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Instagram accessories are key to make money. Wolf Millionaire provides a list of the best equipment to help Instagram Influencers.

Instagram accessories can help make an Influencer more productive and help them create much better content. If you are wondering which phones are the best for Instagram, make sure you check out my extremely detailed article: iPhone vs Android – The Best Instagram Phone and don’t forget my Top 10 Instagram Apps I can’t live without as an Instagram power user and Influencer myself.

Download a cheat sheet of this post as PDF.

Just like the two in depth articles I’ve provided up exploring and highlighting the Pro’s & Con’s between iPhones and Androids and all the apps I use, these are actually real world case study examples from me using both iPhone & Android to Instagram on a daily basis.

These Instagram accessories listed below I own and spent a considerable amount of time doing research and thinking them through to ensure they were robust, reliable and the easiest to use for day to day Instagram Influencer in the automotive and lifestyle space.

Geeky Side Note: I have always been known as Mr. productivity and Mr. efficiency during my younger years working for corporate companies like Microsoft and DuPont.  This is one of the reasons I have been so successful making money with Instagram and teaching others with my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides filled with tips, tricks, strategies and best practices for Instagram.

It was the typical Engineer in me always trying to find the best way to do the least amount of work to achieve the same amazing results! This is my Favorite program to Scheduled & Post To Instagram while we are on the topic of doing the least amount of work possible.

I was so knowledgeable at creating efficient work solutions at DuPont that I completed TWO six sigma green belt projects that helped save DuPont Canada close to $250k a year, yet I was still making a shitty salary…. please keep in mind, I was NEVER the smartest kid in school, I honestly had to read shit twice to learn it (and sometimes still do) and it took me 5 YEARS to get my University degree instead of 4 like everyone else.

I’m just HELL BENT on achieving the success I want in life, and I wasn’t afraid to work my ass off for it, even if I was making a shitty salary working for a major company…

That all changed shortly after I lost my job for the first time in my life and I discovered the Instagram money making game that I came late too. Make sure you signup for my FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar, where I will walk you through all the different ways myself, my students and thousands of others around the world are making 6 figure incomes using that FREE app called Instagram.

Instagram killed snapchat, and Instagram Vs Facebook isn’t even fair anymore. Don’t miss out on this once of a lifetime opportunity!

The same goes with my top apps list, which are used to create content and be efficient and productive in order to spend as little time as possible actually typing and using your phone to make money with Instagram!


Instagram Accessories – MUST HAVES

Mini Tripod (for use with Monopod)


Instagram Accessories

This is my favorite Mini Tripod, I have one and spent an hour doing my research to find the best bang for buck solution out there.

This Instagram accessory is essential because it reduces the size, weight, cost and setup time complexity of a regular tripod!

Purchase in 🇨🇦  Canada: Link Here

Purchase in 🇺🇸  USA & WorldWide: Link Here

I use this (and all the equipment listed in here) for my new vLog project MadWhips TV Videos. Check them and support me by subscribing and leaving me some feedback or comments if you want to see what a day in my life looks like!

I sometimes use it as a stand alone mini tripod for low shots on the ground and when I have it setup on my desk without using a Monopod. The trainers at my Gym I recently showed it too all fell in love with it and use it for their workout videos to teach their followers and their clients online.

It’s very sturdy, easy to setup with 3 different height settings (9 cm, 17 cm, 24 cm) to keep it firmly planted on the ground especially when paring with an Aluminium Monopod as I explain below.


Aluminium Monopod

Koolehaoda Aluminum Monopod

I fell in love with aluminium monopods while I travelled the world taking photos with my DSLR during my early years with my website

It wasn’t until I started to kill it on Instagram and blew up from 1 account with 700 followers to today’s 30+ Accounts with more than 18+ Million Instagram followers on the MadWhips Instagram network did I retire my DSLR and shoot exclusively with my iPhone & Android phone. You can see the INSANE result of shooting with cell phones and using a photo editor on your phone by looking at my Wolf Millionaire Instagram account where 99% of the photos were taken with a mobile phone! Make sure you read my iPhone vs Android – The Best Instagram Phone to see which is going to be the best for your needs!

Purchase in 🇨🇦  Canada: Link Here

Purchase in 🇺🇸  USA & WorldWide: Link Here

NOTE: Don’t bother buying this one that comes with the black and blue looking mini-tripod, it’s a piece of junk, I returned the original one I got before I bought the better one I listed above. The rubber pivot bottom unscrews and connects to the mini-tripod above. Based on the price this is the best bang for buck monopod out there. If you want to go fancy and have the money get the carbon fiber one, just note that with the lighter shaft will mean it will move a little more in the wind, thats why I went with the sturdy aluminum one.  SEE I’ve literally thought this through very very well for my own needs!

External Microphone for iPhone

Shure MV88 iPhone iOS Microphone

If you are creating VIDEOS or doing Stories, you MUST improve your mobile phone Audio. Have clean clear Audio can make or break even the SICKEST video. I can’t stress how important it is. As I outline in my iPhone vs Android – The Best Instagram Phone I use my iPhone 7+ for VIDEO, and therefore can only recommend this lightening adapter microphone. I have test several others and this one is the best one out there! It’s sturdy, comes with a case and has a great app to help you quickly and easily tweak the audio to your needs!

Purchase in 🇨🇦  Canada: Link Here

Purchase in 🇺🇸  USA & WorldWide: Link Here

I have two of them on two different iPhone 7+ for the videos I’ve been creating on my new vLog project MadWhips TV Videos I’d love your support by subscribing and leaving me some feedback or comments if you want to see what a day in my life looks like!



Wireless Bluetooth Shutter Remote


It’s absolutely essential if you are going to be using a monopod and mini-tripod for taking photos or videos to have a wireless bluetooth shutter remote. It makes hitting the record button or camera button so much easier! I can even take better selfies because I don’t have to worry about twisting my thumb to take the photo (usually resulting in shit focused picture) while it’s out in the sky taking that perfect selfie!

This also comes in handy if you have your phones mounted in your car, office or anywhere and you want to active the record button. This has saved me so much editing time not to mention getting up and down, to and from the phone to hit record start/stop.

Purchase in 🇨🇦  Canada: Link Here

Purchase in 🇺🇸  USA & WorldWide: Link Here

These options come in different colours and work for Android & iOS (I have 3 different colors for my 2 iPhone’s I record video with and one for my Android Pixel XL).

PRO TIP: yes this works for Instagram Stories & Snapchat, you can hold the button down for doing your “long press” Instagram stories or “snap videos”!! YES AMAAAAAAZING!!


Mini Ball Head with Lock


You are going to want to grab some mini-ball head which give you that nice quick and easy adjustability/rotation from your mini-tripod or monopod to connect to your DSLR or your mobile phone adapter. These are best bang for buck and are the ones I currently use.

Purchase in 🇨🇦  Canada: Link Here

Purchase in 🇺🇸  USA & WorldWide: Link Here


Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter


This should be self evident Instagram Accessories must have. You need this to attach and hold your smartphone to any tripod mount you might find. I’ve tested over a dozen of these and this one is STURDY, GRIPPY and super easy to get your phone in and out of! BUY TWO OF THEM, you never know when one might break (happened to me and I didn’t have a backup – FUCK!)

Purchase in 🇨🇦  Canada: Link Here

Purchase in 🇺🇸  USA & WorldWide: Link Here

This Instagram accessories also pairs nicely with the adjustable tripod below!


Octopus Adaptable Tripod


These things are indispensable. This was my very first mobile phone tripod and it’s served me very very well! The fact you can twist the legs make it extremely useful for attaching your phone/tripod setup to a tree, fence, overhead pipe (Like I have for many of my MadWhips TV Videos McLaren overhead or ledge videos). BOTTOM LINE, if there is 1 thing you buy out of this entire list it’s THIS & Wireless Camera Shutter!

Purchase in 🇨🇦  Canada: Link Here

Purchase in 🇺🇸  USA & WorldWide: Link Here

You can thank me later when you start to see how creative you can ALL BY YOURSELF. These help take your selfie game to another level as you can use it as a small extension to take even better selfies eliminating the need to have an expensive and annoying assistant follow you around like a lost puppy.


Windshield Mobile Phone Mount


This is the THE best option for mounting your mobile phone (fits all phones) on your windshield inside your vehicle. You don’t want any longer of one especially if you using it to record video as the shorter mount as shown and linked here reduces how much movement your phone will experience during bumps or fast accelerations (hehe like I am used to in my McLaren). I have two of these and they are the BOMB, I’ve tested about a dozen of these things and this one specifically is the STURDIEST and grippy one. It’s easy to put a phone in it and take it out with this rubber spring loaded grips.

Purchase in 🇨🇦  Canada: Link Here

Purchase in 🇺🇸  USA & WorldWide: Link Here


Well there you have it, my TOP Instagram Accessories For Influencers no matter what your niche. These Instagram accessories will help you create better content by helping you position, secure and mount your phones wherever you need them. Think I missed something essential here? Then drop me a DM on my Instagram Account @Wolf_Millionaire

Happy Instagramming!


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