Growing One High-Quality Post At A Time

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Growing Instagram Followers with High Quality Posts

A Wolf Millionaire student of mine has grown their account to over 1 million followers by capturing attention with high-quality posts (and of course, my strategies). Get some quick tips on how they rocked their posts and how you can too.

These days, without high-quality content it’s becoming more of a challenge to stand out on Instagram. The fact that there are over 500 million users is both a blessing and a curse. Think of all the networking connections or customers could potentially see your content! But think of how many users are competing with you too. Stand out in the crowd with high-quality images and a little creativity! With the help of my strategies, you can grow your account and following significantly and organically- no matter your niche or business.

That’s what this Wolf Millionaire student did! Sign up and start with my FREE 20 Page Instagram Guide, and when you have seen how much better you can Instagram simply by using my FREE tips, tricks & strategies you can join my InstaWealth Growth System System students and learn How To Make Money On Instagram just like TourThePlanet does. He recently passed 1 million followers!

Sure, my strategies are useful, but only the dedicated students are the ones that truly see growth and get to travel the world because they’ve built a high-quality Instagram account that allows them to make money and travel. I simply provide the guidance, my students must put in the efforts.   The successful ones are the ones you see me highlight and review on my Instagram account and here!

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If the fact that I have 30 Instagram accounts with over 18+ Million REAL Followers (in just over 2 years) isn’t convincing enough, maybe the fact that I just took delivery (June 30th, 2016) of a BRAND NEW McLaren might motivate you. You’ve got to realize just how much money is out there in advertising just waiting for you! What are you waiting for? This student made it happen and travels the world because of the money he makes so can you!

Wolf Millionaire High Quality McLaren Selfie

So let’s dive in to his account: TourThePlanet

Right off the bat, I am attracted to their profile picture. It’s retro and eye-catching. Branding is so important when it comes to your Instagram (here’s how to develop a brand of your own). Their username speaks for itself and I have a pretty good guess on what the profile is about without even reading the bio.

Their bio, however, is spot on. We can expect to see amazing travel images on this account. They include a personalized hashtag “#tourtheplanet” to encourage other photographers to use in order for them to get featured on his account. He also includes his email so other users can connect with them as well as an email for contact & advertisers to contact him. Remember we want to make it easy for people to connect with us, especially advertisers ready to pay us. Everything you would need for a simple yet informational bio.


High Quality Instagram Travel Posts


They now have 1.2 million followers and are not following anyone. It’s good to keep this ratio in check. It’s always strange to see an account that is following way more than who’s following them. It shows that they have to use “follow for follow” technique and that their content can’t pull followers on it’s own. So keep the following lower. My student isn’t following anyone, which is okay, but also looks a little strange. Even on my MadWhips account, I’m following 30 people. Maybe connect with some other cool accounts that you can do a collaboration with eventually. It’s good to network.

Please remember, KEEP your INSTAGRAM SAFE: read my TOP Instagram Hacking Answers before you START! There is so much hacking going on because of how much Instagram accounts are worth, even 50,000 and 100,000 niche accounts are getting hacked because of what they are worth! You can stay safe, again all you have to do is just READ all my tips and safety measures! This is NO JOKE! Please do your homework and make use of all my education on this blog and my Wolf Millionaire YouTube channel!

Touring the TourThePlanet Account

I’m usually more interested in the horsepower of an exotic car, but this post of wild horses has captured my attention. The rolling fog and majestic mountain in the back is just something you don’t see on my newsfeed often- if at all. Definitely worth of 20.8k likes and 108 comments. Whether it was taken with a DSLR camera or a cell-phone, it looks high-quality, and that’s what the people want! Great post.

Mesmerizing Followers With High-Quality Posts


The post above is from a visually stimulating perspective. The way the bridge is centered draws your eye naturally to the center of the photo. It looks high-quality and professional. No one likes blurry, pointless posts. Remember to post things with a purpose, never post just to post. Put some thought into each post and what you want your followers to feel when they see it.

I love that my student uses short and simple captions. They include the location along with the photographer. Always credit whoever’s photo your using if they aren’t your own.

Mesmerizing Followers: One High-Quality Post At A Time


Posts like this one above featuring Italy is the sort of thing I like to see on accounts with travel. You almost don’t know which to admire more, the beauty of the Italian coast, or the woman admiring the view. Posts like these seem more personal to me, more lifelike. Can’t you imagine yourself taking this photo? It’s a nice perspective and I see a few posts like this on tourtheplanet’s account, so that seems to be working for them.


Making Money With His Account, the PRIORITY!

So many people think that us Instagram Influencers have nothing better to do than post photos and videos to Instagram. Why do you think we continue to put so much time and effort into finding the hottest content to post? Yes, we do have passions for the niches that we are all pursuing on Instagram, but the biggest reason, TO MAKE MONEY! YAAAAAAA thats the #1 reason, don’t kid yourself… I love having 18 Million Instagram followers but thats somewhat useless to me if I am not making STACK AFTER STACK money from it month after month… I teach you the fine balance of growing an account and monetizing it at early stages of growth so that you don’t discourage your Instagram growth, but at the same time allow yourself to make money so you can re-invest it and grow your page working with other large pages to continue to accelerate your growth like WILDFIRE!!!

Here are some of the posts that TourThePlanet has done that have earned him some good money! Other ways include caption based shout outs where clients that pay him, pay to be mentioned in the captions of the photos he’s posting! It’s the most common way because it allows his account to still post high-quality travel content, so his posts get MAX exposure (likes & comments) while helping his clients amass niche followers who are interested to see who he is mentioning in his captions!

Some of these posts will most likely get deleted, most ads get posted for 6hour, 8 hours or 12hour/24hour periords before some page owners delete them as part of the deal they had with the advertiser. This way when someone NEW comes across your page and scrolls down through your feed to see your posts, all they see is high-quality content that fits with your account, not all the MONEY MAKING ads that we post 🙂 This is yet again one of the tricks of the Instagram trade that I teach in my InstaWealth Growth System!

High Quality Instagram Advertisement

Yes this dog above is absolutely UGLY, but who cares, I’m sure this ad was worth at least $500-$1000 USD to post on his account!


Instagram Advertising High Quality Content

Another great high-quality Instagram Ad for Daniel Wellington that fits with his Instagram travel account.


Consistency, Consistency, Consistency…

Just as I am consistent in reminding you that content is King, you must keep consistency in your IG posts. As much as you can at least. Notice in all of the posts I showed above, they all are the same size. They’re all vertical shots. This isn’t a must, but I definitely like it.

Find your style. That’s the first step. Whether it’s a similar color scheme throughout your account, or the perspectives in which the picture is taken, whatever works for your brand. Then stick with it. You want to look professional. So always opt for high-quality images when you can. Grab a DSLR or if you’re working with a phone, check out these hacks for making them look professional.

Notice how this student’s account has photos that look like they belong together. It flows nicely and aside from some dog pics (which I address later on), it looks perfect.

Mesmerizing Followers: One High-Quality Post At A Time

High Quality Videos Make For Conversation

Instagram has evolved in so many ways this year and the creative freedom is such a huge opportunity for accounts to really show what they’ve got. If you can find ways to incorporate videos into your account then I suggest going for it. Break up the static of still images with a short expression of life on your profile. Sure, a picture can paint a thousand words, but imagine what a video can say.

My student, TourThePlanet has a few high quality videos posted throughout his account. Let’s see how they performed!

So the video above is pretty heart-warming which is probably why it got so many views. What impresses me is how many comments this post got. 709 comments is a lot of user engagement which is the best way to gain followers. Followers tag and share the video with their friends thus bringing new eyes to your account. This post differs a bit from the rest of their posts in that it’s not a high-quality scenery. But it still did great and is relatable to the rest of their content.

Below is another Killer VIDEO, and the COVER FRAME is why this got 70,000+ Views. You can see the wicked zipline and teal blue Dubai waters below and it just begs you to watch it and see the experience this girl is experiencing! This is how you get noticed on the explore/discover page, by posting super high quality videos like this one! Videos like this when they hit the explore/discover page can bring in a quick extra 200-300 followers on top of your normal daily growth if you time the post right!

I explain in detail how to time your posts to take advantage of the hottest posting times, increasing your chances of hitting the explore/discover page in my Insta Wealth Growth System, if you’re truly serious about Instagram then you have to LEARN EVERYTHING! I explain everything in my 22+ hour course, all you have to do is watch my STEP-BY-STEP videos!

The post below got even more likes than the other 2 videos – 88,600 LIKES and over 1000 comments!!! CRAZY!! He really knows how to pick the viral content that I teach you to where to find!  I recognize this video from it being all over social media a few weeks back. It’s definitely like worthy – just look at that dog’s face! Over 1000 comments means you really hit the nail on the head with this post, even if it’s a little outside of his travel/planet niche. Even though it doesn’t really fit with his theme, this post killed! Sometimes you have to really test out random videos and posts to see what your followers are going to eat up! He was bang on the mark with this video! Nice work dude!

This video below could have used a better cover frame, I know the video well, it went viral as it’s a bunch of drunk college kids sliding off a smooth cliff into the water. I would have picked a different frame, one where he is in mid air about to hit the water, but it still got over 100,000 VIEWS!! DAMN!

Would you?? 50 foot cliff slip and slide! Tag a friend you would do this with! Video by @devinsupertramp #TourThePlanet

A video posted by Amazing Travel (@tourtheplanet) on

This isn’t something you see every day, but it’s a really kick ass video. It looks like high-quality, like it was shot with a GoPro. It makes me want to travel there and try it out. No wonder it got 106,000 video views.

Mesmerizing Followers: One High-Quality Post At A Time

Overall, I like what I see when I glance over this account. There really isn’t anything that I can honestly say that would improve this account. This student is killing it because of his attention to detail, and you must also follow these details if you want to succeed faster than the next student! Remember I’ve done all the HARD work, putting in more than 10,000 posts to Instagram over my lifetime, constantly testing and testing and seeing the results.

Thats why if you are truly serious to becoming an Instagram influencer and travelling the world because of the success of your Instagram account, you have to watch all my 22+ hours of Instagram strategies in my InstaWealth Growth System! There is no substitute, no other competition despite others claiming to be Instagram Influencers with bullshit accounts they bought or stole from other people. I am on the top of the Instagram money making food chain because I have put in my time over 2.5 years now to grow all my accounts one day at a time abiding by all of Instagram rules!

The end result? A BRAND NEW McLaren, a Team of 7 University Co-Op Students that run my Instagram Empire every semester and a brand new Solid Gold Rolex which I recently upgraded my Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and IWC Big Pilot for. HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF! Join my students and I if you want a life of freedom to follow your passions and connect with others around the world using Instagram to turn our play time into money making time!


What are you waiting for?

You’re not going to gain a million followers overnight. That’s not how it works. Using my strategies and putting in the hard work will pay off in the end. The difference between those who have huge IG accounts and those who don’t, is dedication. If you want a real following, you’ve got to be willing to see it through to the end. Strive to be the best Instagram account in your niche. Put time and thought into each post. Use high quality images and creative captions. There are many different ways to grow your account, this student has barely scratched the surface.

I encourage you to go to, check out my InstaWealth Growth System and then enter your email to sign up for my FREE  20 page Instagram guide which you can start to implement many of my strategies for FREE immediately and will see new follower growth & engagement on your account. I am personally looking forward to highlighting YOUR growth milestones and seeing you succeed like all my students are doing!

Get out there and start hustling like we are and be patient! Growth comes with patience, consistency and my strategies!

Happy Instagramming!

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