How To Create a Powerful Instagram Bio Photo

By November 16, 2018 Instagram News
Instagram Bio Photo

Wolf Millionaire walks you through STEP-BY-STEP how to create a powerful Instagram account photo to represent yourself or your brand!

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Hi! Welcome to the FREE Wolf Millionaire Blog & FREE YouTube Training! This is the FIRST of  SEVEN part blog series where I am going to teach you STEP-BY-STEP how to create the MOST POWERFUL & ATTRACTIVE Instagram Profile because I seem to seeing so many peoples profiles that are simply not doing their brand or content justice. I just want to help YOU be the BEST version of you on Instagram!

I am the worlds #1 trusted source for EVERYTHING INSTAGRAM!

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My real name is Anthony Carbone and I’m well known for the massive MadWhips Instagram Network I created (started in 2013 after I lost my job) consisting of more than 30 automotive & lifestyle accounts commanding the attention of more than 18 MILLION FOLLOWERS! On top of that I created the world’s FIRST & most complete STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guide Training!

I’ve created more than 25 hours of walk throughs (updated every year at no cost to you once you join), case studies and STEP-BY-STEP training modules explained as if you know NOTHING about Instagram so you can follow along at your own pace!

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So you want to create a POWERFUL Instagram account profile do you?

Well listen up because I have broken this simple process down into 7 easy steps for you to follow STEP-BY-STEP!

Ever noticed that there are some accounts on Instagram that simply draw you in to FOLLOW THEM?

This is not an accident! There are 7 steps I’m going to walk you through (that I have been teaching to my students in my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Training updated every year since 2015) so YOU can create a very attractive account that others will immediately want to FOLLOW!

Instagram is just like REAL LIFE, making a first impression is the most important thing you can do when meeting new people!

Below are 7 STEPS YOU NEED TO FOLLOW to ensure your account attracts followers to HIT THAT FOLLOW BUTTON!

Start by making sure you have Instagram Business Profile selected in your account settings as I outline the importance of it in my Instagram Business Profile Secrets.

Step 1: Use a Photo That’s Really You or SIMPLE LOGO

Ok, so if you’re following me @Wolf_Millionaire on Instagram, you’ll quickly realize I am not using a photo of me. I am using a very simple logo of a wolf that I created because this is the brand and company that represents ME. This was a business branding decision because it allows us to use the wolf logo on merchandise (instead of my face) and as a best practice you will see that the SIMPLER the logo the better it will look in peoples profiles. Busy and complicated logos are simply wasted opportunities to brand your self when people see your stories, posts or comments. SO KEEP YOUR LOGO SIMPLE!


However if you are creating a personal brand you will want to use a photo of you, ideally something that stands out just like one of my most successful students @HunterVought who used Instagram and my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides to launch himself as a full time Instagram Menswear & Lifestyle Influencer! His profile photo changes from season to season (which is a fun way to keep things fresh) but he always uses a very vivid, colourful head focused photo to ensure his brand (his face) is front row centre!



Here is another one of my successful students @KarimTheCaptain who is an Airline Captain in Dubai. Karim has even recently become my first student to get VERIFIED by Instagram without paying anything! So proud of all your hard work Captain Karim!! However I am going to use Karim’s profile as an opportunity to illustrate my point of how his profile photo (and probably yours) could be improved to be MORE STRIKING, memorable and thus provide more marketability for him!


Karim’s current profile photo of him in the cockpit amongst the clouds is AMAZING, but when it’s viewed at a smaller level like the post level in your feed, comment size or even his instagram story bubble, the photo looks dark and indistinguishable. It is not maximizing his ability to brand his face to capture his personal brand!

Wolf Millionaire Personal Mentoring TIP: I would suggest that Karim uses the photo above as it will circle crop beautifully given the photo is PERFECTLY symmetrical, it shows his Captain’s 4 stripes on his shoulders, crisp bright white shirt, his face is nicely illuminated and showing off a fun but serious pose while rocking aviators and a Bell & Ross aviation watch (of which is has become an ambassador of the brand). Karim, you’re such a BOSS and I am so proud of you dude! Keep rocking it amongst the clouds!\

One more example of a proper Instagram account profile photo is my oldest student @TimothySykes who’s profile photo hasn’t changed since I helped him select it 4+ years ago! It’s iconic and represents Tim and his travelling self made penny stock trader lifestyle to perfection! It’s colourful, has Tim in it (also in a colourful shirt), has a beautiful blue sky, blue sea and the Italian Positano hillside which is iconic and identifiable in itself, it’s also one of Tim’s most favorite places on earth!


Want to learn more? Sign up HERE NOW to get started on learning EVERYTHING from me STEP-BY-STEP.

If you’re willing to LEARN, I am willing to teach you patiently.

I’m hoping you have enough dedication to follow your passion and use my Instagram Video Training Guides to become one of my next successful students just like these case studies!

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Happy Instagramming!

Anthony Carbone aka The Wolf Millionaire

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