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By September 21, 2017 October 10th, 2017 Instagram News
Follows You

Follows You? Everyone wants to know who follows them on Instagram! Wolf Millionaire explains why this new feature is important and how you can use it to your advantage!

Follows You is a new Instagram Beta feature I have seen for over a week now.  It’s actually a “Follow Back” button in place of the normal “Follow” if you don’t currently see it. Make sure you watch my new Instagram Webinar Wolf Millionaire Webinar to learn all the ways you could be making money today on Instagram without a business, product or service!

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Knowing if a friend follows you requires you to scroll through your actual list of “Followers” from within the Instagram app to verify if someone is following you. This can take a very long time if you have thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions like many of my accounts! There are also some apps out there that I explain in detail in my InstaWealth Growth System that automatically sift through your followers to highlight the most relevant/followed/important people that follow your account.

Instagram looks to be testing their Follows You feature and it should be available for Android/iOS users very soon. It’s a very useful feature and further compliments the analytics tools that Instagram has rolled out over the last year like Insights which helps me make more money! More data to provide to your clients is always a way to get more business and new business!

As you can see below from my various Instagram accounts (@MadWhips & @Exotic_Performance), checking on some accounts when I don’t follow now show me who “Follows You” while viewing their Instagram account.

Wait WHAT? DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Josh Cartu, Koenigsegg, David Heinemeier Hansson, Manny Khoshbin, Max Cooper, Michael Kubler to name a few follow ME? Well that’s pretty cool!

Aside from it being a pretty cool, it actually serves a great reminder and opportunity to connect more personally with others in your Industry or niche that follow you.

Imagine being able to bump into someone, and introduce yourself as the person behind the account that they are following on Instagram?  I didn’t realize that all those people listed above followed my accounts. I was just curious and poking around with the new Follows You Instagram feature and found all those accounts above that follow me!

This will be a great tool to further help you show off to others which influencers or accounts follow you to help elevate your Instagram value! Watch out for it as you creep, stalk or view peoples account’s that you still don’t follow, but like to check up on from time to time. You never know they might already be following you 🙂

Happy Instagramming!

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