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Wolf Millionaire reviews another student’s Instagram account that has perfected their brand’s theme. Establishing an organized theme on your account is vital for a professional look. I’ll show you what they’re doing right and how you can do the same to start growing your account too.

Nothing makes me prouder, than to highlight another successful Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth Growth System student using my strategies to grow both their Instagram account and launch their own clothing line. Among the many ways to grow an account into something great, following your passions and sticking to a theme is near the top of the list. It’s extremely simply if you are following my step-by-step video strategy guides. I’m going to review how well my @VoTrends, is doing with their account and show you what you can learn & leverage from their growing mens style page, including how they just launched their own clothing line, all within 4 months of following my strategies!

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VoTrends At First Glance

First impressions are everything, so let’s take a look at the first thing we see on VoTrend’s account.

Loving The Logo

Their profile picture is perfect. They have a well-designed logo with their brand’s name (and V & T) clearly incorporated. That’s extremely important for establishing a brand identity. Upon clicking the link to their website (a key factor to include in an IG bio), we can see that their same logo is there as well creating unity between the two. When it comes to any brand you must keep things simple as to not confuse your followers/customers.

Following A Theme: A Student With Style

A Great Bio: Stick To The Point

The bio is a brand’s way to say, “hey, this is what we’re about, and here’s how you can contact us.” While you want to fill in your followers why they should follow you, simplicity is key. VoTrend’s hits all of the main points. They tell us that they specialize in menswear/outfit grids and how to contact them for advertisement inquiries. They include both their Twitter handle and the link to their website. Everything we need, nothing more. Perfect. Their follower to following ratio is good. You never want to have too many accounts you’re following or it might look questionable to new followers. They should see that many people follow you because you’re a cool account, not because your brand supports the “follow for follow” scheme. You want organic followers which you will get with my Wolf Millionaire strategies.

Diving Into VoTrend’s Content

Always remember, content is KING. It’s the body of your account and it should attract followers. Creating like-worthy posts is easier said than done, but this student has a firm grasp on their style and it’s no surprise that it’s working for them, they just hit 60,000 followers!! They are seriously kicking ass!

Visual Appeal

You know that feeling of satisfaction you get from seeing things perfectly organized amidst a world of chaos? This is the same feeling you get when scrolling through VoTrend’s Instagram account. Post after post stays consistent with the menswear grid theme they’ve created. Nearly every picture features apparel from head to toe that are carefully folded and placed on a neutral background.

Following A Theme: A Student With Style

The Perfect Amount Of Diverse Content

Even the posts that stray from the theme still fits into their brand’s identity. As you see from a successful post below, they still feature a tastefully chosen menswear ensemble only these are from a different perspective. It’s a high-quality photo definitely worthy of 1k+ likes.

Following A Theme: A Student With Style

Note that they tag the brands of clothing they’re using in each post. Their captions are descriptive and include a call-to-action with a question for their followers. User engagement is an ideal way to gain new followers. Asking for feedback or inviting followers to tag a friend in the post is a sure way to get some new eyes to view your brand’s account, and that’s always the goal right?

I always encourage the use of hashtags but would suggest putting them in the first comment to keep the caption from looking as cluttered as it does in the majority of their posts. There’s nothing wrong with seeing a few hashtags in a caption now and then, but seeing a large amount including #colors and #blogger shows that they’re trying very hard to get traffic to their account. Throw them in a comment and they’ll disappear while still leading users to the post without looking desperate.

While not all of their posts have too many comments on them, this will increase over time, the more followers they accumulate. I would also suggest asking more questions to drive more engagement. Ask your users which shade of loafer they prefer and why (see post below). Furthermore I do notice that in the post above, VoTrends took the time to respond to their comments. This is extremely important, one of the secret sauces to growing an Instagram account and more importantly connecting with your audience to grow and represent your brand. Doing this over time shows Instagram that you engage with your followers and as a result Instagram will promote your posts more and more each month to more and more people on the Explore page.

Following A Theme: A Student With Style

I am also a fan of their subtle incorporation of emojis on their posts. People love them and I’ve mentioned before that using emojis in hashtags can be a smart way to drive traffic to your post. Not many people have started doing this as it’s a fairly new capability of Instagram, but because of this, when you use an emoji hashtag your post will stand out that much easier.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

As you can see below, not all of VoTrends’ pictures are captured by them, but they do credit their source. Giving credit is another secret sauce, this is VERY VERY important.  You’re post will perform better (more people will see it and like it) if you credit the owner of the photo in caption and tag them in the photo because there is a really high chance they will LIKE your photo/video. Instagram places a higher score on posts that do this as it shows that your content and the person you tagged/credited approves of your use of their photo/video on your page.

Not giving credit means that you’re stealing someone’s work and giving the impression that it’s yours even if that’s not your intention. And we’ve all seen how this can really hurt your brand as prominent figures on Instagram sometimes like to use @TimothySykes Money photos without giving him credit. Keep your Instagram accounts honest like my student does with their posts and tag or mention who you got the picture from and you’re account will grow and flourish faster than your competitors!

Following A Theme: A Student With Style

Using a photo from another Instagram account is also a way for you to connect with others. You’re doing them a favor by introducing your followers to their account and they can do the same for you. Establishing relationships with other brands is smart for any account looking to grow. Reach out to accounts that can relate to your brand and see if a collaboration can benefit you both. Take a look at my two fun accounts I created simply to prove this point and entertain my enjoyment for mens fashion and luxury items.

Checkout @gentlemanscreed and @essentialscreed and scroll through many of my posts and you will see a positive warm thank you from the stylish men that own the rights to the photos I post with credit to them. All these gentlemen I follow on the account (most follow me back). I have slowly been building these pages up just for shits & giggles and as a result I have connected with most of these stylish men around the world who will roll out the red carpet whenever I travel to their country. This is how you forge relationships online!

Product Promotion

For most accounts, Instagram is a window of insight to a brand’s product or service. While VoTrends promotes many clothing brands, they just launched their own clothing line starting with 3 custom T-shirts to test the waters. It’s always smart to launch with 2-3 items to give variety to your followers and see how well your new products perform and sell!

Following A Theme: A Student With Style


To amp up this post, VoTrends should consider changing a few things so that it fits into the stylish theme they’ve got going. This post stood out and not necessarily in a good way. Their other posts are bright, colorful, and organized. They might want to take the picture of their product from further back or fold it so it looks uniform just as they do in their other posts that follow their theme.

Their caption describes it as “baby blue” but the picture lacks saturation and it appears off-white or gray. Be sure to edit pictures to make them pop, and remember that most mobile users have their brightness settings turned down low (we all want our mobile device batteries to last us the day) so you have to make sure that the photos are slightly on the BRIGHT side.

Make sure your mobile device is set to about 75% brightness when editing your photos so you can see exactly how they would look on 98% of the populations devices; color, brightness, saturation etc.

Imagine this setup: VoTrend’s cool blue multi-colored pocket shirt, ironed smooth, and folded cleanly. Next to it are the other components of a perfect menswear outfit; pants, shoes, sunglasses, socks, a wallet that compliment the shirt… a complete outfit, all laid out pristinely on a polished wooden floor just like the images they have been posting that fit with their theme! I am confident that they are already on this, as they literally just launched these 3 new shirts this week!

Be creative!

Put as much time into posts about your own products as you do with the rest of your posts. I sometimes spend up to 1 hour taking anywhere from 20-30 photos to get the right angle, lighting and surrounding image qualities.

This Wolf Millionaire Money Shot and this Floating McLaren 570s at the Ritz Carlton during Montreal Formula 1 both look like a simple photo, but I had to take the money shot it in 3 different places in my condo and about 20 different photos to get the proper lighting, the McLaren photo same thing, I took multiple angles and then gave it an ever so simple edit in Instagram to make it bright and vibrant, make those greens and red and blues POP! The result 8,000 likes & 7500 likes. (My avg post gets 2500 likes which is about 1% engagement – the current Instagram average).

While it does take an eye to really produce stellar photos, every single photo on my @Wolf_Millionaire account was taken with an iPhone! Some perform great, others explode! So don’t worry if not every photo kills it, just keep practicing and snapping and making sure everything looks clean, vibrant and inspirational! No other device can deliver the color & dynamic lighting range that an iPhone 7+ can, but my daily driver is an Android Pixel XL which gives my iPhone 7+ a run for it’s money now!

Following A Theme: A Student With Style

Again, we have a post featuring a VoTrends shirt in a contest post (another great way to increase engagement). The shirt in this picture looks very different than the first post featuring their product- you want to stay consistent when selling anything.

This post is a little better than the last one, I’ll give them that. However, you can see some of the harsh edges of the figure being cut out on Photoshop. Compared to their other amazing posts, it seems awkward or out of place within their menswear/style theme.

Their Instagram Contest idea is a great way to get a product out there, but I encourage them to take a step back and see how they can take it to the next level by producing better photos to position their product in a professional curated manor. If VoTrend can learn to keep their product posts uniform with the rest of their fashionable feed, they’ll no doubt kill it with their first products!

Following A Theme: A Student With Style

From what I’ve seen, VoTrends doesn’t just promote clothing, it promotes the lifestyle that comes with those clothes. I mean, look at the post above! Sparklers in the shorts pocket, booze, and sunglasses sums up a quality 4th of July while looking great. They’re taking different articles of clothes and creating fashion. At least, that’s what I can tell from all of their other posts, so why stop with their very own shirt? Obviously this student can appreciate good taste or else they wouldn’t be featuring posts like this. Be proud of your product and showcase it so that people want it!

Take It All In, My Fellow #WolfPack Instagrammers

Overall, my Wolf Millionaire student, @VoTrends is doing an amazing job growing their Instagram account. I hope that you can take this review and apply it to your own account! Keeping a theme is important when staying consistent and keeping a professional Instagram & high quality photos.

I encourage you to go to and enter your email to sign up for my FREE  WEBINAR and watch the entire thing to LEARN how to make money on Instagram with your business, brand, product or service and then enjoy my 35 page Instagram guide which you can start to implement many of my strategies immediately and see new follower growth on your account. I am personally looking forward to highlighting your growth milestones and seeing you succeed like all my students are doing!

Happy Instagramming!


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