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Using my Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth Growth System, another of my students has made their Instagram account THRIVE. Let’s see how glamorous + successful student @all_in_lifestyle has integrated my strategies to get ahead!

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All In Lifestyle Has us at Hello

Instantly we see that @all_in_lifestyle lives up to their bio which states that the account has ‘high quality posts daily’ and gives us a taste of the lifestyle of luxury we all crave. They give us an alternative contact email- always nice! They’ve got over 31K followers and are a fairly new account, only being just four months old! Their follower to following ratio is great as they’re only following 23 accounts. I do suggest keeping the bio to two lines, just because it’s more visually appealing. Other than that, great start here!

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Instagram All In Lifestyle

I’m so proud of their success and have to give them credit for their eye catching posts as well as their use of my InstaWealth Strategies. Let’s see what they’re doing right, and see what they could do even better to get more likes, followers, and engagement for their luxury lifestyle account.

Never Before Seen Posts

As I’ve said 9,000 (roughly) times before, content is KING! If your photos are just like everyone else’s, your account is going to get little engagement because it just blends in. Some research shows that as of this year, there are 500 million users on Instagram! Don’t blend in! The whole point is to standout and you do that by having a variety of eye catching, unique photos. There are plenty of ways to diversify your account, check out my blog post to learn more about it!

One thing that caught my eye right away is that @all_in_lifestyle has posts that I’ve never seen before in my life! Their unique content speaks for itself and definitely had me liking and sharing automatically. They truly don’t disappoint. Take a look at these photos. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor a few times! If these picture don’t make you strive for a leisurely lifestyle, I don’t know what will.

all in lifestyle


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all in lifestyle


all in lifestyle

all in lifestyle


More Props: Humanized Photos

I’ve said this before as well, and have to give @all_in_lifestyle props for incorporating people into their photos. There are both men and women in some of the photos, and this gives users a sense of authenticity. This account does a great job of splashing their account with a few models, but they don’t overdo it! The photos with people are tasteful and work well with the content and theme.

As we see below, they throw in a cute model in some of the photos, and have a great balance going on. I love when I see accounts with a variety of photos, some with people and some without.

all in lifestyle



all in lifestyle

More & More Props: Videos

I want to give another compliment to @all_in_lifestyle, great job using videos! If you look below, they post a ton of videos  of the dream lifestyle and keep viewers happy and engaged. In fact, some of their most popular posts are, in fact, the videos which doesn’t shock me at all. Instagram is a great tool for making “the good lifestyle” seem attainable, and videos just take it one step further in making dreams a reality. I talk more in my blog about visual story telling and the success these videos can bring you, check it out!

all in lifestyle

 One Tip for @All_In_Lifestyle

This account is doing so well that it’s hard to give them very much critique!! In taking a look at their posts and account, the one main point I would have for them is to de-clutter. I would suggest just cleaning up the post’s captions and comments, as I noticed a lot of hashtags and emojis which is great, but I would recommend not letting the post get too cluttered to where it’s taking from the beauty or awe of the photo. Sometimes less is more!

For example, like I mentioned with the bio, they’ve got it displayed well but I would shorten the bio so that it’s only two lines. Easy fix.

As far as clutter: below we see a couple photos where there is some unnecessary bullet points, and a few emojis too many. Don’t get me wrong emojis and hashtags bring in a ton of Insta-traffic if done right! Look at these two photos and the extra bullet points- we could rid that to give it a cleaner feel!

For example for this photo, I suggest this process of de-cluttering: 1) Start with the title 2)Keep the first two emojis 3) Follow with the hashtags (all in one place) 4) Take the bullet points out, and finally 5) Take out the emoji before the phrase “Follow @all_in_lifestyle”. Easy clean up! They do a nice job of giving proper credit to their photographers, but occasionally (like in these photos below) they write “By Unknown” which is okay, but risky. Make sure you know where your photos are coming from.

all in lifestyle


Again, for this photo below, same advice. Take out the emoji after “Tag a Friend,” take out the bullet points, and lastly keep all the hashtags together. Otherwise, beautiful shot after beautiful shot, making viewers drool over the lifestyle of travel and leisure they’ve always wanted!

all in lifestyle


Overall, @all_in_lifestyle has done an excellent job at creating an dazzling account filled with unique content! I’m so proud of them for utilizing my strategies and I know that they’re going to keep growing and rocking their followers with more photos of the life style we all want!

Now It’s Your Turn

If you’ve been following my blog regularly, you can see that all of my Wolf Millionaire students are diverse in what they use their Instagram’s for, but they all have found success in growing their accounts. Take note in what they are doing to gain followers and see how you can apply those techniques to your own Instagram.

Remember that not all Instagram accounts are going to grow at the same speed. So don’t get discouraged if you are growing slower with your account over someone who continuously posts regurgitated viral content just to grow fast. Follow your passions, that is the recipe for your long term success on Instagram with my InstaWealth Growth System! I can’t wait to feature your testimonial as my next successful student hitting your first, second or third major milestone! GET TO WORK!

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