How Instagram Helped Buy & Build My First Porsche For FREE

By July 18, 2018 January 21st, 2019 Instagram News

Instagram has not only helped me follow my passions since I lost my job in 2013, it has also helped me buy & build my 1st Porsche 911 FOR FREE!

Yes, it’s true, earlier this year I bought my FIRST Porsche 911 with the money I make from Instagram.

I’ve been so successful at turning my Instagram play time into money making time and it continues to pay off year after year ever since I lost my job back in 2013!

Want some inspiration? Go read how I did it when Instagram Changed My Life and allowed me to buy a brand new McLaren & Solid Gold Rolex a couple years ago after I dug myself out of debt all thanks to the money I make on Instagram with all my accounts!

Not only did Instagram help me buy my First Porsche 911 this year, but it also enabled me to custom build it in Beverly Hills for FREE!

Let me walk you through it STEP-BY-STEP…..


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Mom, I bought my First Porsche!

Sure buying a brand new McLaren was absolutely a bucket list dream come true for me, not to mention living in Miami and driving it all over the USA, but after putting 30,000km on it in just under 18 months, I actually grew a little bored of it’s turbo charged engine and the paddle shift transmission.

Here’s a secret, as much I loved my brand new McLaren, I am old school when it comes to cars.

I love RAW, manual, naturally aspirated cars that I can drive year round which is why I ended up finding a very special manual 2011 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S to turn in my ultimate rally Porsche and daily driver! I still vividly remember showing up to my Mom’s house and surprising her the same day I bought my Porsche.


She knew how special of a car this Porsche was, because growing up, my Dad always dreamed of owning a Porsche, but he passed away way too young when I was 19 leaving memories and posters of Porsches in my room and our garage… life is short, we must remember to live every day and follow our passions as much as we can!


Heres a little history for those who are curious to know what cars I have owned… My very first car after University was a used red 1993 Honda Prelude SR-V (manual transmission) pictured above which bought for $7500, sold it 5 years later then bought a used silver 2002 Subaru WRX (manual as well) for $12,000, and then a couple years later I bought my first true sports car that I knew was going to appreciate, a used Imola Red 2000 BMW Z3 M Coupe (manual as well) for $19,000 right before I lost my job and had to sell both my cars.


I only made $2,000 on my Z3 M Coupe when I was forced to sell it 1 year later. Today (4 years later) that car is worth $50,000… I might hunt for one to buy next year 🙂

If you think losing your job is tough, try coming to terms with the fact that I had to sell both my loved cars I worked my ass for just to put food on the table and pay my bills.

Mom, I’m Going To Beverly Hills!

Thanks to my massive Instagram following, several opportunities came up shortly after I purchased my Porsche 911 this year to move out to Beverly Hills for a couple months to work closely with some new clients, naturally I wanted to bring my Porsche…. so I started to think….


Given all the work I have done for so many automotive clients in California over the last couple years with my MadWhips Instagram Network, I figured I would start going through my contacts and seeing if there was an opportunity to potentially partner in building my ultimate Rally Porsche while in Beverly Hills!

First up, I needed to get my Porsche out to California, and this isn’t cheap due to the fact that I live in Toronto, Canada, shipping a car cross border costs about $5000 USD return. Thats lots of money and as much as I would rather drive it out there and back, I have better things to do with my time like chase more Instagram money making deals with new clients!

Thankfully I reached out to PlyCar Automotive Logistics and was able to negotiate a Social Media Influencer advertising deal with them to get my car out to California and back, after seeing how highly Damon and others in my automotive circle speak about their professional service in handling all the shipping of their cars around the USA.


Next Up, I needed to find an Exotic Car Customization shop to do work on my car if I was going to build it. Thankfully last year on the @GoldRushRally I forged an amazing relationship with Amber & Angie of Gi Automotive Group (Instagram @GiAutomotiveGroup) and it was just my timing that they were moving their successful shop from Santa Monica to the heart of Beverly Hills!


If you have been following along, my journey has taken me to Beverly Hills for the last couple months and I’ve been covering all the work we’ve been doing at Gi Automotive’s new shop with Instagram Posts, Instagram Videos, Instagram Stories and Instagram TV posts! That is how you MAXIMIZE Instagram to create social media buzz!

EXHAUST – The Most Important Modification

The most important factor that made me decide to buy a Manual, Naturally Aspirated Porsche 911 is the SOUND!! There is nothing more exhilarating to me, than to be able to control the transmission manually (so much fun) which in turn allows me to control the sound of a naturally aspirated engine!

I can’t quite afford a V12 Manual Murcielago or a Porsche Carrera GT just yet, but those cars are the top 2 cars on my life goals bucket list for this very reason.

There is nothing like revving a naturally aspirated (Turbo’s have no soul) through it’s gears, while allowing the engine to drop RPM’s in between shifts just so you can listen to the RPM’s clime, drop, clime over and over. There is NOTHING better in life in my humble opinion, this is what I am truly passionate about when it comes to driving cars!

PADDLE SHIFT car just cannot replicate the sound of a manual transmission, because the gear shifts are immediate and don’t allow you to play with where the next gear engages when the clutch is released…. I wish car designers would program these paddle shifting transmissions to give us the option to allow for a similar manual shift as it would be a game changer for those of us that LOVE the sound of our manual, naturally aspirated engines 🙂


With that being said, I did lots of research and was very specific about the exhaust note I wanted from my Porsche. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to partner with Kline Innovations who provided me with a full Titanium Exhaust System after hearing their full exhaust system on Gi Automotive’s insane Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

WING – Because Rally Race Car

My Porsche 911 came with the factory Aero Kit Cup wing, which I absolutely love, but nothing screams RALLY CAR quite like a big WING. Thankfully my working Instagram relationship with Darwin Pro Aero allowed me to install their carbon fiber GT3 RS wing on my car which I’m absolutely in love with and get so many compliments on. Welcome to the BIG WANG GANG!


ECU TUNING – Only the BEST for my Porsche

I’ve been a huge supporter of NICK VF Engineering for years even though I have never had him tune any of my cars. He’s the BEST in the business and has over 20 years experience Supercharging and Dyno Tuning exotic cars!

I’ve helped VF Engineering amplify their brand across all of my Instagram accounts especially helping promote Damon’s VF supercharged Huracan since it was built!

It was now my turn to get my car Dyno Tuned after I installed a brand new exhaust system and high flow air plenum in order to unlock a little more performance and make sure everything was running smoothly with those modifications.

Nick was able to unlock 15whp & 15ft-lb torque in the low end, while opening up 40whp & 40 ft-lbs of torque in the mid range for my car. The RESULT??? A more responsive throttle off the line and in the 4000rpm range when I open it up under load on the road.

My car now SINGS the most beautiful song when I drive it 🙂 Videos with clear crisp audio coming soon!


WHEELS – The Hardest Decision

Thanks to my active use of Rennlist (#1 Porsche Forum) I was able to find some used 20″ HRE 890R for my Porsche from another Porsche enthusiast in Los Angeles who gave me the deal of my life. My wheels were the only thing I actually had to pay for on this Rally Porsche 911 build of mine.

I searched and searched for the best wheel design that matched my 2011 Porsche while allowing for a fun race car look and there was nothing NEW that really caught my attention. I wanted a deep dish lip without any step lip or additional busy design.

Today’s wheels are way to over styled and just did not fit with the simply curvy timeless design of my Porsche 911.

The ones on my car were completely powder coated satin black to fit the theme of my MadWhips Porsche.


PORSCHE GT2 RS – Steering Wheel & Shifter

While I can’t afford a Porsche GT2 RS (new or old), I don’t think I’d ever want one simply because of their Turbo engine. Insane car but just not my cup of tea. However in continuing with the RED/BLACK/WHITE MadWhips theme, I was able to source an amazing Porsche GT2 RS Alcantera Steering Wheel & Shift Knob because it looks cool, and I prefer the touch of alcantera for both all thanks to Los Angeles Dismantler (specializing in Porsche) who also supplied me with my used rear bumper that I cut out to show of my Kline Innovations Exhaust.


PFS WRAP – Protection & Branding

Last but not least, I needed a full custom wrap on my car! I teamed up with Scott Skepple to design my custom weathered Porsche RSR inspired wrap which happens to be insanely inline with my MadWhips brand RED/BLACK/WHITE colour theme and then brought my Porsche to Ryan at Protective Film Solutions in Orange County who wraps all the Bugatti, Konegseggs & Pagani’s, Lambo, Ferrari etc in North America to install this vinyl wrap! They both did an amazing job with my car! THANK YOU!

I can’t believe how many compliments I get, and how many people think my car is actually BEAT UP like this!! Well done boys! THANK YOU!


I was also fortunate enough to be able to spend an Entire day with Damon of Daily Driven Exotics when we took my recently completely Porsche 911 up to Angeles Crest Highway in Los Angeles for final testing! What a road to test out my new car and prepare us both for the Ace Spade Rally!

Speaking of which…

If you don’t know what happened to my Porsche 911 while on the Ace Spade Rally make sure you watch Daily Driven Exotics vLog from the Ace Spade Rally DAY 2 this year!



Now I just have to decide if I’m going to leave the bumper half destroyed, remove it entirely and do a bumper delete or replace it with another used one and have the lower part cut out again…. drop me a DM on Instagram and let me know what you think I should do!

Happy Instagramming!

Your’s Truly,

Anthony Carbone aka The Wolf Millionaire





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