Influencers BEWARE of This NEW Instagram Scam!

By April 5, 2018 Instagram News
Influencer Instagram Scams

Influencers BEWARE of this email SCAM going around! Wolf Millionaire highlights and exposes another Instagram SCAM so you don’t get hacked!

Influencers, please BEWARE of this well executed email phishing SCAM that is making it’s way to Influencers….. I ALMOST FELL FOR IT!

If you’re NEW to Wolf Millionaire, my Name is Anthony Carbone and I have grown a massive automotive photography based Instagram Network consisting of more than 30 accounts and 18+ Million Instagram followers! I grew my accounts by figuring out Instagram LONG before any automation program or BOT programs even existed and have turned myself into an Instagram Influencer knows as the Wolf Millionaire!


NOTE: For those of you that watch my Instagram Stories, you’ll know I am a huge fan of PERSOL sunglasses (I have like 4 pair). I always have been, always will be. They fit my awkward non-symetrical face very well and take my daily beeting (oldest pair I have is like 10 years old). I am not an Influencer for PERSOL, nor have I ever been paid or compensated by them or by their parent company Luxottica Group.

So when I get (what appears to be) an email from the Brand Management director at Persol, you can imagine that I was feeling pretty excited that they reached out to me and wanted to work with me!

I immediately thought “wow, they really did their homework and found an Influencer (me) who actually loves/owns their products and wants to work with me”.

Influencers BEWARE of emails like this!

This is the Email (below) I received that got me all EXCITED:

Influencers Beware

CHECK #1 – YES is an OFFICIAL domain owned by Luxottica Group, so right away my SCAM sniffing defences went down because I trusted the domain.

CHECK #2 – YES Googling “Anila Nadkarni” does bring up her LinkedIn profile, and yes indeed she is the North American Brand Director for Luxottica, OK looking good!!!

CHECK #3 – I DIDN’T EVEN LOOK AT THE URL… this is a BIG NO NO, I know better, but I was so disarmed by CHECK #1 and CHECK #2 I thought THIS IS REAL!!

Make sure you read this NOW: My Top Instagram Hacking Answers & What To Do If Your Instagram Account Gets Hacked

Thankfully after clicking the link which I thought was legit (see CHECK #3 –  the end of the url it shows /?taken-by=persol) that is there to specifically take your eyes off of the fact that the DOMAIN is a SCAM DOMAIN (note the “n” at the end of Instagram)!! CAREFUL!!!

So my brain immediately went into EXCITED MODE and literally DIDN’T EVEN THINK to check the link in the email that I CLICKED THROUGH…. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY…. almost cost me my account!

Below is the Instagram phishing landing page you are taken too (or I was taken too when I clicked), looks like you have to login… hmmmm… BUT WAIT…… aren’t we already logged in on your app?




Why didn’t the Instagram app open up to the post that was linked in the email? Questions that immediately popped in my brain, and because I was on mobile it was hard to see the FULL URL which as you can se below when I look at it on my laptop, it’s totally SKETCHY & SCAM! IT’s NOT INSTAGRAM.COM!


Hopefully this WAKES YOU up to watch for scams like that, no matter how random they are or HOW WELL THEY ALIGN or EXCITE YOU in order to get your guard down!! BE CAREFUL, BE AWARE! WHEN IN DOUBT EMAIL ME!

BEWARE: Others Instagram Scams

NEVER EVER use the Instajam Scam these ILLEGAL types of programs!

Please don’t fall for the Instagram Verified Scam and Badge Scam… they are still stealing peoples accounts 🙁

This one almost caught me off guard as well: Direct Message Instagram DM Scam every week a NEW flavor!

Every single “other” self proclaimed Instagram Guru out there is simply a regurgitation of something I have published to teach you all how to use Instagram properly by following SOCIAL MEDIA BEST PRACTICES in order to grow a QUALITY following that you can actually Influence and make money with!

Nuxery’s Instagram Money Scam – busted this clown 2 years, then busted him again, and finally he’s disappeared only to re-appear as this rebranded scam from his original NUXERY SCAM 🙂 You can run ya fucking clown but you can’t hide from me.

Others just want your money and don’t care if they deliver 1000’s of FAKE followers, and FAKE likes or are just out Cheating Instagram Followers you’re falling for.

Make sure you never use these programs for FAKE COMMENTS, it will get you nowhere but banned from Instagram quickly!

Happy Instagramming!


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