FONIC Network Instagram Scam

FONIC Network Instagram SCAM! Wolf Millionaire exposes the latest scam trying to exploit you (and me) on Instagram.

Fonic Network Instagram Scam has been ripping people off and I’ve been getting quite a few emails over it. This so called follower network is nothing but a scam ripping people off.

They even have the balls to link to all my Wolf Millionaire support pages at the very bottom of their website, which is why I am getting emails from people thinking that I have something to do with the Fonic Network Instagram Scam.

For the record, THIS IS NOT MINE, Wolf Millionaire HAS NO affiliation with this website or any accounts they list as part of their network. They are completely ripping people off and pretending to have an affiliation to Wolf Millionaire.  We are taking the necessary legal steps to investigate and have our support pages removed from their website.


Don’t fall for this Fonic Network Instagram Scam. There are so many of these so called “Instagram Networks” out there, but none of them measure up to my standards.

I remember one time I found a bunch of my sites grouped and listed on one of these types of bullshit networks, and the owners were trying to represent my Instagram accounts while selling advertising on them without my permission. Please be CAREFUL and make sure you read all my BLOG POSTS so you can learn how to spot these

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BEWARE: Others Instagram Scams

NEVER EVER use the Instajam Scam these ILLEGAL types of programs!

Please don’t fall for the Instagram Verified Scam and Badge Scam… they are still stealing peoples accounts 🙁

This one almost caught me off guard as well: Direct Message Instagram DM Scam every week a NEW flavor!

Every single “other” self proclaimed Instagram Guru out there is simply a regurgitation of something I have published to teach you all how to use Instagram properly by following SOCIAL MEDIA BEST PRACTICES in order to grow a QUALITY following that you can actually Influence and make money with!

Nuxery’s Instagram Money Scam – busted this clown 2 years, then busted him again, and finally he’s disappeared only to re-appear as this rebranded scam from his original NUXERY SCAM 🙂 You can run ya fucking clown but you can’t hide from me.

Others just want your money and don’t care if they deliver 1000’s of FAKE followers, and FAKE likes or are just out Cheating Instagram Followers you’re falling for.

Make sure you never use these programs for FAKE COMMENTS, it will get you nowhere but banned from Instagram quickly!

Happy Instagramming!

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