Galleries Save Drafts Instagram Hack

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Galleries Save Drafts Instagram Hack

Galleries save drafts feature doesn’t exist yet on Instagram.Wolf Millionaire delivers another simple hack to keep you productive before Instagram implements a save drafts feature for their new galleries feature.

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Galleries feature on Instagram is relatively new but doesn’t allow us to save drafts just yet. Instagram always rolls out the most simple iteration of their features first before adding on all the bells and whistles. But trust me the feature is coming soon. This is a bit a of a pain in the ass for those of us power Instagram users who prefer to queue up posts in “drafts” mode so that they are ready to be posted when we want them to. Remember to check out WHY Instagram Gallery Makes Me More Money.

Remember when Instagram was relatively new (1 year ago) and we didn’t have the save drafts feature just yet?  For us power users it’s hard to imagine not having the time saving “save drafts” feature. Instagram just rolled out their new gallery feature, so it makes sense that we don’t yet have a save drafts feature for it. However like my original Instagram Scheduling & Save Drafts Hack of mine that was golden last year before save drafts was rolled out here my little hack trick works again for Instagram galleries!

If you haven’t used the galleries feature enough yet, it still has some bugs on both iOS & Android. I keep finding half way through my gallery photo/video selection the Instagram app will just crash and you have to start over. It continues to happen to me daily and randomly as I set up and test the galleries feature, after all this is why I am the Wolf of Instagram.

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Remember if you want to join me at the top of the Instagram game, you’re going to have to step up your efforts, nothing in life worth having is every achieved by putting forth a half ass effort. You think I got to the top of my game by watching TV and partying? NO, NO I DIDN’T. I put in the work for 2 years and killed it on Instagram and now have 30 accounts, over 18+ Million followers and make money while travelling the world, driving my McLaren and wearing a solid gold ROLEX. That’s what hard work in this life will get you! Money does actually grow on digital trees, you just need to know all my TIPS, TRICKS & STRATEGIES to make MONEY with Instagram!

Galleries PRO TIP

Because the Instagram app does sometimes crash while you are setting up your gallery post, I suggest that you write the caption you want to use for your galleries in notepad, or google keep etc so that even if Instagram crashes while you are setting up your gallery post you won’t have to type your caption over again. I learnt the hard way after losing 4-5 long captions before I started to be mindful of the galleries feature bugs that still exist. My pain is your gain, so be proactive and save your precious time!

Galleries Save Drafts Hack

So just like my original Instagram save drafts hack, you can implement the same steps in order to setup a galleries post and save it for posting at a later time.

Here are the 8 steps:

  1. Select your photos & videos to use in your gallery post (max 10 items) – IMAGE A
  2. Make any color edits/tweaks or use any of the filters on your photos & videos – IMAGE B
  3. Cut & Paste your pre-written caption – IMAGE C
  4. Tag the relevant accounts in your gallery photos
  5. When you are done, turn your iOS or Android phone on AIRPLANE MODE – IMAGE D
  6. Share (post) your Instagram galleries post. IT WILL FAIL – IMAGE E
  7. You can turn AIRPLANE MODE OFF and resume using Instagram – IMAGE F
  8. Keep your post failed until you are ready to use it and hit RETRY when you want to post – IMAGE G

Instagram Galleries Save Drafts Hack


Galleries Save Draft Hack on Instagram

Galleries Save Draft Airplane Mode

Wolf Millionaire Instagram Hack

This simple hack has helped me line up my galleries posts an hour or so before it’s time to post them which saves me the time to scramble and set them up on the hour they are due to post for a client or advertiser!

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