Grow Your Account No Matter Your Niche

By July 25, 2016 August 1st, 2016 Instagram News

Why so serious? Because we’re seriously into Instagram growth. Wolf Millionaire takes a look at another student account that’s found Instagram success through using Wolf Millionaire strategies. He has a very specific niche and while he focuses on a very specific audience, it’s working. Let’s take a look and see what they’re doing right and what tips you can apply to your own account.

Case Study: batman_multiverse(old names batman.justiceleague)

This testimonial just goes to show that anyone can make it big on Instagram using my strategies, even niche accounts like Jai’s. In just under a month, he gained over 5k followers simply following my strategies and now has a goal of 100k by the end of the year that’s very reachable thanks to his explosive new growth in a very targeted niche!  Remember not all Instagram accounts are going to grow the same.  It’s easier to grow a page that appeals to a wide audience than a very niche one, so don’t expect the same kind of growth to exist between different types of niche Instagram accounts.

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Profile Points

Grow Your Account No Matter Your Niche


Jai’s profile is clean, simple, and to the point. We know what to expect from his account – killer art, memes, facts, and news from the Batman Comic Multiverse as he calls it. Plus he provides information on how to interact with the account. He’s also following 25 people, a fairly low amount, which is essential to building an account. People will realize that your material is worth following above others, and you don’t need to follow other people because your own content is so stellar.  This student definitely didn’t need to use the Crowdfire, Likestagram or other 3rd party apps that FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW people to grow, a horrible strategy that other courses taught  (and no longer works), something I predicted 8 months ago that Instagram would put an end to.

He also lets us know that not all of the content is owned by him. This is great that he isn’t taking credit for other people’s content, but I see that in each post, he also credits the artist so no need to mention it in the bio (although respectful if you want to include it). Remember, less is more when it comes to putting stuff in your BIO.

His username prior to watching all my InstaWealth Growth strategies was “batman.justiceleague” and he decided to change it to “batman_comos” to appeal to a wider batman audience. Very nice!


It’s What I Do That Defines Me


Jai keeps his account stocked with epic photographs of Batman and his Justice League allies, staying true to his promise that he has high quality posts daily. And this is another key component: daily posts are important. Mostly everyone who uses Instagram uses Instagram daily or multiple times a day, so when you skip out on a day you’re missing important potential user engagement. In fact, people miss on average 70% of their Instagram feeds because we can’t all be on Instagram every waking moment of the day. So you’re going to want to increase your chance for recognition by adding more content to your account. Take this with a grain of salt, though. Don’t go overboard, or people will get fed up with your feed. Instagram works with an algorithm to try to bring users the posts that they want – make sure yours are at the top of the list.

The Importance & Proper use of #HASHTAGS

You can also see in the post above Jai was putting a bunch of highly targeted #hashtags in his captions. This isn’t the best way to build a clean Instagram account to emphasize what you want to say in your captions. It clutters your caption and takes away from the caption you want your followers to read. Now, if you look at his most recent posts (see post below) you can see that he now puts all his hashtags in the 1st comment so that they don’t clutter his caption anymore yet still allow his post to show up for all those hashtags that are RELEVANT to his post. After other uses leave 2-3 comments his 1st comment with all the hashtags won’t be shown in his followers feeds because Instagram shortens comments to only show the 2 most recents comments before you have to click on “see more comments”.


TIP: Do not use hashtags that are SPAM like hashtags, DO NOT USE #hashtags that have nothing to do with the photo/video that you are posting (if you are posting something #BLUE don’t use #RED as a hashtag, and above all, DO NOT USE bullshit #hashtags like #l4l #s4s #like4like #share4share, they are garbage and will only attract ghost users and fake spam/bot users to your account which will ultimately harm the score that Instagram placed on your account.

Be A Little Joker

Along with providing his fans with daily superhero content, Jai also switches up the photos to keep users interested and engaged. The main way he does it? Batman facts and memes- it’s still all about their niche and fits in with the rest of their account. There’s really nothing about that that’s not to love. It’s also a good way to spread the word, because if something makes a user laugh, they’re probably more likely to share the photo or tag their friends. This is a great way to help increase page growth.

Grow Your Account No Matter Your Niche

The post above is getting great user interaction- just look at all of those comments! A nice simple caption too. They didn’t even ask for engagement, people just really liked the post. Most of his followers are looking for this specific niche, Batman related posts, and so if you post content that caters to them, they’ll be more likely to share it with their friends, thus leading to more followers.

Grow Your Account No Matter Your Niche


Another thing that Jai’s getting right is the facts. Like, the actual factoids that he posts. This gives users something else to talk about and something to share with their friends, while most likely teaching new and old fans something new, thus exponentially increasing the growth on the page. Asking questions along with the facts is also a great idea, because it allows just one more opportunity for users to interact with the post.  Remember if you can teach something cool to your followerbase you will have a very loyal highly engaged following and be able to even more money from it in the long run, so don’t be affraid to geek out a little and showcase your insight or knowledge about whatever your Instagram account is about, you will be suprrsed how receptive & engaged your “educational” posts perform!

The Right Place At The Right Time

Grow Your Account No Matter Your Niche

Timing is everything. Along with finding the best time for post engagement with your followers, posting relevant content will really ramp up your posts. For instance, Jai posted this meme around the time of Batman vs. Superman, and also the Captain America: Civil War movie came out in theaters and it fit perfectly for his Batman niche account.

Grow Your Account No Matter Your Niche Same with this post above. Both are more likely to draw eyes due to the timing of the post, since people will be looking for posts related to that topic since it’s what’s going on in the world right now. You can also include hashtags that are relevant at the time. Just be sure to put them all in a comment instead of the caption. When a follower sees that many hashtags, it can be a turn off to following that account. While you definitely want to take advantage of hashtags to grow your account, you don’t want it to appear so obvious. Hashtags are a great way to contribute to the growth of your account and I always recommend using some.  Checkout this blog post I did on How to Get the Most Out Of Your Hashtags. You’ll thank me when you’ve read it 😉


We all love free stuff, so what better way to grab your follower’s attention (and gain new followers interested in your contests or giveaways) than a Instagram Giveaway or Contest? In the post below, you can see that their caption gives all the direction anyone would need to enter the contest. One thing they might reconsider in the future is to avoid putting so many hashtags in the caption. Try putting it in the first comment so that they disappear quickly and don’t distract from the post.

Grow Your Account No Matter Your Niche

Listen, Learn, And Get To Work

My students are all experiencing amazing growth just like this student; Batman_Multiverse, and you can too. Learn from what this student did and start growing your account and your brand no matter what your niche is. Remember to utilize hashtags to draw users to your account, throw in some great content, and take advantage of giveaways and contests as a way to interact with your followers. So get out there, find your special niche or see what makes your brand special and start using Instagram as the amazing marketing tool that it is! The only thing stopping your from making money on Instagram is you.

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