit. This is a huge mistake that one cannot afford to make, as just a single instance of copyright infringement can ruin an account’s credibility and overall image not to mention run the risk of having Instagram disable your account for copyright infringement.

The Content Network Strategy

This user also has created several other similar themed “TheModel” Instagram accounts in order to take advantage of the growth and size of his main page. These are all other very well executed Instagram accounts! Keep up the great work leveraging my InstaWealth Networking effect strategies!

The Model Interiors Content

The Model Automotive Content

The Model Women Content Instagram Account


Why Follow ALL my Instagram Content Strategies?

Sometimes students skip certain sections or videos from my extensive InstaWealth Growth System out of laziness or because they think they know enough that they only need to watch the content videos or growth videos or analytics videos. THIS IS A MAJOR ERORR. And it usually results in a student getting their account disabled, hacked or losing out on EASY advertising money. See the post below at the time I did this review @TheModelGentlemans account was hacked, then got their account back, but as it stands now they just got hacked again.

Instagram Content Hacked

This could have been avoided if they simply took the time to read my FREE Top Instagram Hacking Answers article and followed ALL my strategies to keep their account safe!  I teach you how to recover your Instagram account if you do happen to get hacked, sometimes it takes 3-5 days, sometimes it can take up to 2 weeks. Just be patient and following my teachings. As you can see even an account with 120,000 followers is WORTH lots of money to others who will try to hack you and sell your account.

Don’t be foolish and think you know everything about Instagram. If you did, you would have 18+ Million Instagram followers and be making a very high 6 figure annual Income like I continue to do. Read and Watch all my FREE guides on my blog and YouTube. I just want to help you learn the basics and show you that with a little effort you can be doing better at growing your account and making money!

I didn’t create my course content with the mindset that you can watch and learn only certain videos. I created my course with the mindset to TEACH YOU EVERYTHING I KNOW! From creating an Instagram account from scratch to growing it to your first 1000 followers, 10,000 followers, 100,000 followers and 1 Million+ followers, simply by following all my easy Tricks, Tips & Instagram best practices step by step. Some people have told my course is TOO LONG.

I tell those people they obviously bought my course with the illusion that I am selling a “get rich quick program” LOL these are a dime a dozen on Instagram, have you ever seen actual proof from these people claiming to be making millions on Instagram? Do they even have a substantial following on Instagram? Do they have a brand new McLaren and a Solid Gold Rolex Submariner like I do? Do they even know how to create engaging content like I continue to do in front of you each and every day on my Wolf Millionaire Instagram Account (which is almost at 300,000 followers in less than 1 year). NO, NO THEY DON’T. So please don’t get fooled by the temptation that others are making $10,000 a month with their Instagram account, but offer no proof to back it up. They just want you to signup for their get rich quick scam so they can make a couple bucks.

You truly have to WATCH all my VIDEOS, in order that I curated them if you want to LEARN EVERYTHING I KNOW. It’s the sum of all the little tricks and tips that I have laid out in my course that will ENBLE YOU to grow faster, make more money than you are, understand Instagram in depth like I have & keep your account safe from hackers and scammers! LETS MAKE SOME MONEY!

Money Making Content

Final Content Thoughts

It’s easy to focus on just the positive aspects of an account or blast a single error out of proportion! Yet overall, the learned message to walk away with is that it is equally important to understand what mistakes to avoid as it is to understand what correct steps to take in order to build a bomb Instagram account. That’s why I’m here and why I wrote my Insta Wealth Growth System, to help you succeed and write amazing content and make money, so utilize me!

Step 1 is to always LOCK DOWN YOUR ACCOUNT from people who are trying to hack you, your account is worth lots of money even if you only have a couple thousand followers! I answer all the Top Instagram Hacking Answers to keep you SAFE! You will thank me a hundred times over for this FREE blog gift to you in order to help keep your valuable Instagram account safe!

Overall, @themodelgentleman has done an excellent job at creating an enticing account filled with a variety of related yet individually unique content! I’m so proud of them for utilizing my strategies and I know that they’re going to keep growing and rocking their followers with more manly grunginess and style!

Now It’s Your Turn

If you’ve been following my blog regularly and my FREE Wolf Millionaire YouTube Guides, you can see that all of my Wolf Millionaire students are diverse in what they use their Instagram’s for, but they all have found success following their passions and growing their Instagram accounts. Take note in what they are doing to gain followers and see how you can apply those techniques to your own Instagram. It doesn’t matter if Instagram continues to change their algorithm, following my CONTENT is KING video guides in my InstaWealth Growth system will show you where to get the hottest content to help your posts go viral!

Remember that not all Instagram accounts are going to grow at the same speed. So don’t get discouraged if you are growing slower with your account over someone who continuously posts regurgitated viral content just to grow fast. Follow your passions, that is the recipe for your long term success on Instagram with my InstaWealth Growth System! I can’t wait to feature your testimonial as my next successful student hitting your first, second or third major milestone! GET TO WORK!

Want to learn EVERYTHING I KNOW about INSTAGRAM in my 20+ Hours of STEP BY STEP video Guides but are simply too cheap to spend $497 on my full InstaWealth Growth System course? If you are too cheap to invest in learning the skills to easily and quickly quick start your Instagram money making machine, then I seriously question your real interest in taking advantage of this Instagram opportunity that will be raging for the next 5-7 years easily. More money for my students and I.

Instagram has been improving their app month over month, and while others who don’t follow my strategies are getting hurt by the changing algorithms, all my students following ALL my Instagram Strategies continue to grow and make money.

Instagram Stories Mentions

See the photo above? See how you can now tag a username in the stories? This is AMAZING! They recently just added this powerful NEW money making feature: Instagram Stories Mentions make sure you check out that post on how this new feature will open up a whole new way of making money on Instagram from your Instagram Stories posts! They are seriously killing Snapchat with their new features!

Hot off that NEW feature Instagram also is testing out their Instagram Shopping Feature beta feature (see image below) they are testing with select retailers in the USA! Can you imagine if @TheModelGentleman could tag all the different accessories in their post or ALL my MadWhips Car accounts, then have their users click on a link to purchase the modified parts on the cars I post or the clothing TheModelGentleman posts and then WE get a commission for the sale??

Instagram Shopping Feature

This is such a MASSIVE money opportunity that Instagram continues to roll out creating every month for us Instagram influencers! I told you Instagram was going to be hot for another 5-7 years, YOU still have the opportunity to easily GROW a massive highly engaged Instagram following with hot content that you are passionate about! What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Can’t afford my course? Then save up! Education isn’t FREE in this world. People spend thousands of dollars on education without any real guaranteed job or income when they graduate! You have the ability to learn all of my secrets to actually turn your Instagram PLAY TIME into MONEY MAKING TIME like my students and I continue to do!

If you truly want the knowledge that I have and am willing to share (because sharing is caring), then you will do whatever it takes to empower yourself with my knowledge!  Remember, my course is a fraction of the cost of what “others” claiming to be Instagram Guru’s are selling their course for.

These “other” courses (yes, I have painfully watched them all) don’t even come close to the 22 hours and 80+ STEP-BY-STEP videos I have created that you can EASILY watch and follow along to learn EVERYTHING I KNOW!  There is a reason I am the Wolf of Instagram and have so many successful students in every niche, and that’s because I have spent more time experimenting and testing what works and what doesn’t work on Instagram. Go read all the testimonials I post EVERY week on my Wolf Millionaire Instagram account not to mention provide FREE account reviews to my successful students who simply put in a little time and effort following my strategies! I look forward to FEATURING YOU as my NEXT TESTIMONIAL!

Half ass lazy students-> DON’T bother to apply! 

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