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Insights Make Instagram Money

Insights for Instagram is simply all the information and statistics Instagram provides you with. Learn how to use Instagram Insights to make more money. Wolf Millionaire explains why Instagram Insights is extremely important when making money with any Instagram account.

Insights for Instagram are extremely valuable. Read below and let me teach you for FREE as part of my weekly learnings I provide to anyone interested in following their passions and using Instagram to make money like I have!

Instagram Insights Explained

Are you new to Wolf Millionaire? Keep reading these FREE BLOG posts or watching my YouTube Videos (which I must admit I am a little behind updating). It’s not that I don’t want to keep providing you with FREE guides so you can learn & educate yourself and test my Instagram strategies before becoming one of my InstaWealth Growth Students.

Just remember that my time is worth lots of money to me (and I taught you all How To Make Money on Instagram), and my consulting services are in high demand thanks to my 18+ Million Instagram follower network I have built not to mention all the travelling I’ve been doing from Miami, Geneva and London to work on my global Ceramic Pro partnership I recently secured. Yup Wolf Millionaire’s Dominating Instagram!

Wolf Millionaire Miami

Don’t worry not only have I been filming another 5+ hours of NEW STEP-BY-STEP STRATEGIES to my InstaWealth Growth Students (currently 80+ videos and more than 22 hours of video guides) but I am also going to be getting back on my YouTube train given how many of you constantly email me how valuable you find them! I AM ON IT!

It really makes my day, and I really appreciate all your emails, DM’s and comments about how much you’ve learned from my FREE blogs & YouTube videos not to mention those I have provided that little boost of motivation to get off your asses and get to work like I have ever since I lost my job for the first time ever!

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Insights for Instagram

Analytics and Instagram Insights are an extremely important part of making money on Instagram. Without data, you can’t make compelling arguments to sell yourself or your Instagram account to make money. Remember, time is MONEY, so STOP WASTING IT and GET TO WORK! Let me teach you EVERYTHING I know about Instagram! You just have to WANT FINANCIAL FREEDOM as BAD AS I DO!

Wolf Millionaire Rolex Money

You must be able to provide these valuable insights numbers that advertisers, clients and partners want to see before they will advertise with you not to mention before you can determine what to charge them!

We used to have to use 3rd party programs (which I walk you through and explain in InstaWealth Growth System) to get stats for our Instagram accounts and posts, which I never really trusted with my Instagram username and passwords. I don’t use them anymore because I have trust issues giving out my passwords (and for good reason with all the hacking and password leaks on the internet today).  Instagram recently added these powerful insights directly into their app so we could get all the insights & stats we needed straight from Instagram. Thank  you Instagram!

Wolf Millionaire Poolside in Miami

I continue to print money from Instagram (and even moved to Miami to escape the Toronto winter this year) simply by following a bunch of little tips, tricks & strategies I uncovered during my testing, testing, and testing years on Instagram. I have logged more Instagram hours than anyone on the planet and have personally posted more than 10,000 photos to Instagram with my fingers in my first 2 years on using Instagram.

Do you want a grow a targeted niche Instagram following? You will need to understand these Instagram Insights if you really want to succeed with Instagram.

Believe it or not, you don’t need a product, service or business to start growing an Instagram account! All you need is a passion or hobby that you are interested in! You don’t even need a product, service or business to ultimately make money on Instagram!

I made my first $100,000 USD simply by managing other peoples Instagram marketing budgets because of how much I knew about Instagram. I didn’t have a product, service or business. My second $100,000 USD I made was from all the advertising deals I secured to promote other peoples products, services and businesses across my network of accounts!

Wolf Millionaire McLaren Money

I even rewarded myself with a brand new McLaren and a Solid Gold Rolex because time is Money and I love exotic cars. Thanks to Instagram I can finally afford borth! Remember HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF!

Not only did I make a lot of money, but my advertising and Instagram strategies have made my clients millions of dollars over the last several years! Yes you read that correctly, MILLIONS! This is why Instagram is the hottest and most powerful social network out there! It’s ability to be used a marketing tool, and when used properly can yield tremendous returns of money!

Sure I was starting to make thousands of dollars a month after my first year using Instagram but I also put in more time and effort than anyone else who was making money on Instagram before me! Thats all it takes is a little effort from you, and you’ll be part of the 1% actually using Instagram to make money!

I didn’t just wake up lucky one day with a horseshoe up my ass and start making money on Instagram. It was a calculated path I took thanks to my own insights when I first uncovered this massive money making opportunity several years ago.

I am considered the worlds expert on all things Instagram, I have been through it all, figuring out and explaining in detail Instagram’s every changing algorithms analysis (part III), answering everyones Instagram growth questions (part II) all while setting the foundation and explaining the wild Instagram growth story (part I).

I wouldn’t want to forget mentioning I’ve made made a handful of predictions that came true during the first 6 months when I launched my online video guides, while busting FAKE Instagram accounts and I even provided you with all my Top Instagram Hacking Answers so you can keep your valuable Instagram SAFE & SECURE!

How Instagram Insights Make Me Money

Lets dive into today’s FREE gift from ME to YOU and quickly learn how Instagram’s Insights can help you leverage your page to land more advertising deals so you can earn more money with your account!

Insights for Instagram Explained

First, you need to make sure your Instagram app is up to date in order to have the Insights option. When you do you will see “View Insights” directly under your photos when viewing YOUR posts (not other peoples). You will also see a little bar graph in the upper right corner of the Instagram App (same for iOS or Android). When you click this

Instagram Insights Tutorial

Second, you need to understand what all the insights really mean. Let me explain all the different insights Instagram provides for us while using one of my largest Instagram accounts @exotic_performance  to show you the insight numbers behind my top posts this week.

Third, Insights for Instagram Stories is also extremely important and the number of VIEWS you get on your stories can be used to amplify your accounts relevance and important to brands or companies who want to pay you to sneak in an Instagram Stories Mentions Makes Money.

Now lets dive into the actual insights listed and learn exactly what they all mean, and which are the most important to focus on!

Likes: Total # of likes your post. This is a valuable piece of the insights analysis, but no longer the holy grail that determines the value (or cost) that one can charge to an advertiser for their advertising services.

Comments: Total # of comments your post has seen. Don’t worry so much about comments.  While it is important to foster a engaged community to spur growth and develop a valuable page with people interested in your niche, it’s not the be all end all. Some of my highest performing/converting advertising posts on Instagram have the FEWEST comments….. Want to take a major guess why??  (I am not going to reveal that here, but I am going to reveal it to my InstaWealth Students at the end of the month). What once was a valuable metric to determine the engagement rate of your posts, is now just filled with people commenting with “auto-like” programs to market themselves, or kids trying to be the “first comment”.

Instagram Insights Revealed

Impressions: Total # of times your post has been seen. While many might argue that REACH is more important than Impressions (due to reach reporting “uniques”, it’s important to know how many total times your post as been seen! Why? Because if your post gets looked at several times by people who check their Instagram feed multiple time a day because they are bored (and not making money with Instagram like my students and I), this is a BONUS for your marketing efforts. The more time your posts are seen by people (unique or not) is gravy train goodness for you when you are selling ice to eskimos!

Reach: The number of UNIQUE accounts that have seen your post.

Engagement: The number of unique accounts that LIKED, SAVED or COMMENTED on your post. This is the number that has been most dramatically affected during the Instagram Algorithm Analysis changes over the last year. However it is NOT the most important number to focus on. As a social network grows and more and people get on it, more and more accounts are created and therefore there is more content for us users to consume. You might have been following 50-100 accounts during your first year using Instagram, but now with so many brands and Influencers creating KILLER CONTENT you might be following 200-300 accounts. Surely you can’t be liking all the posts that hit your feed anymore, but you definitely do see most of your followers posts throughout the day as you insatiably check Instagram multiple times a day (we all know you do, so do we lol)

SAVED: This is a BRAND NEW insight that Instagram just started to provide when they introduced the ability for us users to “SAVE” a post. SAVED is the 2nd most valuable insight next to Impressions because it shows you which posts your USERS are saving, and with that comes the ability to brag to your advertisers how many people are saving the ADS you are delivering for other clients 🙂

Third, Insights for Instagram Stories is also extremely important and the number of VIEWS you get on your stories can be used to amplify your accounts relevance and important to brands or companies who want to pay you to sneak in an Instagram Stories Mentions Makes Money.

Instagram Insights Top Posts

I will be going further in depth on this subject really explaining the STRATEGY I use to highlight and exploit these insights to make more money when dealing with advertisers in my upcoming 5-7+ hours of NEW Wolf Millionaire strategies for my InstaWealth Growth System. Take advantage of the SALE (shhhh don’t tell anyone it’s still on for a limited time), once I add these new videos to my course I am raising the price!

So there it is, yet another wicked FREE blog post by your’s truly, the Wolf of Instagram. Providing the world with FREE Instagram learnings one week at a time as part of his civic duty to educate the masses while asserting his dominance on Instagram. It really feels good to help others learn to become financially free for themselves!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a “get rich quick” scheme, THIS ISN’T IT.

If you’re looking for a “learn how to build an awesome money making Instagram account” whether for you personally or your business, scheme, then I’m your man!

Im here to teach you everything I know about Instagram and how YOU could be following your PASSIONS, travelling the world, connecting with major influencers in YOUR area of interest all while making MONEY on INSTAGRAM! 

Okay, I’m off to follow my passions chasing more exotic cars here in Geneva, then to London to meet up with Ceramic Pro for another sick video we’re going to collaborate on….. stay tuned!

Wish me luck!

Wolf Millionaire In Geneva

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  • Lisa Smith says:

    Ah but I don’t have nor want a Facebook Page and this appears to be the only way to see my Instagram insights. I’ve had FB pages for two businesses and they were a complete waste of time and energy.

    • Hi Lisa, I have multiple accounts that are not associated with either my MadWhips or Wolf Millionaire Facebook page and they are all showing me Insights! Just like the Exotic_Peformance screenshots I showed in this blog post. It isn’t connected to a Facebook page and yet it has Insights 🙂 Take a peek again and update your app. Sometimes all it takes is maybe connecting your Instagram account to your personal Facebook account which should unlock these analytics for you!

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