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By June 21, 2018 Instagram News
IGTV Instagram Video

IGTV is Instagram’s NEW TV feature to compete with YouTube! Wolf Millionaire walks you through how to use this exciting new feature and make money with it!

IGTV Instagram

IGTV was rumoured and reported not long ago as Instagram ushers in 1 Hour Instagram Videos in a TV format to compete with YouTube.

To our surprise, Instagram initially reported that IGTV would only be available to hand selected content creators (ie Influencers) but as of everyones surprise yesterday IGTV is available for iOS and Android (update your app and be patient) to everyone globally!


IGTV – Instagram’s NEW Money Making FEATURE

IGTV is the hottest new feature since Instagram launched Stories and 60 second videos years before that!

Instagram wants to lure content creators to share their content on their platform in order for Instagram & You to generate advertising dollars from TOP advertisers around the world.

YES you heard that right, Instagram will finally be adopting a revenue sharing advertising model just like YouTUBE.

Remember how I have been preaching to you for years to just focus on growing your Instagram following in whatever niche or hobby interests you and that Instagram would continue to innovate and launch new features along the way… remember how I have been recently preaching (and practicing myself) to produce more VIDEO content…. well THIS IS WHY and yet another MAJOR prediction that I predicted back in 2013 when I started filming my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides!


IGTV – HOW TO Enable & Create Your Channel

First thing’s first, you MUST update your Instagram app to the latest Android & iOS app versions, so go do that. If you want to know why I have both an iOS and Android phone read this viral article of mine: iPhone vs Android – The Best Instagram Phone to learn the differences (Pros & Cons) between them.



After you’ve updated your phone you might have to wait a couple hours for the feature to pop up on your screen with a notification and your new ability to create your own IGTV Instagram Video TV Channel!

Here is what you will see when you update your app and get access to this feature!

I’ll be playing with this non stop and creating an entire guide of how to create impactful IGTV videos with all my usual best practices so stay tuned to the blog and my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guide

Happy Instagramming!


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