How To Make Money With Your Pet On Instagram

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Pet Money is EASY Money on Instagram! Making money with your pet on Instagram is still the biggest opportunity to make some extra cash simply by taking photos of your pet! Let Wolf Millionaire teach you how to start cashing in on your pet’s cuteness.

By now, we all know that Instagram has quickly become one of the best free marketing tools out there today and the opportunity to make money on Instagram continues to boom with new niches and new money from advertisers looking to sell their products or services. From big brands to models, everyone is using this social media platform to try and bring in revenue. People are now using their pets to make money on Instagram. Got a furry friend of your own? Grab your camera and get to work so that you too can make money with your pet.

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Let me teach you how to turn your Instagram PLAY TIME into MONEY MAKING TIME!

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Cute Content Gains Likes – The Cuter the Pet the MORE LIKES!

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Use your pet to grow a massive following and then watch the Instagram advertisers flock to PAY YOU to promote their products by taking cute photos with your pet!

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Pet Accounts That Will Inspire You

At first it seems strange to have an Instagram account just for your pet, but don’t be surprised if it takes off faster than your own profile! People love animals. Some people even love animals more than people. Why not take an advantage of the love people have for animals and make your pet Insta-famous. Check out these animal accounts that have already gotten huge.

Creating A Pet Account

First things first- make a separate account for your furry (or maybe not so furry) friend. Using your own personal account to post too many pet pictures will look unorganized and most likely annoy your friends. By creating an Instagram account that features only your pet, followers will know what to expect and will allow for your pet to truly shine. As you saw from the accounts above, it doesn’t matter if you have a dog or a raccoon, any animal is sure to get followers. When choosing an account name, it’s best to include your pet’s name so that they stand out in the crowd of other animals. As you’ll notice from the accounts we posted above, they all feature the pet’s name in the user handle giving it a more personable feel.


Taking Likeable Pics

Time to grab your soon-to-be Instagram star and start snapping some pics. Using high-quality pictures would be best, so if you have a nice camera, now would be the time to use it. If not, don’t fret, a phone’s camera will work fine just make sure to create quality composition. There’s no excuse for posting poor-quality photos, especially considering the tools that Instagram alone provides for editing.

Keep your posts slightly diverse because the same style of the same pet for every post will get boring quick. Mix it up with different props and settings, close-ups, and different activities, unless of course your niche is of your pet doing something specific like @mensweardog that features a dog wearing stylish menswear.

Showoff your pet’s personality and have fun with it. Capture different expressions- pets can have various moods too. Every pet has it’s own quirk so try to capture whatever it is on Instagram. Eventually, you’ll be able to gauge what your followers like most out of your posts and you can start to focusing on what sort of posts will rake in the “likes.”

How To Make Money With Your Pet On Instagram

@mensweardog This dog, Bodhi,  brings in over $15,000 a month with sponsorships and guest appearances.


Become A Hashtag Expert

As I’ve mentioned before, hashtags are key when it comes to growing any Instagram account. It helps users find exactly what they’re looking for amongst a sea of photos. Animal lovers are always searching for cute animals to follow on Instagram, so help them out by including key hashtags on your posts. You’ll see that @hamilton_the_hipster_cat uses hashtags such as #caturday #mustachecat because not many others will be using them, thus allowing their account to stand out and dominate those hashtags.

When you’re first growing your account, you could throw in some more commonly used animal hashtags just to draw in more users to your account.

Post Regularly

Just as with any Instagram account you’re trying to grow, it’s important to post frequently. Most popular animal accounts have a high number of posts. This means the pressure is on to post often. You should be ready to snap a pic of your animal sidekick at a moment’s notice. This shouldn’t be a challenge for most pet owners. Some accounts post as frequently as twice a day. It’s up to you, but a good goal would be to post at least once a day to keep things consistent.

Get Big, Make Money

Once your new Instagram star starts getting a bigger following, it’ll be easier to get recognized by brands who are looking for opportunities to advertise. Reach out to pet-related brands to see if they’d be interested in a partnership. Companies are always looking for brand ambassadors to publicize their products. Animals are huge advertising opportunities, so do some research and see what sort of products other popular pets are repping and what your pet might be able to get in on too.

How To Make Money With Your Pet On Instagram

@realgrumpycat with subtle advertising for Friskies cat food.


How To Make Money With Your Pet On Instagram

@knoxthedox uses Valentine’s Day for some product placement.


How To Make Money With Your Pet On Instagram

@beast_and_babe often features posts from other users that feature their dog collars.

Have Fun With It

When it comes to pet Instagram accounts, don’t be too serious. After all, pets are cute and their accounts should reflect their carefree nature. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t make money right off the bat; good things take time. Focus on GROWING a solid REAL FOLLOWING.

Engage with your followers and comment back to them when they leave feedback. Ask them what fun photos they’d like to see of your pet! Remember CONTENT IS KING, so get that mobile phone or camera cleaned up and take some bright, motivational and inspirational photos of your pet!

Now grab your pet and your camera or mobile device and start creating an Instagram star and by this time next year you will be laughing all the way to the bank when your pet is helping you make more money that you currently do at your 9-5 job, also known as modern day slavery.

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