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Do you want to learn how to travel the world for FREE? I can teach YOU, just like I taught this successful Instagram travel student of mine STEP-BY-STEP!

Listen up because I have unlocked these answers in my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides. I’ve also just completed a case study interview with Reighan Meise; one of my recent successful Instagram students who travels the world thanks to his 100,000+ Instagram Travel Account!
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A lot of people think I’m exaggerating when I talk about Instagram being a vehicle for creating the lifestyle of your dreams. They don’t think it’s possible to do what I’ve done. Make sure you sign up for my FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar where I will walk you through STEP-BY-STEP all the different ways YOU could me making money with Instagram!
The BEST PART? You don’t have to have millions of followers, a brand, a company or even products to MAKE MONEY with Instagram!
Also don’t forget to read my popular article on why Micro Influencers Are Most Valuable To Brands that explains WHY YOU DON’T even need one hundred thousand followers to make money as an up and coming Instagram Influencer. Smaller accounts with REAL followers are WAYYYY more valuable these days than mega accounts!
That’s why I LOVE it when my students absolutely crush it like Reighan Meise of @TheTravellingNomads has done since his account started to generate income shortly after he started to implement my STEP-BY-STEP strategies to grow his account and focus on making money with it!
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Now that you’ve explored several of my other successful Instagram success stories from other niches, lets get back to Reighan’s inspirational success story!
In less than 2 years,@TheTravellingNomads have gone from 1,300 followers to over 100,000 highly engaged travel followers and they continue to grow every day!
More importantly, he’s living the life of his dreams and getting paid to do what he loves…. TRAVEL THE WORLD!
He now ever offers group trips (check out the link in his BIO for his latest group trip he’s organizing) where others from around the world can sign up for via the LINK in his fast growing Instagram account!
Before we go into their interview, I want to note that this is a BIG difference between my approach — the method that you’ll learn in the InstaWealth System — and others teach.
Sure, you can artificially grow or “hack” your way to a lot of followers other ways (FAKE Followers, and FAKE Likes and FAKE Comments)
But the only way to MAKE MONEY from Instagram is by having a real, highly-engaged account.
And it’s the money you make that will allow you to focus on Instagram full-time and help create your dream life. 
Without further ado, here is their story… 
Born and raised in British Columbia, Reighan Meise grew up in the mountains of Canada.
After two years of volunteering for a nonprofit organization in Australia, a lust for travel was born for this traveling nomad.
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Wolf Millionaire Questions & Answer Case Study

Question 1: When did you start on Instagram?

Answer 1: I started Instagram in January, 2017 but quit shortly after after a bad encounter with a larger account. I then started on Instagram again as @thetravellingnomads in June, 2017 after realizing that failure is a the first stepping stone to success.


Question 2: What made you take the leap of faith and dive into Instagram?

Answer 2: I took the leap of faith into Instagram after hearing that Anthony bought his dream car and How Instagram Changed His Life because of his success on Instagram and I thought that I could do the same thing but with Travel & Videography because, I love to travel & love videography!

Question 3: Where were you at (followers, growth, confidence) before learning from Anthony
Answer 3: I was learning from Anthony from the beginning with his Free YouTube videos, so in a way I was always under his guidance. I wasn’t very confident starting out and considered quitting again at around 1,300 followers because I was growing at a very slow pace, but then I remembered something that Anthony said to one of his other students “just keep posting consistently and the results will come” and that’s exactly what I did! It took me 6 months to reach my initial goal of 10,000 followers. After I hit 10,000 followers I have been growing at a pace of 10,000 – 20,000 followers per month!
Question 4: What shifted for you after Wolf Millionaire Anthony course & mentorship?
Answer 4: One of the main reasons I bought Anthony’s course was to help me with the monetization of my account. He goes through in detail on how to create professional email or DM communications to send to companies, brands and influencers to partner with orto help land you big money making advertisingcampaigns!
Question 5: Where are you at with your Instagram journey now?
Answer 5: I am currently days away from reaching the 100,000 milestone!! (that is if I am predicting my follower projections correctly). The growth fluctuates anywhere from 500-700 followers per day, but it is steady! I am getting emails & DMs daily for advertising money making opportunities to work as an influencer for hotels & companies all around the world! This page has opened up an incredible amount off opportunity for me.
Question 6: What’s next for you, or what excites you most about Instagram going forward?
Answer 6: I am planning on launching some of my own light-room presets on my page soon, but what’s most exciting is the next milestone of 250,000 followers that I am reaching for! I love being able to influence and encourage people to travel the world! I also have a trip planned to the Philippines early next year with some of my followers, where I will get paid up to $5,000 for simply organizing this trip! Never would I have thought that I would be getting paid to travel. I think the endless amount of creative content creating offers that land in my email excites me!
Question 7: How has Instagram or your Account benefited you in life?
Answer 7: My instagram account has connected me with some very creative people from around the world, provided thousands of dollars in free merchandise by collaborations, provided me with thousands of dollars in cash through content creation and social media job offers, allowed me to present my personal photography / videography creations to an audience of almost 100,000 followers, but most importantly this account has helped me further my dream of one day travelling the forgotten tribes of the world making videos about them full time.
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Question 8: Why is your Instagram Account important to you?
Answer 8: My account is important to me because I will be able to see the people I have influenced in my upcoming Philippines trip! Also I never thought that I would be a person who influenced people on such a large scale. I grew up and in a town of 3,000 people and this page is almost 33 times the size of that! I guess this Instagram account is most important to me because it reminds me on a daily basis, as I post those travel photos, that no matter how many people preach to you that there’s only one way to live your life I can look at this mild success and have hope in the dream that I had as a kid, which is to do what I love and love what I do.
Question 9: What are some of your BIG Wins you’ve achieved on your IG Journey?
Answer 9: I have encountered some huge wins because of this Instagram account I created and grew simply by following Anthony’s STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Guides. This has been some of the highlights of starting this whole endeavour! On average I make a couple hundred dollars per sponsored post on my feed, but the very first big offer that I received was the opportunity to sail on a yacht from Turkey to Greece for a week as a videographer for free! ]
Then I was offered a free trip to anywhere in South East Asia with my instagram followers! The deal is that all my trip expenses are covered and I just need to get two dozen followers to sign up for the trip and I get a fat pay day of $5,000… and that’s it.
That’s when I knew I did what I set out to do when I started this page in the beginning. I wanted to travel for free to exotic places around the world and now I will be getting PAID to travel around the world. It’s absolutely insane to think that these opportunities are falling in my lap.
I was recently offered a one week stay at a beautiful brand new luxury lakeside resort in Lake Tahoe where I would be paid to make a video and all lodging, food, & flights there would be covered. Plus I was invited to golf in a celebrity golf tournament, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it on that trip because I was already on vacation with my friends from Australia. Along the way I partnered with watch companies such as ‘The Fifth’, ‘Tree Hut Co’, ‘Daniel Wellington’ & ‘Paul Hewitt’ in exchange for many free products from their websites.
Last but not least a company JUST offered me $1,500 to advertise their movie with just one account video post & story post (details of the company must remain unknown due to my Non Disclosure Agreement I signed). These are some of my biggest wins that I’ve had on this page and I intend to grow more pages like this!
If any of your followers or readers have any questions please have them reach out to me via Instagram @TheTravellingNomads and we can talk!
I can’t thank Anthony enough for his STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides and guidance along the way!


As you can see from Reighan’s story, becoming a Travel influencer is about more than just getting more followers (though that’s important too); it’s about relationships, income… FREEDOM to do WHAT YOU LOVE EVERY SINGLE DAY!

That’s what he has now, and will continue to have more and more of as his account grows, but this Case Study should provide you with enough proof that if you are truly passionate about what you are doing, YOU will be able to follow my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides and create an amazing Instagram presence for yourself, your business or your products you want to sell!

It’s what I want for YOU—and why I created my FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar & STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides: to help mentor individuals like you through every stage of the influencer process… from account growth, to engagement and posting, monetization and so much more!

After you’re done watching my entire FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar, I will personally email you my world famous FREE 35 Page Instagram Guide filled with tips, tricks & strategies to help you lock down your account from hackers, create an attractive BIO, take better photos and make you more efficient and productive using Instagram!

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For those who are willing to PUT IN THE WORK & learn ALL MY STRATEGIES, I’ll see you inside my mentoring program!


Anthony Carbone aka The Wolf Millionaire

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