Instagram Algorithm Changes Are Coming

By August 26, 2017Instagram News
Instagram Algorithm

Instagram algorithm changes are coming! Wolf Millionaire dives in depth again to explore the Instagram algorithm to provide insight and best practices so you can understand what is going on and what is coming NEXT!

Instagram algorithm is currently a very mis-understood despised animal despite many changes affecting our Instagram feeds that you definitely are noticing. Months ago during and after the big Instagram algorithm feed changes, I exclusively revealed some extremely in depth technical posts that you must read if you want to LEARN and understand where Instagram algorithm is going. Before you can begin to understand the Instagram algorithm today, you need a firm understanding of where Instagram WAS, WHERE it IS and WHERE IT IS GOING!

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Instagram Algorithm Updates

This ISN’T rocket science once you let me teach you STEP-BY-STEP like I outline in my NEW FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar which will open your eyes to all the amazing ways I’ve been making money as Instagram evolves with new money making features! You don’t even need a business, product, service or followers to start making money TODAY! You just have to WANT FINANCIAL FREEDOM as bad as I do! Failure is NOT an option for me!

Before you read this article, make sure you go read the following 3 very important articles (linked below) that will give you the same understanding that I have gained by posting, testing and observing over 10,000 photos & videos to Instagram over the course of my Instagram career.  I have spent more time exploding and testing Instagram than anyone else on this planet, and I can say that with 100% accuracy because there is no one else who’s built an Instagram Empire like I have from scratch during the last couple years.

While these articles are much longer than your average “Instagram FLUFF” article on the web, they are the most COMPLETE and in depth explanations to help you completely understand Instagram. Let me teach YOU how to become an Instagram expert STEP-BY-STEP! I did all the hard work figuring it out, all you have to do is follow along at your own pace.

Instagram Algorithm Changes Are Coming

Instagram Algorithm Homework

Growth Story – Part 1

Growth Questions – Part 2

Algorithm Analysis – Part 3

The name of Instagram game for my students and I haven’t changed. We utilize Instagram as a FREE global marketplace that has over 700 Million Active Monthly users.  Some of us have created fan pages in our niche or hobby area of interest, while others launched products (sunglasses, t-shirts, apparel) and some even launched themselves as Instagram Success Stories in travel, fashion, cooking and parenting!

Today Instagram is still going through a massive period of GROWTH, growing faster and faster every month as Instagram Stories Kills Snapchat demonstrating just how powerful Instagram is.

Instagram Algorithm – Status Update

Lets address and examine the biggest elephant in the room now. Why are so many major established Instagram accounts losing followers every single day? If you’ve read my articles above you will be well versed to see and understand how Instagram had been adjusting it’s Instagram algorithm during the last year ever since the non-chronological FEED changes were implemented.

It doesn’t matter who’s accounts I dive into or what niche I explore, just about every single major Instagram account is going through a period of turmoil and rage because they are losing Instagram followers. The GOOD NEWS is that it’s easier to grow an Instagram account from scratch using my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram strategies than it is for us established massive accounts to grow right now because Instagram algorithm has levelled the playing field to give smaller accounts a fair chance to grow.

Instagram couldn’t keep rewarding accounts like my massive exotic car photography pages after I have literally raped and pillaged Instagram making more than a MILLION dollars in advertising during my first 3 years on Instagram. Not only did I take full advantage of hitting the explore page on every single post, but I also was the first one to take advantage of the Instagram Network Effect (which I explain in detail in my Instagram Video Guides) to grow my empire to over 30 pages which now has 18+ Million Instagram followers.

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Wolf Millionaire Instagram Webinar

Sign up for my FREE Wolf Millionaire WEBINAR today!

I look at Kevin Systrom’s Instagram account (he’s the CEO of Instagram) and by the looks of his account he too is loosing Instagram followers from day to day and his engagement per post is all over the place. I use Kevin’s Instagram account growth/decay and engagement levels as a baseline to help me understand what is going on with Instagram from month to month.

Heres a massive secret: Instagram actually has a MAJOR FUCKING BOT PROBLEM on it’s hands, and it will never ever admit it. Based on everything I know about Instagram and have observed, my guess is that at least 15%-25% of the overall Instagram user profiles are FAKE BOTS. This amounts to 100 Million to 175 Million FAKE Instagram Accounts on the social network. Do you actually think Instagram would announce that they didn’t actually hit 700 Million Daily Active Users?? This wouldn’t be a very strong story to support Instagram’s METEORIC rise as the HOTTEST SOCIAL NETWORK IN HISTORY now would it….

Don’t worry, Instagram still is the hottest social network and will be until our mobile devices advance in hardware capabilities where we have Virtual Reality and Augmented reality setting the stage for our next generation of Visual, Highly Interactive and fully immersive social networks that will come to play.

Why so many FAKE ACCOUNTS?

Over the course of the last 2 years, more and more automated BOT programs have launched allowing more and more people to BUY Fake Likes & Fake Followers (who I BUST regularly) to FALSELY and FRAUDULENTLY GROW their accounts. Given how much money is out there on Instagram for YOU AND I to make from advertisers in EVERY NICHE, everyone wants to fast track their growth, and fake their engagement in order to defraud the system and cheat advertisers out of their budgets. Advertising fraud is a BILLION DOLLAR industry when it comes to Website banner advertising, and it’s now a BILLION DOLLAR industry on social networks!

While Instagram had a massive DOOMSDAY cleanup 3 years ago where they purged MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of FAKE accounts, it didn’t stop these FAKE USER systems from growing more and more available to the public…. Back then, Justin Bieber LOST 3.5 million followers, Kim Kardashian lost 1.3 million, P Diddy and Bruno Mars lost 25% of their followers and Rapper Tyga also lost big, going from 5.5 million down to 2.2 million. Rapper Ma$e decided to delete his account after he went from having 1.6 million followers down to around 100,000. LOL. This was the early rise of the “BUYING FOLLOWERS” game which people learned early how to do on Instagram and big names wanted to GROW their Instagram FAME to show off and keep up to their peers.

Wolf Millionaire and Brother

Last year, Sept 3, 2016 to be precise Instagram Deletes Fraud Accounts again who were using using these very early FAKE FOLLOWER BOT programs.

Back then Instagram was new, hadn’t been bought by Instagram yet, and they knew exactly who were using early sloppy setup BOT software scripts (that they could determine were FAKE with 100% accuracy), today they can’t do the same without risking SPOOKING the advertisers they are trying to attract to spend BILLIONS of dollars on their APP.

Today it’s relatively easy to tell who’s bought FAKE FOLLOWERS & BOTS EXPLAINED as you can simply see who had MAJOR spikes of follower growth. But so far Instagram is only doing daily cleanups deleting slowly these fake followers to quietly address this issue in hopes to sweep this problem under the rug and keep it from slowing down the influx of ADVERTISING dollars from the big billion dollar companies around the world who want to target us Instagram users.

Now, given this massive FAKE FOLLOWER BOT problem that Instagram has on it’s hands (which is like 100million to 150 million FAKE users), these FAKE ACCOUNTS had to be setup to “LOOK” like real Instagram accounts.

They are setup automatically pulling in random pictures, profiles, BIO’s, usernames and also follow random accounts from a dozen to 7500 accounts as seen, usually big established accounts that are famous or used to hit the explore page as it was easy to setup a script to target follow accounts that would hit the explore page on every post.

SOOOO, this is why you see so many BIG famous accounts, fan pages including Influencers like Jen Selter to Dan Bilzerian  and Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom all losing followers daily as of lately.

Instagram is simply taking time to level the growth playing field of people who GREW RAPIDLY during the last couple years, while starting to slowly cleanup and delete FAKE accounts that would be following hundreds and sometimes thousands (like I explicitly showed you in this article with Fake Likes & Fake Followers where the fake followers falsely setup to like photos all had ~7500 accounts they were following).  When these fake accounts following ~7500 people slowly get deleted it affects the accounts growth. This is why so many BIG established accounts are losing followers.

Right now Instagram is going through a massive internal algorithmic change, which we will be seeing come to light in the next 6-8 months.  I observed this exact same growth & stagnation period with Instagram’s parent company Facebook during their growth to 1 Billion Monthly Active Users.  Facebook had about 4-5 years of Insane growth, then about 12-14 months of a cooling off period while the company figured out the best way to reward original content and push those who were spamming or using their social network to make money hand over fist. MANY PEOPLE GAVE UP POSTING TO FACEBOOK during this time!

Those people who were using Facebook to promote their work, no matter what it was, and were doing so consistency ended up WINNING HUUUUUGE when Facebook made it’s 2nd Timeline Algorithm Update. The people who were consistently using Facebook with BEST PRACTICES and without using sketchy automated LIKE, FOLLOW, GROWTH programs & services were rewarded with NEW GROWTH bigger than anything seen prior. I mean I saw people who had grown their Facebook Fan Pages to 20k, 50, 100k, during the early years of Facebook, then during Instagram’s first Timeline Algorithm adjustment SEE ZERO growth with SHIT ENGAGEMENT for like almost a year… Then Instagram made their 2nd Timeline Algorithm adjustment and BAM those accounts skyrocketed to over 1 MILLION followers within 6-8 months because of how Facebook adjusted their suggested accounts and algorithm! THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN ON INSTAGRAM, MARK MY WORDS!

WHY? Because Facebook has all the data and the smartest people in the world working on tailoring their social network to the actual needs of their company (to make advertising money) while ensuring that the TRUE content creators are getting rewarded by posting high quality & consistently on their network. Instagram will want to continue rewarding original content creators, focusing on niches not yet dominated as well as original organic Influencers!

Set yourself up today, learn my proven best BEST PRACTICES STEP-BY-STEP and be patient and consistent with your Instagram account and get ready for the next insane Instagram algorithm update that is coming SOON!

Learn From These Successful Students:

If you want to learn more specific strategies that have worked by my successful students in other niches finding massive success with my STEP-BY-STEP strategies, then make sure you take the time to read up on these other testimonial reviews where I examine and highlight how these students are killing it on Instagram. Unfortunately so many people start with good intentions, grow quickly then get bored, frustrated or just give up because they are too weak to see this Instagram opportunity through day after day.


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I was never the smartest kid in school (like not even remotely close), yet the biggest and sole reason I have been so successful using Instagram is that I NEVER EVER GAVE UP and I NEVER QUIT.

I logged more hours than anyone on Instagram when I saw others were making early money and I saw how I could capitalize on it by creating an Instagram Network and working my ass off harder than anyone else. Now I’m enjoying the fruits of my hard work. Travelling the world, enjoying a McLaren as my daily driver and sporting a solid Gold Rolex as a self made Instagram entrepreneur!


Hopefully you’ve taken the time to read through all my in depth and detailed blog posts, student reviews and today’s crucial Instagram algorithm analysis in order to further your understandings of Instagram.

REMEMBER, Consistency & patience is KEY, and in today’s fast paced digital world no one has the work ethic and desire to succeed like me. I’m almost 40 years OLD… CAN YOU KEEP UP?

If you want to become successful at anything in life YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK. Lazy, half ass students NEED NOT APPLY!

Happy Instagramming WolfPack!

Wolf Millionaire McLaren

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