Instagram Comment Pods Ultimate Guide

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Instagram Comment Pods Guide

Instagram comment pods exploded in popularity after Wolf Millionaire revealed his comment & like Instagram growth strategy. Learn how to make sure you are making the most out of these engagement groups.

Instagram comment pods aren’t new despite popular belief among those who try to write about Instagram strategies.  My students & clients have been leveraging this Wolf Millionaire strategy since I revealed it back in 2015 in my InstaWealth Growth System which has over 24 hours of STEP-BY-STEP Instagram video guides.

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Instagram Comment Pods

Instagram Comment Pods 101

What are Instagram Comment Pods? An Instagram comment pod is just the latest buzz word for an Instagram engagement group, consisting of a group of Instagram accounts who help each other out by commenting and liking on each others photos.

Most people who use Instagram comment pods use them for the specific purpose of spurring comments and likes to maximize their post reach to their followers and also to help push their posts to the explore page where faster follower growth can be achieved.

Why would you wan’t to be part of or use a Instagram comment pod? To keep it short and to the point, Instagram comment pods help your Instagram posts (photos & video) get seen by more people which help you grow faster if used properly.

That is why it’s extremely important to learn all my tips, tricks & best practices NOW as I test and test and test then reveal what is working BEST in order to help you grow faster, get noticed and most importantly help you MAKE MONEY like I continue to do living my life on my terms.

My “MadWhips” Instagram Empire of over 30 accounts and 18+ Million followers has allowed me to live a very financially FREE life simply by following my passions. The high 6 figure annual Instagram income I make simply by posting photos and videos to Instagram has given me the ability to travel the world, take care of my Mother and Brother and even afford a BRAND NEW McLaren and a Solid Gold Rolex as milestone rewards!

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Instagram Comment Pods Beware

Not all Instagram comment pods are GOOD! Just like not all Instagram accounts have REAL followers. Make sure you read my two very important viral articles on Fake Followers & Bots so that you learn how to spot Fake Instagram Accounts that are inflated with fake followers, comments and likes. Most of these fake accounts (big and small) are lurking in comment pods and the last thing you want to do is be in a comment pod with accounts like these.

I can tell who is using FAKE BOT platforms to make it look like they are getting lots of engagement and brands and advertisers are also learning (thanks to my teachings). BEWARE if you think you are going to fake your growth, fake your engagement and make money you are sadly mistaken.

Gold Rush Rally Wolf Millionaire

Instagram Comment Pods Best Practices

Learn all my Instagram comment pods & engagement group strategies including how to start one, how to find one, how to determine which are good and which are bad in my InstaWealth Growth System. I will also explain what are considered good comments vs bad comments that could land your Instagram account getting banned from commenting.

There are several other Instagram accounts out there who teach you how to FAKE Instagram Success and none of them are actually making the money they claim. Many unfortunate people who don’t know how to spot these scammers got ripped off email me all the details and I will be exposing these accounts in the coming weeks.

I still see so many Instagram accounts (new and old) not giving proper Instagram Credit & Copyright Rules! Make sure you read, learn & implement how and why you should be giving proper credit when using other peoples photos & video on Instagram.

You will be shocked at how using my Instagram Credit strategy properly will actually help you grow faster and get better engagement! This is just another one of my very simple and easy STEP-BY-STEP strategies that I’ve been teaching in my InstaWealth Growth System for over a year now with massive success!

Please make use of this strategy, I even provided it entirely for FREE in my article because of how important and how many people don’t use it properly then cry to me when their accounts gets disabled by Instagram for copyright violations.

Don’t get left behind this year! Instagram is STILL growing like gangbusters and Instagram Stories is Killing Snapchat!

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Instagram is now the hottest micro-blogging platform out there!

Happy Instagramming!

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