Instagram Business Profile Secrets

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Instagram Business Profile Secrets

Instagram business profiles have been available for over a year now and Wolf Millionaire explains why you need to setup your business on Instagram.

Instagram business profile is a powerful new feature and yet so many businesses I consult with haven’t yet even setup an Instagram account to advertise and grow their business, product and services to millions of people around the world.  Never has there been a better or bigger opportunity to market your businesses, product or services than on Instagram. The best part it’s FREE!

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Speaking of FREE, I absolutely love providing the world with al my FREE Instagram advice to teach YOU tips, tricks, strategies and how to keep your valuable Instagram account safe!  Make sure you sign up for my NEW FREE Wolf Millionaire Instagram Webinar and learn all the amazing ways you could be making money with Instagram without even having a business, product or service!

Those who put in the time to learn are always rewarded and at the end of my FREE webinar I will send you my FREE 35 Page Instagram guide filled with all the tips, tricks & strategies I provide to new clients that will immediately help YOU setup and start using Instagram properly. All you have to do is put in the work and follow all my STEP-BY-STEP video guides.

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Instagram Business Profiles – Why Use Them?

Instagram’s 700 Million active monthly users are all potential customers for your business. How many of these you are able to reach depends on your niche and target audience.  These potential customers are located all over the world and are more engaged on Instagram than any other social network! Let me help you reach your target audience to generate new sales from this powerful social network.

Instagram is so powerful & an effective channel to drive new sales because of Instagram’s simple app design providing us with everything visual from photos, videos and now storytelling that doesn’t include all the junk & spam that Facebook does.

The secret to using Instagram business profiles to generate sales all rests in your ability to setup your business account and use Instagram properly. Unfortunately, this is where most people fail because they don’t understand the simple steps of how to use this incredible new social network effectively.

Using Instagram is actually really easy if you’ve been shown (by me) exactly how to use it STEP-BY-STEP from the start. You just need to learn all my little tips, tricks & strategies (that I’ve tested & perfected so you can follow along easily) to correctly setup your Instagram business profile, post relevant content and engage with each new follower in order to generate sales while showcasing your brand!

The potential for small businesses to reach massive global audiences (customers) through Instagram has never been higher among any other social network as it is on Instagram right now!

Some of the most important best practices that you’ll learn in my Webinar and FREE 35 Page Instagram Guide to kick start your Instagram business profile are:

1. Creating A Proper Instagram Profile. This includes what kind of profile picture to use to showcase your brand, product or service. What to actually put in your Instagram business bio in order to keep it short & simple while accurately describing your brand, product or service. What URL link you should have in your profile in order to analyze and drive targeted customers to optimized sales landing pages. I walk you through the thought process I have used to help big and small brands define their Instagram strategy while ensuring transparency and authenticity are at your brands forefront!
2. The Proper Tools. Why do more work than you have to do when you can learn all the BEST apps and services to make your posts look & sound professional while making your Instagramming more efficient and productive. Learn which apps
3. What, When & How To Post. Take the guess work out of finding what to post and what not to post, when to post, how many times you should post a day/week. I show you how to write the most effective captions and calls to actions that will convert and drive sales. Learn my biggest secret I recently revealed about Hootsuite which will schedule & post to Instagram for you to actually automate your Instagram posting.  Try it out for free and let me know what you think. It’s a complete game changer and operates completely within Instagram’s Terms of Use.
4. Analytics. Learn which 3rd party Instagram analytics programs provide the best analytics as well as Instagram Insights to learn more about your engaged followers to tailor your Instagram strategy.


One of the biggest secrets most people don’t know about enabling the Instagram business profile feature is that once it’s enabled and connected to a Facebook page Instagram provides you with the ability to add a telephone number and email as separate buttons on your profile freeing up profile BIO space and enables you to have Instagram Insights (analytics to learn about your posts and followers) as well as the Instagram Stories Swipe Up URL feature.

Posting Instagram Viral Story Links can drive so much targeted traffic that you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass wondering why you didn’t take my learnings up sooner and enable Instagram business profile for yourself.  This feature is the most valuable Instagram feature for your business when mastered and used properly!

The next biggest secret about enabling the Instagram business profile feature for your Instagram account is that enabling it does not result in your posts getting any less visibility or engagement (likes & comments) from your followers Instagram feed. This is one of the biggest Instagram myths I get asked about all the time.

It’s also important to be concise in how you market your business. Instagram is all about quick engagement; your followers scroll through many Instagram posts (from the people they follow) in a very short time. Today’s social media attention spans are very short, so being conscious and catering your Instagram business posts to these habits will ensure faster follower growth and better engagements!


Keep captions short and engaging, and avoid making your audience scroll and read too much unless you are expanding on your short above the “more” caption.

Knowing the best hashtags and which Emoji’s to use in your captions helps evoke emotion spurring engagement and ultimately provides transparency and authenticity for your brand.

Engaging with your audience, as this will not only convey your business’ authenticity, but it will set you apart from your competition in a customer focused manor.

One of the biggest mistakes I always see when people master all other Instagram best practices that I provide in my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides is responding to Instagram Direct Message inquiries or comments after they’ve posted to Instagram.

Responding to your followers and customers on your Instagram posts provides the most amount of transparency and authenticity because it allows others to observe how you’ve responded to a positive or negative comment. Don’t underestimate the power of responding to ALL comments on your posts until the post is completely answered.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your business, brand, product & service setup properly on Instagram in order to start generating incredible new revenues!

Happy Instagramming!


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