Instagram Activity Status – Why I Turn It OFF

By July 27, 2018 Instagram News

Instagram Activity Status is Instagram’s latest feature that defaults to ON. Wolf Millionaire explains why you should turn this OFF immediately.

Instagram Activity Status feature was rolled out with it set to the “ON” position which needs to be turned “OFF”. Instagram is already a very distracting place to spend your time. Heck, even I get distracted when I am searching for very specific photos or accounts when doing my daily research.

Instagram has continually updated their app in order to trap you into using Instagram longer and longer and longer especially now that it has 1 Billion Monthly USERS! Instagram is still the HOTTEST social network out there and it’s growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon!

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Instagram Activity Status: Privacy Issues

Unless you really want to announce when you are online so people can bug you more easily on Instagram DM, there is NO NEED to have your “activity status” set to ON which it is automatically set to ever since they introduced the Instagram Activity Status feature.

Instagram wants to ensure more people are interacting with each other on their app in order to drive up the “usage” stats they can brag about to advertising companies and earn more money. Don’t give them that opportunity to invade YOUR PRIVACY!

Not only is it counter productive to get constantly bugged when you just want to surf some content on Instagram, but it’s also a security risk.

You shouldn’t allow people to ever know when you ARE or ARE NOT on Instagram, keep them guessing and turn this feature OFF otherwise you will continue to be bombarded with people trying to get your attention, waste your time when all you want to do is spend some time exploring fun posts on Instagram.


Instagram Activity Status: How To Disable

To turn this feature OFF, go into your Instagram Settings via the top right dots on Android or top right 3 dashes iOS) and disable it, otherwise all your followers will be able to see a GREEN dot next to your name




Instagram continues to try and force us all to use their app with transparency of our time which ultimately works in their favour but not the end user (YOU) who will always end up distracted wasting even more of your precious time. Take your time back and disable the Instagram Activity Status to remain hidden and private while you use Instagram 🙂

Happy Instagramming,

Anthony Carbone aka The Wolf Millionaire


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  • HEINZ says:

    I followed and switched it off.
    Indeed very sneaky.
    Noone had a clue they added a switch.
    Now with Facebook going down they are focusing on insta instead.
    Lets see how long before they re called before a Senate committee again.

  • Brian says:

    Great tip, thanks Anthony!

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