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Hootsuite can now schedule and post to Instagram! Wolf Millionaire explains how and why this prediction he made back in 2016 is a game changer!

Hootsuite is FINALLY here to save you time now that they are allowed to help you schedule and post to Instagram!

Back in 2016 when I started I predicted this would take time, but I didn’t realize it would take almost 2 years!

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

I guess it’s better late than never, which just goes to show you how much demand there is for brands and businesses to use Instagram, the worlds HOTTEST SOCIAL NETWORK!

This is NOW the most simple and MOST SECURE option to publish photos directly to Instagram from Hootsuite.

Instagram has been minted digital millionaires for the last couple years and if you aren’t familiar with MY SUCCESS, check out How Instagram Changed My Life.

There has never been more opportunity to be alive and make money on Social Media all thanks to Instagram!
hootsuite Instagram moneyYup, I am one of those actual REAL Instagram success stories and I’ve been crushing LIFE thanks to my Wolf Millionaire Domination during the last couple years ever since I lost my job for the first time in my life! I’ve also helped hundreds of businesses and brands (large and small) earn 6 and 7 figure incomes JUST by using Instagram better!

This Ceramic Pro Instagram Success story of mine was my very first MAJOR Influencer deal which took my McLaren and I down to Miami for the winter to help promote this paint protection company which I helped blow UP into a household name all thanks Instagram. Hopefully all this MOTIVATES and INSPIRES YOU to show you what YOU could be achieving if you followed YOUR passions and leveraged the power of Instagram!

Not only have I dominating on Instagram, I also LOVE to help others!

My world famous Instagram Video Guides (the most COMPLETE STEP-BY-STEP Instagram video learning guides available) have transformed many Student Success Stories thanks to my video guides and mentoring. I am so proud of my successful students who’ve followed their passions and turned their Instagram PLAY TIME into MONEY MAKING TIME!

I continue to help thousands of people yearly create better content while also helping many make money and become an Instagram Influencer.


Hootsuite Is My New Favorite Instagram App

Instagram has finally given Hootsuite the official status to integrate with the new Instagram Graph API to give you this feature!  WOO HOO!

This is huge news because there are so many different software programs out there who currently attempt to do this scheduling and posting to Instagram and unfortunately most will get your account banned. I go over one of these software options in my Instagram Video Guides that I walk you through STEP-BY-STEP, but none will beat this option for SAFETY & SECURITY for your account.

It also doesn’t hurt that Hootsuite is trusted by 16+ million users in 175+ countries for managing social media, from Facebook, Twitter and NOW INSTAGRAM! There aren’t too many applications out there I would put my name on and tell you to use, but Hootsuite is definitely one of them.

I’ve been personally using Hootsuite to automate my Facebook and Twitter Posting for years! Naturally it was music to my ears to hear this official news from Instagram!

Hootsuite – Setup Your Instagram

First off you need to setup or change your Instagram account to a business account.

Make sure to read my Instagram Business Profile Secrets post to walk you through the basics in order to get your Instagram profile setup as a business account.

You can enjoy a 60 DAY FREE trial to use Hootsuite for Instagram, so make sure you sign up and test it out! There’s no doubt in my mind it will help you be more organized, efficient and productive using Instagram!

You will need to download the iOS or Android Hootsuit app as well.

I personally suggest you setup your Hootsuite-Instagram via a web browser on your computer/laptop/tablet for the first time, there are a couple steps and it’s much easier/clearer if you do it this way.

Once it’s setup you can simply schedule & publish everything straight from your mobile phone using Hootsuite APP and Instagram!

Here is what the setup looks like. It’s pretty simple!


YES THIS IS LEGIT. YES YOU CAN TRUST HOOTSUITE with 100% SECURITY to login to your Instagram account!


YES, you will need to QUICKLY setup a Facebook Fan Page/Business page as I outline in my Business Profile Secrets (it takes 2 minutes) and will give you LOTS BACK!





Hootsuite Plays it Safe, make sure your Instagram account is LOCKED DOWN SAFE ALSO!


As I mentioned, download the Hootsuite iOS or Android APP to finish the setup!


THIS is what it looks like to setup an Auto-Schedule an Instagram Post! I tested it last night, works like a charm! Super simple and easy!






HERE is what my Hootsuite Dashboard looks like, YOU CAN EVEN respond to COMMENTS in it! Makes it SOOOO EASY!



BTW, yes WhipDaddy is an old username of mine which I used wayyyyy back in the PRE-FACEBOOK days when we had dialup modems and forums to keep us entertained. It’s an account I barely post to anymore but use it as my account to test new apps and software with for Instagram, just in case… you never know when you’re testing Instagram as much as I do, I like to play it safe before I use it on my BIG accounts or even tell YOU to use something.

Hopefully you will find much success and productivity using this app as I will be 🙂 It’s a GAME CHANGER!

Happy Instagramming!





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