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By September 21, 2018 Instagram News
“Making it” on Instagram isn’t just about getting rich I explain this in detail in my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides
However, if you’re willing to learn, I will teach you How To Make Money With your Pet and I’ll even teach you the difference between Cats Vs Dogs: Which Instagram Pet Niche Makes the Most Money!
Following your passions on Instagram is every bit as much about having the power and freedom to do what you love.
This case study is a wonderful example of that. It’s about a student of mine who went from 100 followers to 8k in the last year — in the pet niche simply by following all my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides!
Over the last year, her Instagram has helped her get lots of accolades just like these success stories of using Puppies For Likes
Plus, Ty’s received exclusive invites to be part of all the biggest dog/pet shows in Toronto!
Let’s dive into my interview with her to find out how TY did it… 

Question 1:When did you start on Instagram?

Answer 1: June 23, 2017, was my first post.

Question 2: What made you take the leap of faith and dive into Instagram?

Answer 2: I saw a coworker giving books of Boo The Pomeranian and figure if a regular office person was willing to spend money on a dog picture book there was a market and started researching famous pet’s networth. I was floored by the possibilities and dug deeper and found out that Instagram was the way to go.

Question 3: Where were you at (followers, growth, confidence) before learning from Anthony

Answer 3: I had zero experience with social media and was pretty intimidated, I found Anthony followed his Youtube channel and downloaded his free guide, before opening my Instagram account. Now I can have educated conversion with industry professional and I don’t feel like a newb anymore.

Question 4: What shifted for you after Wolf Millionaire Anthony course & mentorship/motivation?

Answer 4: I looked at other Instagram teachers but didn’t find the level of integrity and ethics I got from Anthony, I really like his blog posts they keep me informed of whats new. But I think that his frequent reminders to be consistent, persistent, work hard and that nothing happens overnight kept me moving forward, sometimes I don’t feel like working but I can hear him say “keep pushing” so I do.

Question 5: Where are you at with your Instagram Influencer journey now?

Answer 5: In my niche, many companies look for 5 to 10K+ before approaching an account, however we recently started forming relationships with much larger accounts and some companies are starting to approach us even is we are still below the 5K mark

Question 6: What’s next for you, or what excites you most about Instagram going forward?

Answer 6: I really want to master Instagram and developed a good routine before expanding to another platform. The most exciting about Instagram for me is that it’s a One stop shop, it can be your website, your blog, your online store, your Vlog, fundraising event…it’s easy to use, and the content fun to consume.

Question 7: Anything else you’d like to add?

Answer 7: I found that since I started this journey my overall outlook on life is so positive, we started attending events, visit new places, meeting people and formed new friendships with like-minded people, It feels like I finally found a tribe I want to stick with.


So many encouraging things happened in less than a year, We meet the Dogist who was totally mesmerized by Ty, we were featured on CBC, got invited to the Spring Canadian Pet Expo as a celebrity pet and going back in June for the Niagara falls show.


We recently got our first paid photoshoot for Vistaprint, it really starts to feel like this IG lifestyle is possible, it’s not just something that happens to someone else.


If you need anything else let me know again Thank you for this great opportunity!

As always love and blessings

Josée & Ty

This success story highlights that you can start making big strides with your Pet account on your way to Make Money With your Pet and have lots of fun connecting with other like minded pet owners in your industry!

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