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By May 24, 2017 January 9th, 2018 Instagram News
Instagram Hashtag & Location Story Search

Hashtag Location Instagram Story Search is now available! Wolf Millionaire has been testing this feature for a couple weeks thanks to Instagram’s Beta Testing Program. Here is are some of my hot off the press strategies & best practices you need to know about Instagram Hashtag Location Story Search to make money from it!

Hashtag Location Instagram Story Search is not a new feature to me thanks to Instagram’s Android Beta program that I use to stay ahead of ALL these Instagram features weeks and sometimes months before they roll out.

Make sure you read why Wolf Millionaire Domination continues to deliver massive successes to all my students who study and implement all my Instagram Strategies STEP-BY-STEP. It’s not rocket science, all you have to do is put in the work to follow all the little tricks, tips and strategies that I have provided in my video tutorial guides. The best thing is that you don’t need a business, product or service to make money on Instagram!

hashtag location story search

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I just got back from My Gold Rush Rally Dreams Come True WOW what a crazy adventure, stay tuned for some epic posts!

gold rush rally wolf millionaire

Remember, my success didn’t come overnight. People see my life now, which is pretty awesome, but most people don’t know the struggle I went through before I stumbled upon this Instagram money machine machine!

I grew my Instagram Empire from 1 account with 700 followers to over 30 accounts and 18+ Million Followers! I grew my empire to 18 accounts and 5.4 Million followers by myself before I hired my first University student to post all the photos getting uploaded to MadWhips.com on our Instagram accounts!

I was helping amateur, professional, spotters, photographers grow their Instagram followings by featuring their content! I’ve witnessed hundreds of young and old photographers grow their skill and craft by striving to take better and better photos as MadWhips.com ONLY posts the hottest photos uploaded.

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 The secret to my success?

Do you really want the answer? Here it is: Hard FUCKING Work, END OF STORY. Failure was not an option for me as I lost my father at 19 years old.

Once I saw this Instagram trend and opportunity I went flat out 0 to 100mph and started putting in hours and hours posting and testing Instagram. I monitor Instagram trends and analytics from a very high level across every niche and industry.

This is what allows me to stay sharp and ahead of all these Instagram changes like How Instagram Stories is Killing Snapchat.  I’ve also made over a half dozen major Instagram changes predictions months before they get rolled out like Instagram. Instagram just hit 700 million monthly users, 400 million daily users, and 200+ million daily Instagram Story users. Compared to Snapchat that ONLY sees 160+ million daily users.

I’m just a regular small town boy from Canada, now following my passions for exotic cars while monetizing my passions on Instagram after learning how to use all Instagram hidden features and tips. Don’t forget, I have taught the world all of these strategies before anyone else, and most of my teachings are FREE Wolf Millionaire Blog and FREE Wolf Millionaire YouTube

I predicted months ago that Instagram would roll out Hashtag & Location story search in Instagram.

There’s no secret for all my devoted readers who know that Instagram Stories Mentions Make Money Well now we can be further found on Instagram Story by using #HASHTAGS and LOCATION PINS. This is incredible news and despite all the hate I hear about Instagram changing

What is “Hashtag Location Story Search” ?

We can now add Hashtag Location tags to our Instagram Story in order to help Instagram curate “Searchable Stories” through hashtags and now location tags when you swipe up from the bottom and type in a location. This allows me to really start to target specific hashtag locations.  When using hashtag location together on Instagram Story it can provide a powerful  exposure and present targeted opportunities for Influencer Marketing Money as well as businesses with or without products!

I’m so excited to see Instagram continues to evolve HARD & FAST with new features that help provide a better experience as I use them to make money and teach you ALL HOW. I’m here to help you use these features FIRST before anyone so we can take advantage of them while no one is using them 🙂

Instagram Hashtag & Location Story

Hashtag & Location Story Search

To all my InstaWealth growth students, I will be doing more in depth on this with teachings from my usage of these features to walk you through the proper use to fully utilize this new feature! SO EXCITING!!!

goldRush Rally Update

I am still coming down from an incredible adrenaline filled adventure during My Gold Rush Rally experience! I am going to do a full blog post devoted to that insane experience that involved my McLaren breakdown on day 1. By staying positive on Instagram LIVE and my Story I looked at the issue as the universe offering me an opportunity, so I ran with it and ended up completing the Rally in Angie’s McLaren 675LT SPIDER. 3000 Miles I piloted & co-piloted in that 675LT including some off roading!

How many people can say they’ve put 3000 miles and drove through a desert rally road in a 675LT? NO ONE! Just Angie Mead & I can. THATS HARDCORE!

McLaren 675 LT

Until my next blog post, I have to go out and have some Instagram Influencer fun with this Cobalt Violet McLaren 570GT courtesy of McLaren Beverly Hills during my stay here in Los Angeles. Special thanks to Amber & Angie of Gi Automotive Group for all the help while in Los Angeles! Thanks ladies!

McLaren Beverly Hills


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